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  1. I want to say, that Ashwagandha+EGCG helps for evening cheeks burning (if you have it). It is not very effective, but can be useful, for example, it helps me (not for redness, unfortunately) I learned about Ashwagandha from here: https://rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?34232-KPRF-LRP-1-and-Metalloproteinases
  2. Why facial flushing is more stronger in the evening? I also remembered my experience of smoking marijuana and using psilocybin, so my cheeks were very hot and red for all time of the trip. May be, because of serotonin releasing? I think we need to understand how serotonin affects skin and flushing/redness. Also, what do you think about Vbeam (If cheeks is not very red, I read post blushingman about 20-25% reduce of redness, but may be anyone else had experience of vbeam) ?
  3. Hello! I also have KPRF, flushing all time (by the evening it intensifies, and in the morning there is almost no redness) and also my cheeks are red when weather is cold. Is this symptom of KPRF or something different? Now I am taking 5-HTP for 5 days, 100 mg once a day, and hope this helps.
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