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  1. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
  2. 6000 isn't that much.
  3. Big Red

    Meet up

    Did the meetup happen?
  4. Being a translator requires zero social interaction and pays quite well.
  5. Are you not afraid of blushing when you're gambling at the casino?
  6. So you're saying you're a blusher too and this isn't meant to be a funny video? Where are you based?
  7. Nina, do all of your relatives blush/flush? I find it interesting that about half of the people I ask on this forum claim that no one in their family blushes. Definitely hereditary in my case.
  8. Could you please provide more information about this video?
  9. It definitely helps, but there's no makeup or cream that will conceal a full-on blush or flush. I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It does a great job of giving me clear skin in normal situations when I would otherwise have a red hue. It doesn't help much against deep flushes unfortunately.
  10. How long have you been on the medication? When's the last time you went off it completely?
  11. Welcome to the club! Do your siblings or parents also blush or flush?
  12. Are you open to having the operation done outside of Denmark?
  13. I'd gladly take the boiling feeling if my face and ears stayed white.
  14. Just wondering since we all have screwed up overactive nervous systems whether that could lead to failing a lie detector test while actually telling the truth. Any thoughts?
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