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  1. When I have a bad flush my cheeks feel tight and if someones holding a flame near my face, if it's a partial flush (literally parts of my cheeks will be flushed other not) it feels tingly. When it's a full on flush I just have to ride it out for the next couple of hours but most of the time it happens in the evening when I'm at home. I'd be able to deal with it a lot better if it had no physical sensation as it's the physical feeling that causes the psychological anguish, at least for me. With partial flushes I know that if I can stay chill and not worry about it then it'll calm down....hopefully... When my flushing first started I was 17 and it caused me to quit college, quit a job, stop seeing friends, live in isolation and solitude so I can completely understand how it can happen to people but I do think it is something you have to get through. There is a life with flushing/blushing but like any kind of life you have to make it for yourself.
  2. Even though I had used it for 8 years the reason I stopped using it was because I was starting to think people were noticing but also because I started going to gyms, kickboxing etc and I felt like it was becoming too much of a crutch. I was questioning why I was putting make up on before going to kick boxing or my girlfriends house thinking do I really need to do this and it was also holding me back from doing things like moving in with my girlfriend. I think the same for women as well, it wouldn't even have to be heavy, it only took a thin layer of Vichy to make a big difference to how you look but importantly how you feel and not to mention a lot of women wear blusher!
  3. This is pretty much exactly how I've lived my life, I went through the self isolation in my late teens and I've slowly got myself to a happy and place and the future looks even happier. I work in retail, have loads of fun with my colleagues and customers, been in a relationship for 5 half years and only been single for about 2 and a half years in the last 13 years, I have loads of hobbies and pastimes I love.
  4. I've worked in retail for 8 years and it can definitely help, depending on what type of blushing/flushing you have. One of the things you notice if you work in retail and serve lots of people is that you realize how many different kind of 'faces' there are, there's people who's faces are red from neck to scalp, there's people whose cheeks are red all the time, there's people who blush when it takes them more than 2 seconds to get their money or card out of their bag/wallet. It really gives some perspective.
  5. Worked in retail since 2010 as supervisor in one company and assistant manager in another
  6. I used a cover make up for about 8 year and that time worked in retail, went to college and had several girlfriends. It definitely gave me my life back when I didn't have one.
  7. Could you give any specifics on what the surgery did?
  8. As hard as it sounds you've got to own it, I've been a flusher for about 17 years and I've worked in retail for the past 8 years for different companies. I just randomly flush for no reason, although it's almost always around the same time of day my lunch break or early evening but I also flush when I do things for prolonged periods more than a few minutes such as laughing, being angry, conversations, there's usually I good chance I'll be flushed for an hour two afterwards A couple of my work colleagues have brought it up, one asked me if I had any allergies and another occasion one just said "you're red in the face" and my attitude now is just "yeah and..." my work colleagues know it's just a thing now. It still happens at work I'd say every two or three days but I just get on with it. There's a saying I heard recently that has really struck a chord with me "you can live in pain, or through pain"
  9. Mine also only happens in the afternoon/evening, for example today had good day at work then with 15 minutes to go boom! Intense flushing for few hours. If I'm off work it will almost always be in the evening. I agree it definitely feels like my body just flips a switch fills my face with blood then it's a few hours wait for it to stop. It's strange how I can have a quick blush and it goes away and is less intense in colour but then I can have this intense blush untriggered were I go very red and it takes hours to go away. Something must be causing my body to do this. It's especially frustrating as in the mornings I'm usually quite pale and the contrast with me in my intense blush/flush is staggering. I'll likely post some pics of myself soon showing the difference.
  10. I used dermablend for about 8 years, when I started using it I had no friends, no social life and after couple of years I had friends a social life and never had issues with girls. No one noticed it or at least didn't say anything until about 6 years of use and i was using it daily were as before it was just socially. Whilst it did give me a massive confidence boost I also became dependent on it, I remember putting on to meet my girlfriend at the bus stop and hang out at my place. I even used to wear it for Thai boxing which thinking about it now boggles my mind. Another big issue with it is that if you someone takes a photo of you with flash it can show up really really really bad. I eventually weened myself of it, firstly I only used it for social situations and work, so no more using it to go to the shops or hang out with my gf. I then started working out in a public gym and realized it's only a matter of time before I sweat too much or smudge it etc so I just stopped using it. At first it was kind of freeing as I'd been using it for so long but eventually I lost the psychological barrier I'd built up where I would rarely even think about my blushing.
  11. At 16 I dropped out of college after a year as I couldn't handle the FB around other people I then worked on a farm for 7 years which was great for me as I worked in a small group of people and most of the time I was on mine however the hours, pay and working conditions were atrocious and I eventually left I then went into retail (crazy right) most of the time I'm very out going and confident and I do blush easily but if it's not a prolonged situation I can usually calm down quickly, however my main issue is my prolonged (2-3 hours) bouts of intense blushing. They happen daily and usually happen in the afternoon either caused by prolonged uncomfortable situations or it begins whilst on my lunch just sat in the staff room on my own no trigger needed. The hot tight feeling I get in my face combined with knowing how ridiculous I look to other people crushes my personality. Worst is when someone points it out, which has recently happened as I've started a new retail job and met a lot of new people and it's sent me into a bit of a depression cycle.
  12. Hello, thought I'd share some of my FB experiences as reading through some of your experiences it seems everyone has different situations in which they suffer from FB but also there seems to be differences in how long and frequent people suffer from FB. So, I break my down FB into what I call different modes - regular blushing - this is what I can consider to be normal blushing that "normal" people may experience, for me this can be when I'm embarrassed, feel awkward, laugh etc whilst the blushing is more sever than what a normal person may experience it usually goes away quickly and doesn't really bother me too much. weather blushing - this is simply if my face gets cold, battered by wind and rain. Again whilst this is more severe than what a "normal" person experiences it usually goes away once I'm out of the weather. intense blushing - this kind of FB is the one that has changed my life, when this happens my cheeks go a deep red, they feel hot and tight, are very warm to the touch, my upper body gets warm to the touch but doesn't go red and worst of all it always lasts for 2-3 hours regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. Almost every day, 99%. This intense blushing is very strange as when and why it happens, it seems to be varied and contradictory but I'll do the best to explain. It can be caused by prolonged social situations (the more awkward or more involving of me they are the more chance I'll slip into this intense blushing) even if I'm laughing and joking and having a good time I'll still slip into intense blushing mode. There does seem to be some psychological part in when and why this happens, for example let's say I'm at work (I work in retail) I can be on the shop floor chatting with customers and co-workers and I can be very outgoing and confident and not suffer from this intense blushing. However when I go on my lunch and sit in the staff room for an our eating my food and reading or watching my kindle my intense blushing usually starts up ( over past 6 years this is the most common scenario for it to happen) I then go back to work and I'm a shell of my former self as I'm bright red for no reason and everyone can see it. Another example, whilst I can be confident on the shop floor if I know I'm not in intense blushing mode but if I have to have a meeting longer than 10 minutes or do paper work with another co-worker my intense blushing will likely start up even if there's minimal to no interaction with the people near me From what I've said you'd maybe think I have an issue with certain social situations and whilst I do think it is a component it doesn't explain why my intense blushing starts for no reason at all, for example on my lunch at work or I could literally be sat playing video games or making my evening meal and my intense blushing will start. If it's a day off work or by some miracle I don't go into intense blushing at work it will happen in the evening with nothing causing it. My thoughts on to what is wrong with me, I think there's a psychological aspect here as i worry about certain situations or times of the day and worrying about it can make it worse, but I also know it's likely going to happen no matter what. I believe there is something physically wrong with my body, when I blush it's much more intense than "normal" people and this intense blushing mode. For my face to go extremely red and hot for hours at a time makes no sense especially when you consider it can happen with out any kind of social stimulus or if a social stimulus has ended it continues. I've not tried any treatment but I've just order some 5HTP and L-Tyrosine.
  13. Hello, I'm a new member and thought I'd offer some my thought and experiences I absolutely believe my periods of intense extended blushing have affected my life. My issues started when I was 16 and in college. I went into college very happy and very confident, I would shout out all the answers in class make and make jokes etc but I started to blush really bad, never done it before in my 5 years of high school but now I was and people were pointing it out. Completely killed all my confidence, I finished the first year with terrible grades and then quit few months into my second year. I then lost my friends and started working on a farm where I could work with only a few people and forgot about it. A some point a started talking to a girl online and after 6 months of chatting we decided to meet up and by this point my blushing had left me socially crippled, I had zero friends and avoided ALL social situations even family ones. I looked online and came across a cover up make up called dermablend (yes I'm a guy) and whilst it's not a miracle cure, far from it, it did seem to give me the confidence to have a social life. I used dermablend for about 5 years only social situations and then daily when I went into retail work and in this time I made friends and had several girlfriends and to be honest I don't really have any recollection of worrying too much about blushing or my intense blushing periods early on (not to say I didn't have them). My only real concern was the fact I was a guy wearing what was essentially make up and that it might get smudged, wet or someone would notice (it took years but someone eventually said something/noticed). I had also become dependent on the dermablend, I had to put it on everyday if I was working or doing something social. A few years ago I decided if I was to live a fuller life I needed to stop using the dermablend and so I weened myself of it and eventually got to the point where I wasn't using it all. Girlfriend, retail job, social life etc I went into them all with a naked face but unfortunately my blushing and anxieties about it are still strong. Whilst my girlfriend doesn't care about it I do avoid social situations and have made no kind of progress with any kind of career, I've worked in retail for the past 6 and half years and not been able to progress because of how I feel about my blushing. When I experience these periods of intense blushing (almost always in public and in front of co workers as I work in retail) the physical feeling in my face causes my personality to melt away and I know people are looking at me thinking "what's wrong with his face!?!" I feel like I'm capable of so much more in life and my blushing problems combined with my anxieties about it are holding me back.
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