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  1. All we have to do is wire $25,000 to a Nigerian bank, and the cure will be revealed.
  2. I still do get very red and hot in my cheeks at times. I think it's less frequent than before ETS, but the surgery wasn't the magic bullet I was hoping for. The main negative side effect from the surgery is that I now have pretty bad compensatory sweating on my legs, stomach, and back along with VERY dry hands. I don't regret having the surgery, but I wish it would have been more effective. Dr. David Nielson was the surgeon who did my ETS surgery, but I don't remember what nerve ganglia were destroyed; however, I do know that he didn't use the clamping technique...they were either cut or burned.
  3. Blushingman -- any updates for us? I've enjoyed reading this thread, and thank you for introducing me to the condition KPRF because it sounds like what I have. Well...KPRF along with severe blushing and flushing. Speaking of blushing vs. flushing....I have switched to calling it flushing because even my blushing (i.e. in response to social situations, anxiety, embarrassment, etc.) turns into flushing. I've never just had an episode of normal blushing that goes away quickly. It's always been 30 minutes - 2 hours of intense hotness and deep redness of just my cheeks and sometimes my ears. Thanks again to you and everybody else for their contributions to this thread and this forum.
  4. Holy sh** this post could have been written by me because it's so dead spot on with my experiences. I also love a good pint (more likely a quart or few), and my fear of flushing in public has caused me to drink more at home or alone which is probably not the best thing a guy can do. Regarding interviews, I have forced myself to push through my severe flushing and keep applying for promotions or job changes when I knew they were the best thing for my career but holy sh** is it difficult to stop fidgeting and put on a confident act while in a 2-hour interview and flushing like a lunatic and their immediate thought is that I'm embarrassed/shy/weird. Thanks for your post, mate because I've spent my entire life as the only one with this problem.
  5. I'm afraid that my oldest son (7) will experience severe flushing like I do because I've already noticed him getting very red when he's hot. My youngest doesn't seem to have the problem, however. My mom has what I consider "normal" flushing that occurs when she's warm or has been drinking, but it doesn't get crazy bad like mine and seems to go away quickly. I don't know anybody else in my family with the severe flushing that I have, but my fear is that my son will suffer from it. I've made it a point to talk to him about my flushing and how it makes me uncomfortable and embarrassed when people make comments to me about it. I also tell him that it's nothing to be ashamed of and that it doesn't have to limit your activities or self esteem.
  6. I've really enjoyed reading this thread and seeing your positive updates. I'm new to this forum, but I've battled severe flushing (intense heat and very deep red cheeks for about 30 minutes or more at a time) since I was around 14 years old (I'm now in my late 30's). I had ETS in my early 20's, and I think that helped quite a bit. I still get flushed and have anxiety about flushing leading up to a possible "trigger event". I was surprised to see you all talking about Effexor since I was on it for a couple years about 10 years ago, and it was by far the best experience I had ever had with anxiety medication (I've tried a lot). The issue with me was that it worked great for about 12 months and then my body started to build up a tolerance of sorts. However, that 12 months was the best year of my life as far as anxiety goes. It was enough to "take the edge off" so that I wasn't always on edge and worrying about my next flushing attack. I've since gone off of Effexor (not easy to do due to dependency) for a year or so and then went back on it to see if I could recapture the magic I first experienced, but it didn't work for me. I felt like a junkie trying to replicate that first high. I hope that Effexor continues to work for you because simply not having the anxiety about flushing/blushing is worth the price of admission!
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