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  1. Beetroot I have reacted very similar to you I had the surgery in May and my hands and feet also used to be always cold and then they went warm. But this is starting to wear off slightly and they are now getting a little more cold again. Have you noticed this? apart from that sweating on my back is minor so all good 🙂
  2. CA1234

    Ets finance

    Bigred what I naive comment. £6000 is a lot of money no matter who you are I got a loan through Tesco bank, was a decent interest rate, total cost was around £5.5k. But some companies offer better interest rates if you borrow slightly more £5000 was 10% interest but £7500 was only 5% interest
  3. David I had my surgery with Dr Greenstein Your whole mindset is literally the same as mine it’s crazy. But I never went to a GP, I could never bring myself to do it. i was 24 when I had it done last year and I’ve had to best 9 months of my life if you have any questions feel free to ask
  4. Hi I have now had the surgery in May last year and I am really happy with the result overall the cs is completely unnoticeable in winter and mainly on my back when it’s very warm. But it’s not a big deal. It’s amazing what it has done for me as a person. I look back to life before this and it seems surreal. I genuinely feel like I am 2 different people it’s hard to explain. I now find it hard to understand why I reacted by blushing. Now i am more composed and barely think of blushing which has given me the focus to engage with people so much more. If anyone has any questions please get in touch, I have noticed my hands to be much drier, but using moisturiser is helping with this for my face I also moisturise regularly to combat this. It does concern me long term that my skin will age much quicker then my body but hopefully I can manage this i am tempted to have also a hydration test. I never knew this was possible. Are there any tips or moisturisers you would recommend to use ? Thanks
  5. Hi phs thanks for responding glad it has gone gone well for you and your happy with outcome My thoughts was I will just have to moisturise on a more regular basis, which I am sure is easy enough has it made you feel lahargic in any way?
  6. Hi Dom hooe your doing well how have you found not been able to sweat above the neck line? Has your skin become dry? Or caused acne
  7. Hi everyone I am due to have surgery in the U.K. in the coming weeks and would like to know a little more about fact you cannot sweat above the neck line. How has this effected people who have had the surgery... Have you noticed your face drying up ? Or perhaps have you stated to get acne because you pores cannot naturally clean themselves? has your hair started to dry out a little also? Seems so unnatural that something like this will never happen again after the surgery look forwards to people’s experiences of this
  8. Hi Skriim & Nina how long ago ago did you have the surgery?
  9. Hi phs67 Glad all is working great for you so far, it’s good to hear positive stories I have a question, have you ever had CBT or taken medication? i think I know who you used in London and I’m considering making an appointment, but im concerned as I have never tried therapy. i am not interested in medication as I feel this is not resolving the issue thanks
  10. CA1234

    ETS journey

    Hi Befree i really appreciate your input I guess the difference of opinion and happiness with your end results between you and filur shows how each operation is unique to the individual. I just hope if I go ahead with the treatment I am happy thanks
  11. CA1234

    ETS journey

    Hi Oliver how are you getting on? Hope you are enjoying life after the op! I have been doing some research about ETS and I am awaiting a phone call back from the same doctor who performed the surgery on you. So hoping to book a consultation. i am wondering if you still sweat from you face/neck etc? I exercise daily and can't imagine not sweating from from anywhere north of the chest. Something that I have read numerous times thanks
  12. Hello all After months of reading this. It has been very helpful in helping me decide whether I want to proceed with the operation. Blushing at times can be so draining on your daily life!! i have a question which I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere. I always see/read 'you cannot sweat from the nipple line up'. How true is this? Surely if your exercising your face/neck will sweat naturally as it would before the operations Look forwards to your replies :)
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