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  1. It's really neither. I do flush easily after working out or being in the cold or heat, but I have become pretty decent at controlling my blushing if I get into embarrassing situations. A few years ago, I went to a dermatologist at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin hoping they'd have a cure, treatment, or magic pill. Obviously, they didn't and the dermatologist just said it's a combination of many factors. The blood vessels in my face are closer to the surface than most people, I have keratosis pilaris rubra faceii, and I am fair-skinned. The more I think about it, I really don't need to be that worried.
  2. 1. I probably won't try Effexor because I'm actually decent at controlling blushing myself. Plus, even if I experience a blushing episode, by cheeks don't change colors drastically. If any of you would be interested, I am more than willing to provide pictures for comparison. 2. Yeah, ETS is not really something I am considering at this point in my life. 3. I will be living in a warmer state, so I may try getting some sunlight. 4. If he asks, I honestly don't have a good answer. I'd pobably get embarrassed and try to explain it just how I was born. Idk, I am not good with confrontation. Lol 5. I've tried makeup, but I am pretty fair skinned, so it's very noticeable.
  3. In my experience, if I begin to blush at work for a certain customer (usually due to a comment they make about my blushing or if I screw up their order), it's very hard to not blush the next time I serve them. This has created all sorts of interesting and rather embarrassing situations. Lol
  4. I'll be leaving for college in mid-August and am slightly nervous about answering many questions about my rosy cheeks. Any suggestions or tips on how to inform others about why my cheeks are red without being rude or making them feel embarrassed. *Disclaimer: I'm a sensitive guy, so I'd prefer methods that avoid confrontation if at all possible. Also just a few others questions that I've had recently... Does Effexor or Effexor XR reduce facial redness for people with KPRF?Would ETS surgery reduce facial redness for people with KPRF?Can getting more sunlight help reduce visual redness by giving skin a tanned appearance?Should I tell the person I am rooming why my cheeks are rosy or wait to see if he asks/cares?Do anyone else simply avoid looking in the mirror/reflection or using the front facing cameras on their phones?Any responses or feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Please don't take this as me being rude, but have you ever talked to a psychologist. Physically it's not going to do anything, but it can definitely benefit your mental state. I tried it and they teach you some breathing exercises and way to put your mind at easy. I still have moments where I feel absolutely terrible, but I tend to rebound much faster. Hardest part is admit you have a problem. For the longest time I never went because I thought I would be labeled as mental ill, but it was honestly a great experience. I don't go any more because of time constraints, but I probably should. Lol
  6. I'll be heading off to college next year, so is this medication something you would suggest? I got KPRF, so my face is red most of the time, but the redness increases drastically when I am in a blushing episode. I know it's early, but from what you have seen so far is there any value in trying?
  7. Yeah, it doesn't help unfortunately. Guys also can't where makeup because it isn't socially accepted, but I wouldn't anyways because I hate the feeling of it. I'm not saying females have it easier though because they tend to be judged even more based on their looks. The thing that annoys/angers me is most comments about my face are out of curiosity, so it difficult to hate someone that is just ignorant.
  8. Yeah, I totally understand Ali, but don't let that person that clearly lacks empathy get you down. I think that this unique feature allows us the opportunity be some of the most empathetic and caring people. I don't know if you're religious, but I believe that we're put on the planet for a special purpose.
  9. Okay, laugh all you want at this failed idea I had a few years ago, but I tried crushing up ibuprofen and combining it with aloe vera gel. It did absolutely nothing, but hurt my ego because I was convinced it would work. Lol
  10. I tried something similar (excuse my ignorance, about different types of makeup), but it had a green tint because the color green is apparently "excellent" at covering up the color red. To be specific, the products were Loréal Paris Anti-Redness Correcting Primer and Clinique Redness Solution Daily Protective Base. Both I found to be alright at concealing, but pretty noticeable and almost useless in a blushing situation (for reference, my face is almost always has a red tint because of my KPRF, so for me blushing just enhances the red color). I also used to play sports, so I didn't dare where it during the season when we had practices after school because it tended to flake off during physical activity. I got a few comments about what was on my face, and I would normally just say "sunscreen" thus getting a response "well you suck at putting on sunscreen because you are are burnt as hell", which I couldn't help but laugh at because it was kinda funny. Anyways, if you can conceal the makeup well then do it for sure, I just suck at putting it on and not making it noticeable. If anyone ever comments, tell them the truth or tell them to mind their business. Hope this was helpful and good luck!
  11. Today, I inadvertently looked in a mirror and was sort of surprised to see myself. Then it dawned on me that I hadn't looked at my full face in the mirror for over a month. That is what facial redness, blushing, and flushing has done to my life. Anyways, I had a particularly bad episode when I was at the optometrist today and yesterday when I was at work, which always gets me a bad mood for the rest of the week.
  12. I understand what you're feeling man, just remember people love you and would be very sad if you weren't there.
  13. Oh my god, I know your pain man. I hate when my ears warm up and turn red because it means my cheeks are going to go red in a few minutes and there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening. My arms actually are covered in little red bumps, which is apparently a common trait in those with KPRF. My only solution to combat the problem is to moisturize the area and wear long sleeves shirts, which fortunately you can do for most of the year in the the Midwest.
  14. I have used that same stuff for approximately 2 years now and it's great for keeping skin hydrated, but has done absolutely nothing to help with my facial redness. I didn't really expect it would help, so it didn't really hit me hard when it didn't do much of anything. I still use the stuff though, so I guess it pretty decent.
  15. I was first made aware that I blushed badly in 8th grade. I was giving a speech and I butchered the whole thing, which lead to an embarrassing few minutes. My face went red and I was literally drenched in sweat by the time I got back to my desk. Some kids began to tease me about how my cheeks being red, but I ignored them and went home without thinking much of the event. The next day I went into class and that same group of kids noted that my cheeks were still red and that my face was always red. Anyways this teasing continued for the rest of the year and it made life a living hell. After that it just became ingrained in my head that my face was always red and I end up going even more red very easily. Looking back as a senior in high school, this has pretty much destroyed me on the inside. I don't even look at myself in a mirror anymore, have no real close freindships, ended up quitting all athletics, and not going to college. Life pretty much sucks...
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