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  1. sunshiney, I'm trying to avoid cleaners etc... I try not to wash my face with anything other than water. I've found that since I've moved away from trying to over-clean my face, my skin's gotten much better. As for the powder, I do use a finishing/setting powder now by dermablend - it's transluscent and works okay. I'm as scared as looking ghostly white as I am looking red. Mozart, I may try the almost makeup - does it come in shades? I wanted something that I can put on and be done with it in 5 minutes flat and something that covers well, looks natural and doesn't become shiny/greasy in 2 hours
  2. Hi, I live in the UK and I'm coming to the end of my supply of dermablend smooth indulgence foundation and am wondering what other people use? Dermablend no longer seems to be available in the UK and costs $25 for P&P alone and has been replaced by some Vichy brand in the UK, whose 'like-for-like' products I tried, but they seemed pretty rubbish. The man problems I have is that my face seems constantly shiny, even if I use setting powder, after about 2 hours it starts to get pretty damn greasy - can anything be used to stop this? Also I could do with some better coverage, although it's always a constant battle of trying to get coverage whilst trying to not look like I have anything on my face, which is pretty important for a guy! Anyway, thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I tired a course of Lysine for a month or so based on a few articles I read. I personally didn't see any improvement, but everyone is different and has different forms and possibly reasons behind their redness/rosacea. Firstly, you won't see a change in a matter of days, it apparently can take months for you to actively see a change, and I was only taking 1500mg a day, which is half of the original poster, so I may start it back up again at 3000mg. It doesn't seem to be harmful, although IIRC taking it in large doses could cause constipation or something, but if that happened, just reduce the dosage. It's widely available and pretty cheap - you should be able to find it very easily. I found it at Holland & Barratt, a well known UK drug store and any brand is fine - brands aren't really important when it comes to things like drugs... what they contain is what they contain, companies just get to charge a premium for brand loyallty and people believeing that a £5 pack of paracetamol will cure a headache any better than a 16p pack of paracetamol, when the only ingredient in both is 200mg of paracetamol. Go figure. Anyway, I would suggest giving Lysine a try - I've heard it work in people before, it's not dangerous to take, is pretty cheap and easily obtainable - definitely worth a punt. Although give it a few months before you make your mind up on it.
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    Useful Article

    http://www.ausci.com/ROSACEA%20BOOKLET.pdf An interesting read - certainly taught me a thing or two, and I agree that IPL is the way to go, followed by other methods of trying to reduce redness and flushing. Such topicals as capsaicin (active ingredient in red peppers), silymarin and EGCG can all help to reduce and possibly reverse the redness, once it has been initially tackled by IPL.
  5. Hi, Anyone who uses Dermablend products in the UK, maybe you can shed some light... I just went to buy some loose setting powder, normally get it in "cool beige" but now I find that everywhere I like on UK websites, it's now called "Vichy Dermablend" with a different design etc and with the powder they ONLY do "original" which is transluscent apparently. Call me old fashioned, but it looks white to me on the pictures. Does anyone have any experience of the original (transluscent) version of the dermablend setting powder and if so is it too white? Or better yet, does anyone know where I can find the 'cool beige' version in the UK? I can find it on US websites, but then don't like having to pay the best part of $40 postage. Any information would be awesome.
  6. Hey guys... Anyone heard of 'veinwave' or better yet, used it? I've heard it's good for spider veins but unsure on diffuse facial redness that I seem to have. I've had a few treatments with the Quantum IPL I think with Dr. Patterson a couple of years ago with some success, but prices were prohibitive, but am looking into it again. I think the laser type route is the only real way to go. Also, anyone heard of or used this; http://www.lightstim.com/ I'd like to say it may work, but sounds like crap - just wanted people's opinions? Also, on lasers, anyone know what may be better? I've seen the Quantum IPL, Lumenis laser and now this veinwave thing.... Basically..... ANY comments and thoughts would be useful and helpful Thanks [cookie]
  7. No, Arshavin is quite red, and it's that sort of a lack of understanding... i.e. "the little man whose cheeks were flushed bright red from his exertions almost from the start" that makes me laugh. Arshavin looks like that all the time, regardless of whether he's running around or not. And the way the BBC presenter said "lad" with the apple cheeks reminds me of, no matter how old you are, if you have a red face, you're always seen as being young.
  8. When I was young I had IBS, or at least, really strange toilet habits - I felt like I needed to go every day, but I've grown out of that now. I also do get stressed a lot and when I do, I feel tightness in my stomach... I also feel like I have a lot of acid in my stomach/throat sort of area sometimes, sort of like heartburn I guess, but more stomach related. I wonder how many of us are stressful, worrying types of people... and seeing as from what I know, IBS and such like isn't all that common, it seems more than coincidence that a lof of us are saying we have or have had some gastro/bowel-related issues....
  9. I'd be very interested to hear about what treatments people know are in the pipeline and what they're meant to treat?
  10. Sounds very interesting for me - I don't blush or flush as much as I used to, but have permanent facial redness and very dry skin! Is it only avaliable in the US? How do you get hold of it?
  11. Niacin does make you flush, but if I'm correct, Niacin (where it also says Niacinamide) doesn't make you flush. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's the case.
  12. Hmm, this is pretty exciting stuff! First good news about a product that actually works in... well, ever?
  13. Hello all, In recent months, I've started to get loads of spots on the top of my back. I plan on going to the Doctors at some point, but I've heard from half a dozen people that going on sunbeds will help clear up the spots - and also get a tan at the same time. I struggle to get a tan in Summer, mostly because I work 9-5, and it's always raining at the weekends, but my skin isn't the best for going brown. Would going on a sunbed be beneficial for my permanent redness on my face or is it likely to do it more harm than good? I've also been working out for a few weeks now since breaking up with a girlfriend (dunno, it's just something to take my mind off of it) and although I've not seen anything worsen, is that likely to make my skin get worse too? Also, I still use Dermablend Smooth Indulgence but find that by the end of my working day, my skin, where it's applied can be REALLY shiny and it looks really greasy and horrible. I think my skin produces too much oil anyway, but I can't work out whether it's the Smooth Indulgence or the moisturiser (L'Oreal "matte look" gel) which makes it shiny? Has anyone tried any moisturiser that leave the skin slick enough to apply the stuff but leaves it looking... normal and matte? Or is is the Smooth Indulgence that's causing the greasy look?
  14. Evening primrose oil? Does it reduce the eyes watering? Sometimes I wake up with bloodshot eyes, but it goes away after an hour or so. I think I have a form of mild ocular rosacea too.. my eyes water for no reason sometimes and with nothing casuing it (like wind, or something).. they just weep. It is very strange, but it s a form of ocular rosacea. Sometimes my vision goes really blurry in poor lighting and if I'm looking at small print, yet, although I've been tested 3 times, I don't need glasses.... very odd.
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