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  1. Hi Bob Bear, VickyGirl. GJ. Miss Lavish, Claude - just remembered my password after a lot of thought.
  2. I don't think there is much you can doing about foot sweating, other than try ionto. Maxim is good for underarms, etc.
  3. I used to have very sweat hands before ETS. It never affected my driving, although it was very embarrassing. I always kept the AC pointed at my hands. I don't think people really notice it as much as we do though. So relax.
  4. From the new Martha Stewart Homekeeping handbook she says for persp stains: Saturate fresh stains with shampoo, then launder as usual. For old stains, treat with an enzyme paste, let stand for 4 hours. Then launder as usual. For whites, soak overnight in hot water/bleach, and then launder as usual.
  5. I'm listening to Jimmy Buffett. Any parrot heads here?
  6. I'm listening to best songs of the 1970s and 1980s on the radio. Number one is, "Satisfaction," by the Stones.
  7. I know, I completely agree! Just think, some people with rosacea log onto the post-ETS section, and try to take over the place. Of course, the rosacea section is closed down, so just for kicks they try to get a rise out of post-ETS people. Wow, have I said--truly pathetic!
  8. Good work Z, very interesting. I'm sure this is helpful to a lot of people.
  9. Suzette

    Followup ETS

    George, you and Zinedine have done great work on the boards, and I love reading both of your posts. Zinedine puts together a lot of great stuff, and is for real. This is what I'm interested in reading about.
  10. Suzette

    Followup ETS

    I had ETS T3/4 four years ago, for hand sweating, and I find this is a great place to check in every once in a while to see how people are doing. Most people who are happy with ETS go on with their lives, but periodically like to check back in, and give an update on their situation. I find this very interesting and helpful.
  11. And to think that some of the members of this forum thought you lived "under the bridge."
  12. Suzette

    2.5 years post ETS

    Hi AndyinATL: I think I remember you from the other forum. When you said your previous name was Power23, I slightly remember you from the post esfb section. Was it you that was a salesman, and you had a hobby with racing cars, or something? Anyway, glad to see you back, and doing well. I am very pleased with my surgery, which was done in CA. No CS in the winter months. Mild CS in summer, which I control with Maxim. Good luck with everything.
  13. Suzette

    3 year anniversary

    I'm glad that there is this section for post-ETS/ESB, where we who have undergone the surgery can discuss it with each other. I enjoyed reading the above posts, and good luck all. PS George: Love the teardrop, it looks great. I've seen them on TV, on the travel channel, and the people that use them are really fun and quirky!
  14. Suzette

    3 year anniversary

    Hi George: Long time no see! Glad to see you back. I remember I had my ETS around the same time as you, 4 years for me (T3/4). Are you still in California? I'm doing well - my hands are still dry, and I'm really happy. I shudder to think how it used to be! BTW did you get that teardrop finished yet? Post us a pic.
  15. Did the old chap have a "prenup."
  16. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sir Paul is 64!
  17. Darling, when you have finished hiking up Corserine and Pol Harrow, you will be "whipped." Have a splendid time at Balmoral - hmm, that name doesn't quite suit you does it? You will be missed! Love, S.
  18. Suzette


    Why it's good to be married to a bear: He expects you to wake up growling, he expects that you will have hairy legs, and he admires excess body fat!
  19. Suzette


    I'm glad I have a sense of humor. A total of 63 people have peaked in to see why Suzette is so nasty!!! ROFL.
  20. Suzette


    I don't know much about the rosacea war, since I don't have rosacea, and I didn't keep up with it.
  21. Interesting story, but I don't think ETS is your answer. You have too many places sweating - it's okay for hands. I think your first step would be to try the medications of Ditropan or Robinul. These 2 meds are the best thing to try first, to see if either one of them helps you. Most people complain of a dry mouth when taking them. Just recently something came on the market for dry mouth, I believe it's called Biotene. You can get it in any drug store in the US. I also think I saw it in a toothpaste recently. Drysol and Maxim are good for underarms. Iontophoresis is good for hands and feet. Lots of reading on this site, just look back through the pages. Good luck.
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