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  1. what is the brand name that you are using it man?
  2. I dont know yet. I'm saving money, Italy, UK, Sweden. I cant afford it but on the other hand i dont want to go for a cheap ETS and regret it even more. ( i read a comment around here that in Turkey ETS costed around 1500 euros, but i really dont know the doctors success rate at all...and that is something i dont want to play with)
  3. Hello man can you send me the detail of the surgery cost, hospital, surgeon etc. thanks in advance. ps: how it is going now after 1 year and a half almost?
  4. Hello. It is been time without going red faced or at least not the type of embarrassment that i suffered today Can everybody that did the ETS write here the price they paid (not the ones that the insurance covered) and the name of the surgeon plus the hospital name. I'm thinking to go for ETS because really there is no other hope for me and i'm searching for some place that i can afford it and hopefully not fuc* up my life anymore than it is already. I'm starting to save money but it looks forever and in the mean time i want to search for a place. We are all beautiful people it is just the society that is so wrong and superficial in mass. I feel weak sometimes for thinking to have ETS and falling for the pressure that i'm judged because my face turns red but as a person that i have a really lot of other Bigger problems to deal in this life i want to at least remove this obstacle that is making my hear heavy. Be strong all of you out there that are reading this. We are all gonna make it one way or another.
  5. Done a few translations over the years, but it still requires contacts to get jobs to translate, anyway, lets be clear people. It is not a solution to hide and finding jobs that require less social contacts, that is wasting your life and not enjoy it. We cant hide ourself all the time
  6. Well i can buy the meds, its not that the problem. i just dont want to become dependent on them thats my fear. what is the name of the brand you are using and what mg ?
  7. well said.. and good that you didnt forget about the forum and you posted here. Keep posting through months because we can know it is going for you
  8. I hate meds for their side effects and the light headed feeling they give you.. i fear i will became a zombie that doesnt enjoy anymore life if i start with them :/
  9. Yeah, being healthy and exercise helps a lot . Well coffee its like fuel to me too and i dont think i can give up on that. Flushing usually i've heard doesnt disappear, in your case do you flush from cold to hot environment? sorry for the endless questionnaire
  10. The thing dear is that there are people out there that still dont know what they have. They think they are alone in their suffering. If one day they search something and they end up here they will find a whole community from up to a decade , different ages, different moments of their life shared in here. This will make the lonely and helpless feeling diminish .They gonna feel everything they read. They will carve they story here too for the others to come and with hope maybe one day they and us too will find here something that will cure us (except ETS) . I found this forum when i was around 21years old, at that age i discovered that i had erythrophobia. i had struggling (and still am :/ ) and i didnt knew what i had. I didnt create an account here that time, later in years i ended up in here through google.. i ended up searching here, sharing, trying to encourage others and even my self and from time to time i will keep sharing my mind here (i might overused "They" )
  11. Has anybody else used it ? what is name of the brand you are using?
  12. I'm really glad to hear that, keep posting your feelings here because it might change somebodies day just the reading it. i've seen CS a lot around after ETS. I'm curious to ask you , do you smoke? drink? or are overweight? they might be factors in CS,
  13. Hey nina how it is going with the CS ? and how is life going blush free ?
  14. I'm an IT in a company...with very bright lights ..yes....that sucks deeply....
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