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  1. I’m interested in how other people’s blushing might’ve affected their job and how they felt in their workplace. Specifically your first job, (if you work) since it was your first time and you had to go through that unknowingly while dealing with your blushing
  2. @RosieFace sweet! If you notice any difference or honestly if you don’t notice a change, I’d be interested in hearing back from your experiences! And the makeup-blush is a good idea, would be a more natural blend for blush than using cover up, I’d never thought of it before
  3. For my practice in CBT therapy, few things that helps is 1. Observing people. Realizing that my perspective on blushing is different than there’s. Realizing that these people aren’t thinking of blushing at all and that it isn’t a big deal to them. This used to disappoint me because I felt that no one could understand how awful it is but now I’ve been using it to my advantage. They aren’t waiting on me to blush, they’re just doing their own thing. 2. If you can, don’t worry about an event/school before you’re actually there and don’t expect that you’ll blush because you don’t know what will happen. Sometimes I’d get so worked up and scared about blushing because I expected myself to blush at a place, when in reality, its just worrying beforehand. And if you get your adrenaline up before the thing happens, you’re not relaxed by the time you get there. So if you can try not to worry about it or even think about something you have to do until you arrive there, it should benefit you by keeping calm. even when you’re there, try not to worry and not expect anything. 3. If you do something or go somewhere where you expected yourself to blush, afterwards as soon as you’re done with it make sure you give yourself a moment where you let in the positivity that YOU DID IT and made it out alive no matter what, this gives your brain positive feedback and makes you more likely to expose yourself again because you’re rewarding your brain afterwards. 4. This one goes along with number 2: Try not to think you’ll blush. Go about your days thinking “I don’t blush so therefore I don’t need to worry about it” ; might sound ridiculous but it has helped me in moments like #2. Because if blushing isn’t on my mind, my overactive nervous system won’t be heightened. Lots of the fear-factor is in the problem that I blush and I’m aware of it. Because I’ve had past experiences of blushing, my mind is set on that, and thinks that’s the way. Basically I’m trying to rewire my brain and trick it. All of this is hard work. So yeah, not a cure but it has opened me up to a few new experiences. If any of you have any other personal tips to share feel free!
  4. Interesting, as I also feel much better/confident when I’m out in nature. I think that doors can add to anxiety levels. I recently was told to sit down while inside someone’s house and I noticed my adrenaline sky-rocketed because sitting down gives up my ability to move around on my feet as a flight response. If I sit somewhere I’m expected to stay there and it makes me feel trapped. Going to an outside school sounds amazing. I wonder if it’s because being outside is the most free place and we feel so many ways that we could escape.
  5. Thank you for posting that link and everything! honestly wanna try all that now, I could see it being helpful. And I totally get the extreme-blush versus the dulled blush from the cover up, it’s weird that someone blushing that much could scare someone but I’d have to sympathize with them since they probably have no experience with someone randomly blushing at / towards them even though we don’t mean to scare them off sadly. And you saying it makes your blush dull also encourages me because like you said the blush isn’t nearly as bad and people are more likely to appreciate it And good luck with the laser treatment If you decide to go through with it!
  6. @Kalheesi here is a free session on YouTube I have tried it a couple times on and off and I assume consistence is key, like listening to it daily or every other day. I haven’t done that so I’m not sure about the results but it does focus strictly on not blushing if this is something you’d want to use to help a bit. @scarface I agree and i do believe there would be some benefit from exposure but it going away completely sounds unlikely. I would hope for the best though! I will try at least a little bit
  7. Has anyone took matters into their own hands and willed blushing to go away on their own? In other words a form of self imposed CBT. Forcing yourself into blushing situations until you had no fear anymore? I’m wondering if something like this would ever work and if anyone has ever tried it and successfully conquered their blushing fear because i always want to do this but I don’t know if it would work or be for nothing because it’s hard to put yourself in situations you know would cause fear blushing is such a different social tactic and it’s influence seems more powerful than some other form of anxiety so just wondering since I want to defeat my blushing once and for all
  8. Does cover up actually work/help? Does it give you confidence because you feel like you won’t be seen blushing? And does green-color corrector work better than any average cover up? How much do you put on and where do you put it? (Like your neck too, etc) thank you!
  9. Having one of those moments where I feel like an oddball from having to worry about blushing. Something spurred it on that I won’t get into but it made me sad that this is something that I have to worry about and yet it isn’t a problem for most people. I’m just disappointed.why is this condition so weird to describe, and hard to grasp, it’s unbelievable. I’m wishing for a cure that’s free, preferably a home remedy.
  10. Hello this post is sad, I cannot believe she would drag it out like that. I think those kind of people don’t understand situations like that or understand blushing at all in any way. When someone blushes it’s a clear sign they’re uncomfortable (to me I think ppl pointing out blushing is the same as making fun of someone for having a panic attack since it technically is and with blushing it’s just on show for everyone) — It’s sad that there are people who can revel in someone else’s uncomfort like that. I’m sorry. I hope your tanning bed helps I’ve never tried tanning in my life I’ve always been pale but if you say it’s worked before it probably will be helpful! thanks for venting I appreciate posts like these
  11. This thumbnail caught my attention a few days ago. If any of you are interested in using makeup to cover your blushing.
  12. Yup. I actually watched a video of someone having a panic attack today and I couldn’t even tell they were having it until they said they were! I was shocked at how hidden it is. Made me think of this post.
  13. I have no experience with medication or ETS but I blush and am so sick of it. I might not be of much help, but me and lots of others on here understand. I just want it to stop so badly. I want a miracle to happen. Anything
  14. When you think about it it’s kinda weird that there ISNT something that could easily cure this. If many many people had this, there would be a bunch of people working on an appropriate cure. I feel like the cure is something very simple yet we haven’t discovered it/ we all looked over it. I think I’m gonna start thinking out of the box for what could possibly eliminate blushing
  15. I don’t deal with panic attacks. I have a theory that people with idiopathic craniofacial erythema can’t get panic attacks. I assume that our wiring is different than a “normal” sympathetic nervous system. Maybe I’m wrong. I’d be interested to know if any of you experience panic attacks. Anyway, do you think there’s a way to switch blushing to a panic attack? I would rather have non-noticeable panic attacks than blushing.
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