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  1. Also does anyone know if ETS effects the tanning of your skin I.e melanin that is something I have been worrying about also thanks
  2. Hi , i think I maybe need to give some back ground 23 - work in a bank have a good job. But if anyone senior or in meeting or I walk into a hot room I turn pink/red not just cheeks forehead and neck and ears. This has been happening from the age of 19. It is becoming a key issue with my confidence in all aspects in life and I know that is key to progress in a career and life. Tried mirvosa gel and it was amazing!!! The first time I was a normal colour but then the days after I got horrible rebound flushing . Terrible product shouldn't be on the market . So I have see what I can look like when not blushing basically and just want to live without fear so I can exercise in the morning before work and not worry about being bright red when I get in, so I can talk to people without being shy or embarrass . it really is a big issue and I think I'm read for to small possible side effects of ETS. I have found a clinic in Manchester and think I'm going to go for a consultation ( www.vascularalliance.co.uk ) . Any advice from people who have had it is greatly welcomed . Or medication that has really helped don't want to try beta blockers because I need to be alert and awake for work. Thanks
  3. Could really use the advice form some people with experience
  4. Hi I have suffered win extreme blushing for years , 23 now and thinking about doing ets . Constantly red , has anyone done it through The NHS as I know it can save a lot of money etc any advice and experiences would be great . Thank you
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