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  1. I had a very bad nervous breakdown about 20 years ago and I was in hospital. Psychiatrist prescribed. You maybe need to speak to your GP and ask if they have a letter from the psychiatrist explaining why it was not prescribed. That's assuming it was an NHS person you saw. In any event you could speak to your GP and explain your situation. It could be the psychiatrist would not prescribe if you were taking any other drugs. Due to negative interactions or something ? No harm in you talking with your GP about things, anyway.
  2. I feel you would have to check out how it would interact with any prescribed drugs you may be taking ?
  3. Thanks for all the replies. It's awful that people can be quite competent and even outstanding in some areas of their lives. Then their existence is screwed up by blood rushing to the facial area. Nature can be cruel, I guess.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I'm seriously thinking about asking the doctor for a trial. It may depend on how the drug would react with others I take, as to how to proceed or not. I think also some doctors are more open to new ideas than others. If I can go ahead I'll try it for a while and report my findings on here. Best Wishes
  5. I'm grateful Sweden for your response. I use Effexor and it does help me greatly. I had a bad experience due to blushing the other day in a group situation. I was made the centre of attention and I was the butt of a joke. Someone said how red I'd gone and that just triggered a bad episode. Now I feel really anxious about having to socialise with the same people. I'm too old for ETS now and couldn't really afford it anyway. I had been coping really well and didn't blush to often. Now I feel as though I've had a real setback. It's like the episode brought back to me how nightmarish things used to be and can still be. Most on the forum will know how I feel. It felt like I was dying from embarrassment. I may have a word with my doctor about the drug you mention.
  6. One of the common side effects is facial flushing ?
  7. Taking Efexor can in some cases prevent males from achieving an erection. Can be a problem.
  8. It may be down to the percentage of the population affected by "heavy blushing". Obviously, it takes a huge monetary investment from "big pharma" to research and develop drugs. Huge numbers of the earth's population need antibiotics, heart and drugs etc. Companies can get a return and profit on investment on those products. Apologies if I've stated the obvious on this one. When I first started blushing, I don't think ETS was even on the "table". I'd have definitely looked to have had it done. When I was younger I was horribly nervous and the blushing just put the tin hat on it. Severe blushing ruins lives, I think. If you look at this site and it's threads, there are longish gaps between posts. Symptomatic of the lack of ideas/things that can be done to limit severe blushing. It's so built in to our behavioural pattern, I think it would akin trying to find a needle in 50 haystacks, as to anyone finding a sure cure. Ultimately, it maybe that no matter how much money or hours were devoted to trying to find a "magic bullet". There isn't a solution to be found. When I was younger I tried all sorts of therapies. None of which worked. Even under deep hypnosis I felt nervous. My father said to me when I was in my twenties "It's just something that's in you." In this day and age social interaction is essential more than ever. Many companies expect people to be able to attend meetings and make presentations. It just adds to the frustration.
  9. Don't drink alcohol whilst taking effexor. You won't function the day after the night before. Due to sky high anxiety symptoms. When I was 11 a drug like this just did not exist. I suffered hideous depression due to lack of serotonin. Been on it for nearly 20 years. It lifted serotonin levels to enable me to lead a relatively normal life.
  10. Efexor does a good job for me. I'm on a small dose of bisoprolol morning and evening due to additional heartbeats anyway. I'm getting on a bit now which means the blushing isn't as intense . Being a heavy blusher is lousy and really can screw your life up. In this day and age people need to be much more social than say even 30 or forty years ago. Many non blushers love to point out when people go red and see it as a huge joke. Hey-Ho.
  11. Good old fashioned vicious circle. Other than that, I can't state anything more on the matter.
  12. I'm glad you're getting some peace. Chronic blushing ruins lives. People who don't blush just don't understand.
  13. I'm glad that you have had some relief from blushing. 90% must be viewed as a success.
  14. I suppose their must be some. You don't see many people that blush on TV. Makes you wonder how many have had the surgery and kept it secret. It seems most heavy blushers would not seek limelight anyway. I've never seen an actor or actress blush. Mind you they wear make up anyway when performing ?
  15. Very brave to take a job involving dealing facing the public. As we know some people whom don't blush love to point it out, especially where young people turn bright red. They see it as a kind of teasing but it can be almost soul destroying to the sufferer. I had panic attacks for years along with the blushing. The redness marks you out as very nervous. Plenty of people whom don't blush have social problems and can't make a speech in public. It's sticking out with a face like a giant traffic light lolly that causes all fuss. I had to get by working on my own a lot when things got really bad. It's a really difficult one but if I were young again I'd have gone for surgery if I could (I've said it before, it wasn't available back then). I've met a lot of blushers in my lifetime and I could tell life was hell for them. It seems almost impossible to blush when on your own. I say almost, if I think of a particularly embarrassing situation involving myself, it can set me off on one. I used to blush when under stress at work and believe me I had some stress inducing jobs. Ironically, it is of course stress the person needs to avoid. Ho Hum ! It just seems the nervous system of a 'deep blusher' is to say the least overactive. My parents were anxious but they were not huge blushers. It's just the way I turned out. People seem to admire my gentle and caring persona. Efexor has helped me a lot and I've been on that for about 20 years. Life seems to become easier as when the older you become. I've learned to be more outgoing and I have a wife who really does understand me. When it boils down to it, I am what I have become. What the rest of the people that surround me think about that, is up to them. Best Wishes
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