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  1. Hi flushed, The surgery would help with blushing, I had ETS surgery in may, the side effects for me are CS and bit of dry hands. In the heat the CS shows through but can avoid that with dark clothes,in time it will ease. I'm in the UK so it will only be temporary untill autumn/winter sets in. It was the best decision for me as FB ruined my life. I had tried- Hypnotherapy,CBT, herbal remedies, exposure therapy, counseling,beta blockers and various expensive make up to cover my face. Spoke to my Dr,had to leave my job, suffered with depression and anxiety. I still am working on anxiety and my confidence, the ETS surgery takes away the blushing but emotionally have to work on that. It's a rollercoaster, I think once you feel you have exhausted all option's then ets is right for you. Bearing in mind I have had this since I was a teenager so it took time and I took a year to actually make an appointment with a consultant. Only you know what is best for yourself and how it could change your life. Like all surgical procedures there are risks involved however you research the consultant and ask all the questions you need too. Kit.
  2. Where are you from? (State/Country) UK England 2. Gender (Male/Female) female 3. Age (10-19 / 20-29 / 30-39 / etc.) 30 4. Do you regularly smoke or drink or take drugs? None 5. Are you overweight? No 6. Have you had any surgeries or health problems before having the surgery? (high blood pressure, etc.)no 7. What did you MAINLY have ETS for? (ie: Palmar Hyperhidrosis/Axillary/Plantar/Facial Blushing)FB 8. How would you rate the severity of your condition? Explain (ie: Severe/Moderate/Low. Dripping hands, changing number of socks a day, etc.) Severe 9. Which section(s) did the doctor cut or clamp? (T2, T3, T4)3+4 cut. 10. Any complications, if any, during the surgery? (ie: problem with collapsing the lungs, or air getting in) No 11. When did you have the surgery? (Month/Year) May 2019 12. Who was your doctor? (Name/State)Mr.David Greenstein 13. List the positive outcome, if any, from the surgery No more FB...will gain confidence etc 14. List the negative outcome, or side effects, if any, from the surgery (BE SPECIFIC! If you're unsure, please be careful from stating it as fact or an opinion; use "I think" if in doubt) Discomfort after the surgery. 15. Are you happy with the surgery? Yes 16. What is your nationality? English 17. Does any other family member(s) suffer from thesame condition? Nope.
  3. Just an update on my post...Have had ETS surgery for FB. If anyone would like more information happy to be contacted. Kit.
  4. Brilliant am going to call up today. Wow that's fantastic news 😁 would you update how everything is going for you after the surgery please? Kind regards, Kat
  5. Hi sorry to jump on to the post, I got in touch with Leeds Nuffield hospital got told I had to have a referral from my gp to see the consultant. Is this not the case with dr.greenstien? My SW and Dr are aware of my problem and have tried the usual medication and therapy with no success. Is seeing Dr.greenstien faster? Has anyone been to the Leeds Nuffield hospital for ets? Many thanks, Kit.
  6. Hi Thank you so much for replying to my post. I had a reply few months back and it gave me the push forward. Now my support worker knows and has encouraged me to talk with my Dr however like you know it's very difficult and people tend not to understand the effects of life it can have on you. Oh I thought might be able to have it on the NHS, iv tried everything and I haven't the financial means to have this operation. My argument is basically if transgender/breast reduction etc can be done on the NHS as it effects Thier quality of life why can't this? Can I ask how much was the consultation with Dr.Greenstien and then the operation altogether. I live in Yorkshire so would be very costly. I'm so glad you have gained that confidance back and I hope you are able to accomplish what you would have liked to before. Thank you Kit ?
  7. Hi all, Iv got SA really bad and one HUGE problem is facial blushing. Iv tried CBT (twice) hypnotherapy (paid privately) herbal tablets from the USA, countless creams etc. I'm now under the adult mental health services, suffice to.say so.far no progress and it's ruining my life to the point of sucidal thoughts. I'm only 29 ?. My question is do you need like an ok from your Dr? As iv read the NHS don't fund it. I think that's awful as cosmetic surgery is.funded on it but hey ho. I feel really embarrassed about bringing it up with my support worker.i feel like this is my last opportunity. Any help with how people did it in the UK would be much appreciated. Thank you. K.
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