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  1. I was so sorry to read your latest posts. You break my heart because you have so much promise, so much life ahead of you... Anyways -- my question, are you sure that you are not just feeling PHANTOM blushing?? Like you feel like you are blushing (all those awful dreaded rushing feelings, I know them well) -- but to the outside world, you look just the same??? Has anyone actually commented on your physical blushing? I can tell you from experience that all this does get better with time and age. I hit my 40s and I just stopped caring as much -- which leads to less blushing -- kind of like -- all those years I spent WINDING myself UP about blushing -- I am slowly but surely winding back DOWN. It feels good. My attitude has become -- hey, I might blush, but so what, I am going to do it anyways, life is short and this is MY life. As long as I am OK with it, I have slowly grown thicker skin about blowing off what the world may think of my blushing. It is empowering. And it leads to less blushing. Keep us posted. Do something kind for yourself today. One of the biggest deterrants to healing from this blushing curse of ours is own own internal dialogue with ourselves. The one that is cruel and says horrid things. I know that I personally had to work really hard at changing my inner-messages to ones of compassion and acceptance. It is very hard to do but so worth the results. It is an on-going one day at a time struggle. BUT YOU ARE WORTH IT. Hang in there, I can promise you that better days are to come.
  2. Hey Jamie -- thanks for taking the time to make your video and for your continued sharing. I am deeply sorry for your trade of one problem for another. I do believe that medicine will catch up -- stem cell treatments seem to be just on the cusp of achieving great things in so many fields. Hang in there. Blessings to you --
  3. Jamie -- Good to hear from you! I am so sorry to hear of the compensatory sweating -- esp. with you being an athlete and all. If it comforts you at all -- most people leave the gym looking like sweaty hell -- so I highly doubt that anyone notices where you are sweating from. But I can imagine that it is a weird sensation to have some parts over-sweating and some none at all. I admire your courage in making the decisions that you did and for your honesty in sharing your entire experience, the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll bet the farm that in years to come, the stem cell research will break through full guns and you will be able to have the nerves repaired. Keep in touch now and again, it is good to hear from you. Wishing you a lovely holiday season. Love to you from the USA.
  4. Hey Jamie -- phone home!!! Just wondering how you are doing and how your doctor visit went...thinking of you. Hang in there -- fall and winter are right around the corner.
  5. yes, I believe that Chanel attempted this product and even announced it, kind of -- sort of -- but it fell down in testing. HUGE BUMMER. Hopefully this planted a seed with the makeup companies that there is a HUGE and HUNGRY market for this type of product. As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!!
  6. Read the posts from Jamie10 on the blushing board-- he had ETS recently and is struggling with CS -- maybe do more research before making the final decision? Such a huge decision, I feel for you. Take your time. The surgery will always be an option.
  7. Hey Jamie, Your post broke my heart. I am so sorry for the troubles you continue to endure. Yes, do see your GP for advice. I know there is another forum out there for people who have had ETS -- folks on that forum may have better advice on how to handle/reduce the sweating -- wish I could send you the link but I don't know the name of the site...fish around, you will find it. Hang in there, Jamie. Keep us posted on your progress. Thinking of you with love in my heart.
  8. Lets all remember that we are here to support each other -- that said, I give BB alot of credit for continuing to post his insights on ETS because that very topic hits such a raw nerve on this board. I agree with BB that what we write affects alot of young people's lives. I literally pray that those who have recently had ETS performed have 100% success and go on to live long and full and love-filled happy lives. But I need to agree with BB about the surgery in general. I want to say something to all of you young people who read this board -- here it is, the words of a 47 year old blusher: you need to see around that next corner to the middle and later years of your life. Point being -- every person reacts differently to this surgery. The body is hard-wired to heal itself. Thus, it tries to heal up those nerves. For some, the blushing returns. But the side effects remain. BB expressed his number one pet peeve as the $$ to be made. Mine is this: when people make the decision to have this surgery, they are nearly always in a fragile, depressed, desperate state of mind. What a toxic place to make a decision like this from. It sucks. I know, I have been there so many times. My daughter is a blusher. It breaks my heart for her. I was watching her face pink up yesterday when someone asked her about her new boyfriend. She is such a special person, has so many wonderful qualities and talents - I could go on and on. She is red haired and fair skinned. I am trying my damnest to get to to see her inner/outer beauty and worth -- all of which have NOTHING to do with blushing. Any more than they have to do with sneezing or peeing or wheezing or whatever our bodies are capable of doing. Please know that I am not judging anyone on this board who has had the surgery. On the contrary, I am your biggest fan -- wanting only good things for each of you. You are each obviously deep-feeling sensitive people or you wouldn't care about the blushing to begin with. Thats my 10cents worth for today. Blessings and love to each of you.
  9. Jamie10, Wishing you a speedy recovery, dry hands, blush free days and a long and happy life...you deserve nothing less. Keep us posted.
  10. Hey Niki, I second Steve, hang in there. I totally understand, I get it! I share your frustration. Personally, what has worked best for me is -- taking better care of myself in all ways. Healthy diet, EXERCISE, EXERCISE, and more EXERCISE, good sleep, and really working at changing my negative thinking about myself. I have found the paradox of the blushing cycle to be this: the more you can focus your energy on something ELSE, something that is postive yet distracting -- the less blushing is a problem. But I totally get it -- blushing can get in the way of your efforts to do just that. I can say that -- nearly every time I feared a situation but faced it anyways -- the outcome was so much better than what my fears painted the outcome to be. And I always feel so much better for having done whatever it was I feared -- when you avoid whatever brings you fear, then shame and more fear are the result. Then depression sets in and horridly low self-esteem. I know, I have been there done that for years. A former counselor used to CHIDE me for seeing things in my crazy way -- that being, if I faced a situation and I blushed, then I saw it as a failure. Blushing meant failure for me, so naturally I set myself up for failure each time. She nearly begged me to reframe my thinking to this -- face the feared situation -- and even if you blush -- give yourself nothing but credit and praise for having had the courage to face that situation -- irregardless of blushing or no blushing. We blushers have hyper-sensitive central nervous systems. There is nothing we did wrong, nothing defective about us. Do allergy sufferers hide away and think themselves lowly because they are allergic to pollen? This is really no different. Speaking for myself, it took me so long to figure out and really get it -- that I was the one hurting myself, by allowing my own inner-critic and my own mental dialogues to become so toxic in response to my blushing. It is a hard hard road, I know. Society doesn't react well to blushing. But that doesn't mean that I have to accept someone else's reaction to my blushing to become toxic fuel for my own inner messages. Every person deserves to love and accept themselves as they are. That is a basic human right, in my humble opinion. Truly, the healing for blushing starts within yourself. ...by changing your own inner messages from ones of shame and self-beating to ones of nurturing and acceptance. Personally -- it has been a long hard road for me. And still some days are better than others. And I have found that if I don't keep a constant outlet going for my energies -- both physical exercise and staying involved with something creative -- I use that energy against myself. Like the saying goes -- you are the lock and you are the key. I really do believe that each of us has the power and the potential to heal from within. And the truth of the matter is -- we will probably always be blushers. So what. Big deal. I have found that -- the more I focus my energies on doing what I want to do, I feel better about my accomplishments and the threshold for blushing goes down just a tad. I try (don't always succeed) -- to give myself different more assuring messages when I do blush. And I try and tell myself -- even if I blush, f*ck it, I am going to do it anyways. It is like pushing that downward spiral in the opposite direction by fueling the spiral with positive energy instead of toxic crap. I hope this makes a bit of sense. Sorry to babble on. Hang in there, Niki. My heart is with you.
  11. “Tip of The Month Club†www.socialanxiety.com Free Tele-seminar on Blushing, Obsessing, and Performance Anxiety Wednesday April 1 8 PM (E.S.T.) Facial hyper-hidrosis (blushing) can create toxic levels of shame, embarrassment, humiliation, and anger, which can lead to public speaking anxiety, social avoidance (phobia), substance dependence, career and relationship problems, depression, and more. The problem; believe it or not, can be resolved with the proper psych-physiological therapy. This seminar is your opportunity to listen to a 27 year-old successful businessman describe in detail how he conquered the problem. There may also be a possibility for direct interaction. This young man at one time was in a surgeon’s office; on the verge of an operation to sever his nerves. In the meantime you can listen to other patient interviews at www.socialanxiety.com . Our last tele-seminar on selective mutism was maxed out with attendance and the feedback was quite positive. To register, please click here to fill out the registration form. When it is received you will be sent a telephone conference # and code # Wishing you good health, Jonathan Berent, L.C.S.W. www.socialanxiety.com
  12. female right no -- but do have rosacea 46 no exercise to reduce anxiety, flushing the body of excess adreneline, limit sugar, caffeine & booze, be protective of my sleep, continually work on changing my programmed negative self-talk about my blushing into compassionate, accepting, reaffirming self-talk, lancome makeup, a sense of humor :-)
  13. Hey QueenBee, I owe you a private message, coming soon, I promise. I TOTALLY agree with Margaret about the Lancome makeup -- I posted awhile back about my results with this too. I am going to add Margaret's suggestion of the green primer to my own regime. With the Lancome, I have gotten my confidence back too. It does look like you are wearing makeup but not like "my old aunt" looking. So for us ladies, I strongly suggest giving it a try. Thanks Margaret for the suggestion about the primer -- blessings to all.
  14. Hello Mozart, I am an "oldie" but goodie from this site! I haven't been posting in awhile but I do follow the board and the latest news. Your story just tears me up. I so wish I had a magic answer to offer you and I simply don't. Other than -- please know that you are not alone. SO MANY of us have been where you are and have come through to the other side. My "other side" isn't perfect mind you -- but it is so much better than the pit of despair where I once was. My advice: have you ever tried anti-depressants? Like Paxil -- I take a low dose of this drug -- it really takes the edge off of the anxiety. I think Steve's advice is dead on -- exercise and meditation. When you get anxious/depressed, cortisol builds up in your body....when you sweat, that excess adreneline/cortisol gets sweated out. The physical release is so healing, body and soul. Meditation and relaxation are also very key -- learning to stay in the present moment and breathe properly and stay relaxed. A relaxed body cannot be anxious, eh? Keep your diet very healthy -- stay away from sugar caffeine and booze. I found controlling my blood sugar was HUGE in warding off panic attacks. Could you take a baby step towards getting employed again?? Even if it is in a situation where you work alone or in a situation where you won't fear blushing....just getting back out there again, getting structure in your life. Structure helps alot too. The paycheck would help your bills and your self-esteem. HANG IN THERE. Talk to your parents, tell them the whole deal. I had such a huge sense of relief and support when I finally told a couple of close friends about my struggle. Keep us posted. My heart is with you.
  15. I use lancome teint idole ultra -- love this stuff. It is 14-hour retouch free and oil free. It covers my flushing nicely. When I am quite flushed, I have coverd one-half of my face before and compared the two sides -- the coverage looks natural and it covers that nasty flushing. I think for blushing, unless you are willing to wear an inch thick of cameo/camaflauge makeup like Dermablend, blushing will show through. But I do think the makeup I wear dulls down my blushing (or at least I like to tell myself that!) I know the Lancome folks at the local mall will give you a ten day supply for free -- try it out! It is important to get the right shade so do have the nice lady behind the counter figure that out for you. Keep me posted!
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