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  1. Thank you blushing man for your reply
  2. why does nobody answer me??
  3. Good evening, in July I had a redo ets to the left of my site and, at the end of this month, I will complete to right site. More than a month ago I had an odd thing happened ... I was not good because of an influence and I vomited. During the vomit I saw my face blush. I wanted to ask you if the redness that is generated during vomiting comes from the same reddening channel that is generated during embarrassment. thanks to who will respond
  4. If you are doing it is because it is the right thing. Good luck ?
  5. Hi FedUp in any case isn't "a normal" blush. And then only on one side. not fall into the vicious circle I recommend
  6. Hi my blood type is B+. thanks a lot
  7. Hi Terry, in Italy the operation is free. If you need other informations please ask me. I'd like ti know other experience likes me.
  8. Good morning and merry Christmas to all. I had ETS in Italy. I'll follow my "blushing moments" with a mirror and I'll update you
  9. Thank you Karry for your replay. My question is: I had Ets so my blush should be not intensive.... or not??
  10. Hi FedUp77, Can you tell me if when you blush your face is red or not? I had ETS 10 years ago and for ten years I didn't blush more. In the last few months it seems to me that the blush is come back but I don't know if is visibile or not.
  11. Hi to all. First off all sorry for my english . I had Ets surgery for blushing 10 years ago. In these years i didn't blush. In the last mounths it seems to me that the blush is come back. Now i don't know id it is the panthom blush. I seen my face in the mirror during blushing and I thing that the redness is not intensive but I Have the sensation that my face is in flame. Please help me
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