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  1. Hello all, This question is for those who previously posted about the success they've had with taking Effexor (if I could tag the regular poster Beastywild, I would!). Did you, as well as blushing, have any issues with head/face sweating too? If so, did Effexor help the reduce this anxiety symptom? Thanks!
  2. Not sure how this can be done. But my interest in this has influenced me to choose a career in nursing and one day I wish to retrain as a doctor if possible. When/if that happens, i'd love to research into this. It's crazy that there isn't a specific blushing department or page on anxiety charity websites. I'm going to try to volunteer for anxiety UK when I start uni in September and hopefully will get to mention the issue.
  3. No, my vision is fine! Sounds like an interesting condition though.
  4. Potential physiological trait common in social anxiety sufferers and treatment summary. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16639184
  5. That what made me fall in love with my girlfriend. Her opening up about how red and anxious she gets in social situations. Nothing like a shared pain
  6. I know exactly what you mean. Sexually and passionately. I seem to get head over heels with girls. And yeah I won't delve into the sexual sensitivity but we're on the same page haha
  7. SO hard. I've been just over 11stone since I was like 17 or 18 (23 now) and I eat a sh** ton of food and used to hit the gym pretty hard. My uncle and grandad who have this thing too are also very trim. The science of it is interesting and I'd love to know the genetic cause.
  8. Haha, I hope you let her knkw of your own personal strife
  9. I read an article on hypersensitivity. I think that it is related to what wensuffer from. I know that i take things quite seriously if somebody falls out with me and i've always been jumpy and skitterish. Also, yes I believe we're more sensitive to pain. Im super ticklish too, on my feet and back and i have sensitive skin. It must all be related somehow. I notice a lot of girls that blush (my mum, gf and someone from college) are always cold. I on the other hand am always hot.
  10. Update: Hello people, a quick update on the effects of my supplements. The euphoria of the first few days did end! (Damn!). But I think that's good as it can't be natural to be in an amazing mood all of the time. I feel like I've kind of slipped into normality again and perhaps the new intake of amino acids have been regulated by my metabolism?!?! Sounds sciencey enough to be feasible... But. My social anxiety is not here in full force and I am still positive and happy regardless of the few blushes I have had in the last week. I definitely haven't tortured myself over it. Man it's hard to observe yourself in an experiment when you experience different moods naturally as part of life. I would say that it still is having an effect but perhaps the initial spike of confidence was placebo or maybe my body has regulated. I have two university interview/selection days next week and they will be true tests! Update soon
  11. Update on the l-tryosine 500mg and 5-HTP 50mg Attended college today. Was able to speak at some length infront of my class during lesson and to a group of friends in the morning and at lunch - both with no blushing, sweats or feelings of panic. Compared with the past couple of months, this is massive for me. My general mood has dramatically improved and I'm waking up feeling happy and motivated for the day. I've also been getting an excellent nights sleep. I keep questioning whether this is placebo or not but I honestly feel great and kind of amazed. My teacher played a mini joke on me today and I found it a little embarrassing and felt my checks go slightly warm but absolutely nothing compared to the previous full body heat up and shame that I'd dwell on for days. I definitely believe this is down to my sympathetic nervous system calming down and perhaps being less "overactive". Had to post again as I am very excited with this new development. If interested please message me. PS. No side effects noticed as of yet
  12. After a recent trip to my GP I was prescribed propanol and took one as an experiment on my day off. I went and ran a few errands and had a sweet ass day, no blushing or nerves. It was weird how normal I felt. With that in mind I became convinced that a certain concuction of drugs or something could solve this to some extent. I believe from what I've read that effexor would be the best option but I, like many others, am detered by prescription meds (I'm in the military reserves). I researched how to naturally get the effects of antidepressants and after filtering through piles and piles of marketing bull**** I found a few forums about l-tryosine and 5-htp. These are amino acids that helps your body to produce more seritonin and dopamine. I've been taking 500mg of l-tryosine as soon as I wake up and then 5-htp at around 8pm-9pm. Apparently it is highly recommended to take the 5-htp as well at the l-tryosine as taking one alone could cause an imbalance between the two in your body. The science can be read up on if you're curious. The main point is that I've been in an excellent and far less anxious mood in the four days I've been taking these supplements. Not had any blushing episodes or severe nervous head sweats whilst talking about myself and there have been a few definite occasions where I normally would have done. Highly, highly recommended trying this combination of supplememts. I've also been sleeping better and just generally feel very positive and happy. The science of it makes sense but obviously it's a product and people may be sceptical, but for many of you as with me, it's worth trying I think. I bought mine from and Holland and Barret (UK store) and it was only around £10 for both and should last me two months (60 capsules in a tub). Hope you try this out and let me know how it affects you! All the best everyone!
  13. I agree with the comment above (not in a religious sense). We are very conscientious. That sucks! I had two serious blushing episodes in college straight after the Christmas break. I don't k ow why but the teacher involved me in a joke and I went beet red and just looked down. The day after the same thing only worse, I had a panic attack and was sweating and I just froze up. I heard a rather stupid girl on the other side of the class day to someone "imagine going like that every time you're nervous, how could you walk your Mrs down the aisle". I'm only 22 but to hear somebody voice such a personal fear and shame of mine just like it was nothing kinda hurt. I'm putting it down to hear being dumb though, not an evil person. I've since gone to the doctors to confirm that I have social anxiety and I've got some emergency beta bloblocs for those "down the aisle" moments. I have also taken a few supplements with excellent results; gonna make a post about that actually.
  14. Being afraid of getting my hair cut because of my anxiety in the barbers, plus the anticipation of blushing if anyone mentioned my hair cut, led me to have a whack ass bowl cut right until being like 22. I'm still 22 haha Moonchild and old photographs, I was the same as you guys (and everyone else on here actually). I used to drink a sh** load from being 15 until like 21. Used to be stoned everyday and take lots of other drugs whenever I got the chance too. I probably didn't realise then but it was to ease up and not blush in social crowds. I was very social and this led to a bit of a problem. Definitely cut the drugs and booze out as they do not help an ounce. I still blush but I'm very happy and that's probably down to doing g some positive things with my life. I am going to the doctor on Wednesday to ask for effexor too. You guys sound like you have nothing to lose, why don't you see a doctor?
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