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  1. anyone think any famous people have had the surgery for blushing?
  2. Yes please if anyone undergoes the SGB for blushing, please contact the forum so as to inform all of us in the same boat.
  3. Looking back on the questions, I am doing fine, thank you. And I am from UK.
  4. Hi everyone, I am doing great. This surgery is a 100% benefit in the winter. Now, I will experience the summer months. To really give you an honest idea about the side effects of the surgery; the Compensatory sweating is as bothersome as you make it, arguably just like blushing. There are ways to deal with it, just like blushing. CS is simply easier to cover up. The anxiety that comes with being too sweaty is sort of like ''im not going to stand up to speak'', which is similar to maybe ... ''im not going to speak up because im going to be red'' like you just have to understand that you just deal with what you have, and things in life are fine. Of course, in terms of professional life, coming across confident is important to persuade people, or for self-assertion. In that case, I will say that compensatory sweating is awesome compared to my old red face because as I have said it is easier to hide/ cover up! Overall, my quality of life has improved because I now interact with more ease, and social life is important to me.
  5. Dear rider 443, I did, it was difficult to find surgeons where I live. I had to travel 500km to get it done. Blushing was not covered by insurance but hyperhidrosis of the hands was, since I had both, it was covered by insurance for me.
  6. Horner syndrome is possible with ESB however, since the surgery is reversible, if a case of horner's appears the clips can be removed. Okay so the sweat is sometimes non-existant but often present on feet and sometimes on the back, it is like a small film I feel whenever im stressed, easily avoided in winter with a cardigan but summer, we will see.
  7. Dear everyone reading, I recently had an endoscopic sympathetic block performed - 1 month ago. Essentially is is ETS (which most people here are familiar with) but with a placement of titanium clips on the nerves. So far, I have not blushed. I have some CS, on my feet and on my back at about a 3/10 and a 5/10 when stressed. It is a wonderful trade and I recommend anyone who is thinking of getting ESB to go ahead. P.S: I am not saying it is a better alternative to ETS, I am just telling everyone my experience. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer all.
  8. clonidine is excellent for flushing mate.
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