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  1. Hi CA1234, That’s so funny that you mention that, about your hands originally being cold, then hot and now starting to wear off again. I actually started noticing before your messages that my right hand goes much colder now than my left (that being said I have been walking around London in the freezing cold without any gloves on recently - maybe I’ve been getting a little too used to my new hot hands). My left hand remains very warm, even in very cold temperatures. But so far neither hand has gotten so cold that they’re white and painful (like they used to). ETS has definitely helped with my circulation but alas, since googling it it seems that it is only really a short lived bonus symptom and soon my hands will return to their normal cold state. Oh well, cold hands warm heart eh?! Beetroot Head
  2. Hi David, Just seen your post - happy to be contacted if you have any questions. We’re all here for you. Beetroot Head
  3. Hi Mojow Yes, still have compensatory sweating, which I assume will stay with me for life - but it pales into insignificance compared to the blushing. It's much easier to hide and nobody has noticed it so far (it's really only very mild). Beetroot Head
  4. Hi all, Just thought I would give a quick update on my experiences post ETS surgery so far. Having ETS continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Looking back, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety which all centered around my blushing. Since my surgery in June, I have not blushed once which has significantly lowered my stress levels and improved my overall physical and mental health. I always hated taking Propranalol and didn't like to think about the ways medications were messing with the chemicals in my body. Instead I opted for the biomechanical route and it worked like a charm. Yes, the sweating is cumbersome and I don't like it - but it's a dream compared to living with the alternative. Some nice surprises that I have welcomed is that I no longer go bright red at the gym. In fact, I come out of the gym looking like I've barely worked out! Now no need to wash my hair everyday from sweating (which is better for my hair). Also my hands are always warm, whereas before I had terrible circulation in my hands and feet. Now it's just my feet that get cold! Love and peace to all
  5. Hi, The surgeon was completely honest and open about all the possible side effects and talked me through the physiological reasons for these. I felt like I was well informed and the information he gave me was in keeping with all the literature that I’ve read. So far the CS is ten times more preferable than hiding in a toilet at work from blushing/panic attacks. I feel like I’ve got my life back. X
  6. Hi Mojow, Not at all. Have been seriosuly considering ETS for around 5 years now and bit the bullet after medications and psychotherapy didn’t work. X
  7. Hi Mojow, Thanks for your message I hope you’re well. I had surgery at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth carried out by Mr Greenstein. It all went really well and currently the only symptom I can say that I’ve noticed is CS. This happens in normal situations when I would usually sweat (it doesn’t replace the blushing). It’s quite difficult to judge how bad this is given how hot it is in London at the moment. I’m normally quite a sweaty person so it feels strange not to sweat from my hands or my face. I’m currently at a big family event with lots of interacting and meeting new people etc and haven’t gone red once yet (which I think I normally would have). Only time will tell but for now it’s just the hand dryness and extra sweating that’s different but much more preferable than what I was dealing with before. Feel free to fire any questions you have at me and I’ll do my best to answer them
  8. Hey guys, I'm from London, UK and had ETS surgery 4 days ago. So far it's all going brilliantly but of course, only time will tell. I just wanted to let members on here know that I'm happy to be contacted directly if you're considering it and had any questions about it etc. BeetrootHead
  9. Hi everyone, I'm so pleased to have found this forum and grateful to you all for sharing your stories. I am seriously considering ETS as I feel that my social blushing is becoming unbearable and is stopping me from progressing in my career as well as my love life etc. On a side note however, I am curious to know if ETS surgery lessens exercise related redness. One of the reasons I never exercise is because my face gets so so red it's almost purple and it takes a long long time to go back to a normal colour again. It's embarrassing to go to the gym or even for a run in public meaning I feel I can only go at night! Could anyone who's had ETS offer any advice?
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