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  1. If you use a bad product, sure. That's the point of this thread - there is a product out there that provides excellent coverage and isn't noticeable.
  2. You should use a primer beforehand and a setting spray after. Both are so easy to use. And wipes will work fine! Smudging is not an issue for some reason and it doesn't stain clothes. Consider using it on your eyelids if you want to guarantee your eyes dont look a little red, but don't use on the eyebag area - that is the one place it will be noticeable. Also there's no need to use too much, a little will go a long way.
  3. If you find a colour that is the same as your skin tone you can just apply it to those parts. Personally I do it all over my face as well as the sides and front of my neck - the neck is just to guarantee there is no color difference between my neck and face. The nc line is especially for redness, the nw is for something else (not sure what). I'm pretty pale and I'm using the nc25 now. The nc15 and 20 made me look a little washed out but nc25 is perfect. If I were you I'd get 2 or 3 shades and apply each to one side of face (not all at the same time obviously), then leave the other side clear. Under natural sunlight (easier to see imperfections) use a mirror to see how similar they are. If you have the confidence you could pop down to a MAC store and ask them for their professional advice about which one is best for you. As well I find it's a good idea to ask someone you're close to if they can see you have something on your face. The paranoia it looks like you're wearing makeup might stay until you're certain noone can notice. And with this stuff, as long as you get the color right, noone will. The confidence you have when you're certain noone notices really shines through versus when you're a little worried.
  4. I went to a few on the stores straight off the street, and none of them could find a product that worked. To be fair they weren't the proper makeup artists though. If you pop into a MAC store and ask them for the one that helps with redness they'll know how to help you. I've used a lot of products and this one is the best by far and away.
  5. The stuff that guy uses seems heavier and more noticeable than the concealer I use but yeah, that's the gist.
  6. I wouldn't overestimate the stigma. It's still there for sure, but we're talking concealer here - not foundation, mascara etc. You have to weigh an abstract stigma versus how badly consistent blushing affects your life and decide for yourself. And my openness about using creams for flushing and blushing is very handy because if someone does notice it then it makes no difference. Yep that's the cream i need for my skin condition. And even if the word changes from cream to concealer, it still stands - i have a skin condition that it helps with. That is 100% true. With what you said about checking mirrors all the time. Oh man i was there. I used many products which were extremely hard to get right and like you said, it replaced one anxiety for another. I even went into makeup places - which was pretty scary as you can imagine - to get them to find a product that was invisible and good coverage, and there just wasn't one. I was on the verge of calling it quits and going back to blushing. A natural looking cream that can cover a blush seemed too much to ask for. As a last ditch effort there was a Mac store on a street i was on so i popped in (where one of the two people inside there was a biker with a beard- the world is changing!) I genuinely could not believe how good this stuff was. I have asked very blunt friends and co-workers can they see the cream I'm using, nobody ever can whereas they had with other products. I used to have to constantly check mirrors, but this stuff is on another level. It's so natural and easy to put on. JustIt's waterproof too so it won't get all smudgy in the rain as far as i know. Just do not put it around where your eyebags would be.
  7. Ya with setting spray. You can't notice this stuff at all as long as you don't put it on the under eye area.
  8. Hi guys, so blushing has pretty much stopped being part of my life for the bones of a year now. It was torture for me so think it's important to let others know how I overcame it. I've been using MAC studio finish concealer. To say this is a miracle product is an understatement. It has strong coverage and is completely invisible. I should add it's the NC line that cancels redness, the NW is useless. Personally, i use NC 15 or NC 20. As a straight man, other people not noticing is obviously an important thing. I've also used recover correct and conceal, which is quite good. I found it too yellow though, and just doesn't have the coverage the MAC one does. It fully covers a light blush and the vast majority of a severe one. Anyway, In my experience severe ones don't just happen. I get a light one, know the other person can see I'm going red and then that leads to a severe one. Now, there's a couple of reasons why a man who has blushing problems wouldn't use it. First of all, it's emasculating. Well, yeah, it's not ideal. But if you are a chronic blusher I don't see how that is even a factor. For me, blushing was as emasculating as it gets. It made me feel so powerless and ashamed to be me. Since I've been using this concealer I will flirt with work colleagues, click with everyone better, and get confrontational without fear. I use a feminine product and I've never felt more masculine. The irony is not lost on me. I saw a poster on here once say to use make up is to admit you have a problem with blushing. Once again, i can only speak of my experience. It was all well and good to tell myself it wasn't a problem, but it absolutely fu***** was. It is a fact that the healthiest thing a blusher can do is talk about their blushing. I was unable to do that before. If i spoke about it i would immediately go deep red, so there was no way in hell i could bring it up. Since I've used this stuff i talk about it openly without fear, and its reduced the shame so much. Lastly, you are not using concealer for vanity. It is the vanity factor you would get judged on. The way it see it i have a skin condition that needs treatment. I happily tell people i use a cream for my skin as it is prone to flushing and blushing. And everybody is completely understanding. Mind you i don't call it concealer, i call it a cream, but who the hell is going to know except those who are the very closest to me. I can honestly say I've never been happier. You know when you badly need a piss but you have nowhere to go, it's pure torture. But the second you get to the toilet, the relief makes it all worthwhile. That's how i feel about this. I blushed for years, and it was often hell. But now that's it's over, the relief i feel makes me appreciate my life in a way people who never blushed can't appreciate. I'm sure there's other great concealers out there that can work, like i said recover correct and conceal isn't bad. But with this MAC one i honestly never knew it is possible to be this effective and completely invisible. The scariest thing about using a concealer is in case it's obvious. With this one that's not a problem - just be sure it blends with the colour of your neck. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. It's so important to understand there is a way out of this.
  9. I might give it a try. It seems pretty heavy coverage, seen some videos where it covers a tattoo in an instant. So it's hard for me to imagine it looking completely natural. Have you got second opinions from people you're close to whether or not they can tell?
  10. No girl I've hooked up with has mentioned it. However it needs to be said I've stopped with the products in this thread. Came back on here today to post another thread about the products I use now but didn't get around to it. Green concealer is tricky to use man. It's stressful getting the balance right between not looking sick and not putting too much makeup on. I've gone through a lot of trial and error since first posting this. The amount of nuances to makeup is crazy, there's a whole underground that women don't tell us about. Right now I use MAC studio finish concealer. I ask my blunt friends (no point asking the nice ones) does it look like I'm wearing makeup, or I even go more generic and ask if it looks like I'm wearing any cream at all, and they say no. One girl got real close and examined my face and was like nope never knew you were wearing anything. There's also a product called recover correct and conceal red which is helpful, and I just saw another post on this site by a guy who uses something called veil cover cream. I'm sure there's other great ones out there I'm not even aware of. It might be a good idea to try a few different ones and see what works for you. I do find it's surprisingly hard to figure out if it looks natural or not yourself. I rely on other peoples feedback, and usually people aren't going to blurt it out unless you ask. You'd be surprised how little judgement you get when you tell people you gotta wear cream to deal with blushing/flushing/whatever it is. Make sure to ask in natural daylight though. If you can get away with it in natural light you can get away with it anywhere. There's certain things you can use to make concealer last longer. What I use at the moment is a primer beforehand and a setting spray after. By no means am I a makeup guru, you might be able to do better once you do your own research and have the balls to try out products for yourself. But I'm confident in my own experience that I've found a suitable product for me.
  11. Hey Buster, I'm a guy too and have been playing around with different concealers to cover blushing. Used to use green concealers but its such a risky colour, had to use darker foundation over it which was just too makeup-ey. Now I use MAC studio finish concealer which does a damn good job. A great combo of coverage vs natural looking, which ain't an easy mix. You've intrigued me with the Veil cover cream though. Can you give more info on it? Does it last all day or does it crease as time drags on? Is it fully invisible? etc etc By the way, major respect on the post. Not enough info on the internet for guys to beat this. Blushing isn't even a problem for me anymore because of makeup. Like I said, I generally use the MAC product I mentioned (or else recover correct and conceal) but it is a little yellow for my skin and doesn't cover an intense blush - obviously minimises it though. I think guys need to understand how easy it is to stop blushing once you can cut off the first 20%. For me at least, I rarely go from normal to beetroot. I go a little red, then know the other person can see I'm red, then go deep red because I'm embarassed I'm a little red Once you eliminate the beginning, you've eliminated practically all of them. Which is why it's not necessary to go full coverage. This is the greatest time in the history of our planet to be a man who blushes. We got companies making better and better products, we got the internet to learn how to use makeup discreetly, and we got changing societal attitudes that make getting caught with a little concealer so much less risky. There's a lot to be thankful for and it's important we recognise that. So credit to you for adding to the pool of info so many men need to improve their lives.
  12. I should update this to say caking on green concealer was probably an exaggeration. Less is more really to avoid looking like you're wearing makeup.
  13. This is a double sided question. Do they stop blushing? No. Do they help with blushing? Yes. One of the most profound effects of psychedelics is how they dissolve the ego and let you look at things in a completely new way. Without the ego clinging to preconceived opinions, I believe psychedelics shine truth on our worries, opinions etc. They do nothing to stop the physical act of blushing. But they do help massively with the after effects, and let you process the shame and intensity of post-blush much better. You know the way when someone else blushes you don't think of it as a big deal, but when you blush yourself it's as if the world is gonna end? That's the ego, putting a magnifying glass on your problems while hardly factoring in anyone elses. Psychedelics break your patterns of thought and let you look at things more objectively. The ego returns, but the memory of your trip stays. You will continue blushing, but you will also be more positive about it. Although while I say this I must warn that this is basically a forum for people with mental health issues, and I do not advocate anyone who reads this to carelessly take psychedelics. Do the research, see if they will suit you, and never forget, set and setting is everything. Also, the ones I'm referring to are psilocybin, LSD and DMT. I don't know what ayahuasca is like, but I would imagine that is of most medicinal value.
  14. The concealer is some generic cheap one. No idea what brand. The BB cream is Hydra Zen (BB Cream) Anti-Stress Moisturising tinted cream medium by Lancome.
  15. Okay, so I've never made use of forums like this before, but I stumbled on as close to a miracle cure as I'm going to find and I feel like it's my duty to share it. I'm going to explain my own personal experience. I can't promise it will work just as well for everyone, but it's definitely worth the shot. To cut a long story short, it's a 2 step process every morning after I take a shower. I'm a man by the way, which is why I focus on subtlety. 1) Put on green concealer across your entire face. Not just a thin layer. Really cake that stuff on. After this step you should look like a crack addict with the flu. Really green and weird. The thing about this is the green concealer covers a huge amount of redness, but you literally cannot leave the house with this much green concealer and nothing else. It's terrifying. 2) This is where things get interesting. I apply a layer of BB cream over it, which brings me right back to normal (maybe slightly more flawless than normal but that's not the point haha). The concealer can't be seen, and the BB cream is completely natural looking. As long as you get the right product I suppose. I just asked a woman in the cosmetics shop to recommend a shade for me and the first product I got works well. And voila. Job done. Everybody will have to do their own tweaking to know what amount of each works for them, but those two steps are all you need to do. I'll give a bit of background so people can understand where I'm coming from. I went to a camouflage makeup clinic before and they said for a man there is no camouflage makeup that will work without looking like you're a drag queen. It's a harsh fact of life because it has to be very thick to cover a blush. So I gave up on makeup being an option there and then. Women have it lucky! My sister had a blushing problem until she started using makeup then all of a sudden no more blushing. However, my nose does get red sometimes (nothing to do with blushing), so I touch it up lightly with green concealer. Been doing that for a while, though never too much because i wasn't using BB cream at the time. There's a lot of mirrors where I work, and one time when I blushed I saw that my nose was clearly whiter than the rest of my face. 'Interesting,' I said to myself, not giving it much thought because I knew I couldn't put it all over my face without looking like a freak (which puts blushing into perspective as not being so bad when you'd rather blush than look sick.) A month or 2 later a eureka moment struck where i thought, what if I used BB cream over the concealer. Surely it would make a difference to my blushing, even if it was just 20% better or something. So I tried it and went to work, expecting a slight improvement but trying not to get my hopes too high. I went looking for something/someone to make me blush so I could see how I looked in the mirror. It took a while. Who knew it's so hard to blush when you actually want to!! Eventually I did though, including making a big lie to my boss which would have got me into trouble if I'd been found out. Each time I blushed I looked in the mirror, each time I could not see even a little bit of red. I've blushed many times since, and they can't be seen. Mirrors can be quite intense for a blusher I've found, they make you even more hyper aware of how close those blood vessels are to the skin. But now they're a pleasure to look at when I go red (or should be red). It's been the most amazing discovery, the first one to ever truly work for me. And while I'm pretty sure intense ones can still break through, I couldn't care less for 2 reasons. Firstly the redness of an intense one is so much more mild it doesn't bother me. And secondly, deep blushes usually don't just happen. For me at least, I blush just a little bit, then know whoever I'm with sees I'm blushing, which then makes the blush intense. Seeing as now when I go a little red I know the other person can't see, it doesn't bother me and it goes away. So yeah, this is super simple and has been effective for me. I would say to anyone who may use this don't expect it to be a miracle cure in case it's a disappointment. It's fine to hope, just don't expect too much! But to be honest I can't see why it wouldn't work for everyone. And if someone tries this because of this post and it works for them, can you please let me know because it would make me so fulfilled to think I helped someone else overcome this too. Peace, love and happy blushing to all
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