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  1. If you have KPRF you need to do this right now. Reduce all sugar intake, especially white refined sugar. No more sugar in your coffee, limit Candy intake. Okay so I read on here that PDL (Vbeam) treatment didn't work for some! You need to revisit this treatment because it has the best possible outcome for anyone with KPRF. http://www.mdedge.com/edermatologynews/article/77033/aesthetic-dermatology/pulsed-dye-laser-targets-keratosis-pilaris It's not going to work for everyone but it should for most. Your dermatologist needs to tweak the settings on the laser just right for you. You should see bruising for 10-20 days after your treatment. Yes he needs to over treat it kinda 'burn' you. Basically killing the blood capillaries. The body will eventually absorb them & your skin will return to normal with less redness. Talk to your doctors again about PDL treatment. Do test spots with different settings of the laser on your cheek before you commit to a full face session. I'll post more information later.
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