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  1. Hey guys, I just had my phone consult with Dr Bell and have been sitting on booking it as worried about possible side effects. I obviously have been battling this for a long long time and tried everything... can I ask if either of you were big sweaters before hand?? I am a male 32yrs and sweat probably more than normal now.

  2. That's great, he's the one doing my surgery as well. After looking around a bit, I thought that he was the one that seemed to have the most experience. After having a chat with him, I found myself feeling quite confident in his expertise. 

    I know what you mean by feeling all alone with this affliction. You never seem to meet anybody else that understands what you're going through. When you read peoples stories on these forums you do get to realize that you are not alone at all. Pity there aren't blushing groups where you can get together with others and have a laugh, and not worry about being ridiculed for going red. Now that would be therapeutic. 

    how did it go with dr bell? I am wanting to go with him in September, so looking for any feedback 

  3. Hello, I am new to this and gave just found your story. I am also a dreaded facial blusher!!! I am considering ets surgery and am interested to see how your experience goes ( so far sounds very positive and am over the moon for you!!!) I have found vascular surgeon called rojer bell, in Melbourne aus, he has performed over 800 ets for facial blushing surgerys (does anyone know if this is alot) and am considering having ets here is Australia as I am here on a working visa and seems cheaper and possible more experienced ( I'm from England). But my question is I am only 22,  would you consider waiting before having this op, i am having mixed emotions as I am putting off starting a career as I prefer to fade into the background, I cant do dates (unless in an almost pitch dark restaurant of my choosing or if I get drunk before hand which never goes well as you can imagine!!!) and it's effecting my overall enjoyment of life, I feel I may be wasting my young years but also don't want to rush into anything and have terrible side effects :( I too am a worrier and I'm in two minds about it ( probably more like 8 minds)!!  Good luck fed-up I hope the results continue to be positive for you!  X

    Hi Jo23. Did you find or hear any more information on Dr Roger Bell. I am also considering using him for the ETS surgery. 

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