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  1. I can¨t post another pic of the other cheek, but its just the same so oh well.
  2. Hi Blushingman! I¨m new to this forum and have written my experience with KPRF on your other thread. I have seen that you are quite active on this forum and thats really great. I¨m 24 years old and have been to a few doctors with this problem and most of them told me I have Rosacea, but after I looked into KPRF I am almost sure that I have that instead of Rosacea, I will post pictures in this post. I have taken all together 6 laser treatments I believe, with different types of lasers. I honestly don¨t know if it has helped at all with reducing the redness, but I still flush easily on a daily basis. I wanted to ask you if you have tried or are considering trying the ETS surgery? I approached a surgeon a few years ago, asking if the surgery would help me, when its mainly for people with Rosacea. He told me then that the surgery would actually make my red cheeks worse and not be helpful at all. I have tried a few anti-redness creams with minimal effect, but I have not tried medicines for this and I might look into it over time. I do actually use a green concealer from Eva Garden, which I use daily. It helps cause green colour covers over the red colour, but if I use to much of it you can clearly see that I have it on me, so i always just use a short amount. Not the most flattering pic, but it will do. As you can see, this is a mild case and I¨m just at home now so not stressed out or not triggered by any temperatures. You can see that I have normal colour in some places, and maybe thats because of the laser treatment. I honestly don¨t know. I never had that before, cause I were always all red on the cheeks.
  3. Hello all! Ive just read through all of the comments on this thread and of course know how you feel. I just wanted to share my story cause I dont have anyone to talk to about this, and its good to air my thoughts, even though I dont have any solutions to tell about. I am 24 yo and was born with red cheeks, but at the age of 14 I got a comment or a rather a question from my then best friend, asking me why I always was red in the cheeks. After that I got more aware and it has been now 10 years of tears, pain and suicidal thoughts. At the age of 18-20, I got the nerve and my own money to actually seek help to a doctor. Of course he didn't have a clue to what I had and gave me a cream for curing zits.. It obviously didn't work and I went to like four different doctors with no help whatsoever. I eventually got enough money to invest in laser treatments. I remember being so happy cause I believed it would cure my redness finally, lol. I believe I took 2 sessions with the N-yag laser or maybe some different laser, can't remember as it is some years ago, but it didn't help me and the lady who did the laser treatment didn't want me to waste anymore money. 1 year went on and I got another laser treatment, but with another company and different laser. I think it was with V beam, but not totally sure. I got burnt real bad and I got lots of dots on my face. It looked awful and I remember taking a taxi home cause I didn't want people to see me on the bus. I got so scared after that, so I took a break and just wore makeup for a long time. 2 years passed and I tried laser once more. Different company and I believe different laser. Maybe IPL or maybe I tried V beam, again I dont remember honestly. Tried 3 sessions before calling quits. It got to expensive and I was tired of going through this all over again. Been over 2 years now since I took laser and I THINK I have reduced the redness a little, but I still am quite red all the time and I flush easily. To be honest, I wasnt super carefull after the laser treatments. I dont think I ever wore sunscreen for 6 weeks like I were advised to or avoided stress etc, but I dont think it would have made any difference. I never took medicine and the Efexor medicine that you guys mentioned sounds promising. Is it available in Europe? Specifically in Scandinavia? I remember asking a surgeon a few years ago if ETS would work for me, but he then said No, and I never bother to check about it again. But if it has worked for you guys then I might consider it again. Now a days I just try to cope with the problem as best as I can, but its not easy like you guys know. Especially if you are involved with somebody who just doesnt understand any of it. Hope we will get a cure in the future! Sorry for my long post. I look forward to future oppdates.
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