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  1. So no matter how nervous you get about a situation it should stop the flushing? Or just make you less nervous? Im considering trying this drug since ets didn’t work well enough for me.
  2. I will definitely look into this since ets doesn’t seem to want to work properly for me. How does it make you feel and how long did it take to notice the effects?
  3. Yeah I doubt I’ll get t4 done then. Do you know if t3 will help stop the blushing though? It’s just that t2 didn’t really work too much on my left side and apparently there was no Kuntz nerve on that side either.
  4. I had ETS done last September getting only t2 levels cut and it only worked slightly on my left side because he missed a Kuntz nerve on my right. I am hopefully going back for a redo on July 25th and the surgeon offered to get t3 and t4 cut too. Since t2 didn’t completely get rid of blushing on my left side (the side without the Kuntz nerve) I will definitely get t3 done to see if that has a better result but I’m wondering if anyone has any info on t4 for blushing? The surgeon said it shouldn’t make much difference from t3 but I’d like to hear from anyone who might know something.
  5. Can you check your private msgs James
  6. Hey I got only t2 cut and I have pruned fingertips too so it can’t be because of t3.
  7. I had ets last September and it hasn’t worked properly for me. The right side hasn’t worked at all because he missed a kuntz nerve but my left side has helped the blushing about 40%. I can still get flushed like before on both sides though. I went for a follow up two weeks ago with the surgeon and hopefully I can go back and get the kuntz nerve cut as well as getting t3 done as I only get t2 done last time. Do you know if your surgeon did t2 and t3 or just t2?
  8. Is that the worst it can get? Atleast it kind of blends into the rest of your face, when I get those mad flushes you can see the edges looking like red shapes on my face.
  9. Is that from heat or stress/nerves? It looks better than how I can get.
  10. I started blushing at 7 years old so it’s not a puberty thing for everyone
  11. I don’t really get it from being hungry or eating but I sure as hell get flushed when it’s cold and it can stay like that for hours. It happens the most about 2pm onwards, something about the way the air feels in the afternoon seems to trigger it but it can still happen earlier. Even my eyes can get bloodshot so it looks worse.
  12. Ets has made flushing impossible for some people though. A few people on here have said they can't flush either after surgery.
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