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  1. You've managed to explain perfectly the symptoms that I have been having now for quite some time. I have been struggling so hard to accurately describe what has been going on as it can be so confusing and unpredictable at times leading me to doubt my own theories. I am intrigued to know more about what you go through to see if we can find any more similarities. I too experience the different stages but sometimes it is worse than other times so it's hard to say which factor is responsible for this. What I can say though is that the intense blushing always occurs in the evening. I might go temporarily rosy during the day but it subsides quickly and is not at all the same as the evening flush. The evening flush starts off slowly with me feeling the heat starting to penetrate my face from within (a tingle in the cheeks). This can occur just as you said... with me sitting there doing absolutely nothing. As it progresses, my head starts to feel pressurised and I experience a slight headache in the crown region of my head and a congested feeling in my ears, with the feeling of blood rushing to my head. Sometimes I even go light-headed and dizzy. I can also get slightly shaky in the hands and feel a little anxious and on edge, however, I am not sure whether this is being caused by the flush or if it is to do with something like adrenaline being released causing the flush. The intense flush eventually dissipates sometimes leaving me with a slight residual headache but the redness will usually subside back to the slight but noticeable baseline redness. A few hours after this evening flush has passed is when my face will be at its best and I will generally feel quite calm and evenly heated throughout my body. This intense flushing seems to happen every evening no matter if I'm out with people or inside doing nothing. It seems strange to me that it happens at a very specific time for me and many others. This observation has led me down the hormone research path as it is for me the most logical explanation as to why the condition presents itself most strongly at a specific time and at a specific age period. For me, the feeling is that something builds up throughout the day and is released quickly and intensely almost as if a switch had been flicked. A couple of things that I also seem to have problems with that maybe somebody on here can relate to is that I tend to struggle to maintain my body temperature. My hands and feet can be very cold and I usually feel cold most of the time, even in warm weather, unless I am experiencing an evening flush in which case, I feel uncomfortably hot. Maybe this is a circulation issue that contributes to KPRF or it may be a separate issue, I'm not sure. It's also very very hard for me to put weight on. I also tend to suffer with fungal issues from time to time such as seborrheic dermatitis and general oily skin. Again, not sure if this is related or a separate issue. I have tried all sorts of vitamins, diets, drugs, and techniques but nothing has given me a convincing improvement. I have read in multiple places that KPRF is self-limiting and will eventually fade as you age (another factor that leads me to believe the condition may be hormone related). You don't usually see KPRF on older adults which gives me hope that it will one day just resolve itself at least to a more manageable state but I can't bring myself to just sit around and hope that it will go away especially when you are reminded by it every evening. Types of foods was a hard one to eliminate as a main causative factor for me as I thought certain foods may be exacerbating the redness. Eating specific foods, that I initially thought may be causing a problem, earlier on in the day resulted in no reaction so I concluded that the food couldn't be the culprit if it didn't elicit a reaction shortly after consuming it. The evening flush still happened even after abstaining from the food that I was testing at the time. Saying that though, the ingestion of a big meal during the evening can exacerbate the evening flush further (not cause it) which I assume is an indicator of some sort... Let me know if any of you guys are experiencing something similar. I have spent an inordinate amount of time researching this affliction and don't usually post on the forums but it is fairly obvious that our collaboration is our best bet of figuring out this frustrating condition. Stay positive guys! JJ
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