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  1. Dr. Davoli rome Italy. my surgery was very successful. payed around 4000 euros.
  2. Hi all! 1 year since I did my ETS surgery now. here is a small update how I'm doing now and my experiences. Blushing: Havent blushed once since the surgery. Even if I try to blush I just can't. I have been in many 100% blushing trigger situations, but the blushing is non existent. Side effects: I am not sweating from my chest and up anymore. I see this as a good thing as I used to have alot of face sweat before when it was hot or exercising. My face skin is totally normal, not dry. I'm also not sweating on my hands. hands can be a little dry sometimes(rarely), but it's not very much. haven't even needed to use lotion on my hands. Compensatory sweating. As I live in Norway where it's pretty cold I have barely noticed any CS here. it was around 30 degrees Celsius in whole May, still no problems with CS. I do heavy weight training 4-5 times a week. a few times of had a little sweat on my back, but it doesn't bother me. it's not showing through my shirt. other people in the gym are sweating much more than me in both face and body. Only once I had a bad CS experience. in a wedding at 40 degrees celcius without aircondition. I was in a white silk shirt without anything under. the sweating on my back went through. it didn't bother me as most of the people in the wedding was sweating the same amount. Funny thing is that my face was completely dry in that heat, while everyone else face were running in sweat. a guy asked me " how can you possibly not sweat in this extreme heat?" I just answered him by turning my wet back to him I learned to put a cloth under my shirt if I'm going to a hot place in a white silk shirt? however it's rarely I'm at a place this hot. General life: Life is so much better. I got the blushing in the age of 23 and had it just 2 years before I did ETS. I regret I didn't do it just the first moment I got it. iv got a promotion at work. I have a good connection with all my colleagues. I'm social again with friends and family. I have also started my own company. My thoughts are not on blushing anymore. I still feel for you guys still struggling with this problem and I wanted to share my experience if it can help some of you take the correct decision. Feel free to ask me about anything releated to blushing or ETS. quik writing on smartphone, so might be some spelling mistakes? Peace out!
  3. I had ETS about 1 year ago now. had a couple of days with dry hands, but nothing that people notice. I haven't even bothered to use any moisturing for it. Face have never been a problem. I am not sweating in my face anymore, but I don't have problems with dry skin either. no acne problems. no hair problems. I do sweat more on my back when it's very hot( only noticeable when I'm on holiday to a hot place, I live in Norway were it's never hot enough for the problem to occur). can sweat a little on my back when in gym, but normally not enough to show through my cloths. Haven't been blushing once since the surgery. Even if I try to blush it's just impossible. Very happy with my ETS result ?
  4. Norway. I used credit card. paid back in 2 months salary here in norway
  5. If you don't risk you won't win ? 90% of ETS is success today. Find a good surgent. At least my life is a million times better after ETS. no blushing and no side effect. maybe I'm lucky
  6. take a loan, get the surgery, find a good job and pay back your loan ?
  7. Is there a connection between blushing and alcohol flushing? I don't understand this connection. I had ETS and don't blush anymore, but I still flush from alcohol ( about 50% of the times I drink). And I always thought that's because I am half Asian and have the Asian flush syndrome. I also got the alcohol flushing many years before blushing. I started blushing at 24 years old. alcohol flushing started at around 20. anyone know if it's connected?
  8. Strange. have anyone made comments about your blushing after the surgery? Do you feel the same intense heat as before when you blush? It might just be a phantom blush. feels like your blushing, but in reality you are not.
  9. I used tiger balm before I had ETS. but it works for a very short period. and it's smells. but it makes your face feel colder for 20-30 mins and then you can reapply it
  10. why did he not alow you to do weight lifting after the surgery ? I had ETS, I do weight lifting 5 days a week. heavy weights.
  11. I have read some of them, but it's hard for me to fully understand how bad it is as I don't experience any CS at all. However I know that around 90% are happy with the surgery and that's only 10% risk and a 90% chance of a much better life. When your life is already ruined like it is with FB that's a risk worth taking. thousands of people take this surgery every year and maybe iv seen 10 people complaining in here about side effects. Then you can imagine how many successful surgeries there are for all the other people who will never return to this forum because their finished with their FB and living a happy life. I have chosen to tell my success story here to give people some hope, because I still remember how it was in this forum reading only bad reviews about the surgery. about the money issue that's probably worse. I live in Norway and could save enough for the surgery in less than 2 months salary in a bad paid job. If I couldn't I would probably take a loan and pay it back afterwards when I was blush free and able to get a good job.
  12. I had the blushing problem for just 2 years. from 24-26 years old. and I wish I took the surgery earlier. these 2 years ruined some of my life. all thought it's on high speed back to the top now. I don't understand how some people in here have had this condition for 10-20 years. I would kill myself before I reached that far with this condition. ETS was an easy decision and probably the best decision iv ever done.
  13. was long waiting time in Norway. I'm male. cost around 4000 euros. I had it July 2017
  14. hehe, im actually not italian. Im from norway, but I went to rome to take ets. im 27 years old
  15. you will wait forever then like many others ETS is not as drastic as you think.and its not many bad stories compared to how many people have taken the surgery during the last years.. but good luck anyway
  16. I started blushing at 23 years of age. But I noticed many of you get it at around 13-14. I am cured by ETS, and I can highly recommend it. you don't seem to have much of a life now, and it probably can't be much worse anyway...
  17. are u blushing or your face is always constant red?
  18. Dont worry about the honeymoon period. it's just something the very few people it didn't succed for found up to scare people. 90-95 % will not have any problems except for compensatory sweating. I had the surgery 6 months ago now and things are just getting better and better for every month. I only had compensatory sweating once in these 6 months. That was on holiday in 40 degrees Celsius. in my home country (Norway) I haven't experienced CS once. Life is so good after the surgery !!! ??
  19. does alcohol make you flushed or does it make the blushing trigger more? For me alcohol made me blush free, but I could get flushed because I have a mild version of the Asian flush syndrome. I know several blushers have used alcohol to stop blushing( not a good solution as you will be drunk most of the time) but you blush more after alcohol if I understand you correct? Btw. I have done ETS 6 months ago and living a happy blush free life ?
  20. https://getsunset.com/ these works perfect for me
  21. Anyone have a good explanation for why many blushers also have problem with flushing? I also flush when drinking alcohol and I heard several others in here also flush when drinking alcohol. alcohol flushing is normally an Asian problem and is not connected with the nerves that produce blushing. I am cured for blushing by ETS surgery, but I still have the alcohol flush. So my question: is alcohol flushing and social blushing connected in any way? or is it just a coincident that so many blushers also have alcohol flushing? I am not bothered by alcohol flush. I found some pills that stops the alcohol flush, but I just think it's interesting how these 2 things are connected. if they are.
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