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  1. Filur

    Clamping vs Cutting

    I really don't see any reason for NOT chose clamping. if you cut the nerve there is no returning back at all... like if it goes bad your stuck with your decision. I was clamped and regretted because of the increased sweat which was worse than the original issues with blushing. Removed the clamp and got better after 1/2 a year. I didn't have that opportunity if i were cut. Ask me if there is something i can do. Best of luck.
  2. Phs 67. f*** that.. It is only money. ?
  3. Last laugh??! It should'nt be about last laugh when its about a partner. Well... It's your life, and your decision... But I would urge you to find another with some sympathy.... There are plenty out there for all of us. There is no reason to waste your life and time on dickheads (wife or friend). I've Learned that for a long time ago.
  4. Phs67 I'm happy to hear you are happy with the surgery so far... I just have one thing I'm really stunned hearing.... What kind of wife is that to have? Get the hell away from her. If she were my wife i would have kicked her ass for a long time ago. A wife should be supportive and respect you. Not make fun of you and you issues. My girl is fully aware i of my issues and is really supportive and would never make fun of me. That is how relationship should be. I'm 36 now and did the ets operation 2.5 years ago.. It sound to me like you wife doesn't do anything good for you confidence And you blushing. What a **** !!
  5. Just to answer your question. For me it didn't have any effect on my energy level and the metabolism either. Nothing noticeable anyway. And mine became as low as 35/38 when resting. Male 36 / T2 clamped.
  6. Well i have had it done 2 years ago. And for me it was a bad deal. Even though it worked. The sweating in hot weather was not nice. And my ass keept sweating. And i could not cool down after shower. I got my self a bunch of new problems. Therefore i Removed the clamp again and the sweating is now almost back to normal. It's not an issue anymore. (Yeah clamp removal worked for me) But I got gustatory sweat now. And that is also bothersome... I ate a burger today and that is enough to get my forehead to sweat a little. Even thinking of chili and hot stuff makes my forehead damp. Its annoying. I still blush alot less than before and that is really welcome. Its not as issue in the same degree anymore. So that's a good trade for the gustatory sweat.. But the CS i had before removal was not worth the trade off. Couldn't even spoon with my girlfriend because of sweating. it is your life.. But i would say it has to be VERY VERY life destroying blushing before doing ets. it's a 50/50 And could go either way. No-one know.. not even your doctor. But if you do it be sure to get clamped. That will give you an (small) opportunity to reverse it if you do it early enough. Best of luck Filur
  7. I'm lucky. It still has some effect. I'm not worried about going red anymore. And that compared with it is physical harder to go red. All in all makes blushing a non issue now. But.... "healing" takes time. So it can change when nerves grow back again (like it luckily did for my site effects). But sure i hope not ?.
  8. Hello ETS isn't the answer for flushing at my knowledge. I had ets 2 years ago (and removed clamps again due to siteeffects). I still blush when drinking alcohol (just like before ets). Ets didn't make any differents. It's weird.. sometimes I flush alot just by one beer. And other times I can drink forever without any flushing. When I flush when drink alcohol I just drink 2 times the amount in water. That helps. ETS helped the social blushing alot. But i would say it also helped with flushing in the gym when working out. I don't look like a tomato there anymore. But I can't compare my issues to you because I never have had any weather related issues that bothered me much. And never flushed related to food either unless it is really spicy. But I really don't think ETS is the answer for your flushing. ETS is not without risk.
  9. Filur

    I'm having ETS next week

    Hello Remember to keep everyone updated. Also in the years to come. To many forget to do that. I wish you good luck. And i hope it will cure the blushing for good. ?
  10. Hello Yes redness after workout is lessened a lot after ETS for me. It's a relief, but it was never something I saw as a major issue. But try medicin before your doing ETS.
  11. It's good to hear you are happy with the result. I definitely can relate to the relief it is not be worrying about blushing after surgery :-) Remember to keep us updated in the future as well! Too many forget to post after months or years about their results. Even though it is important to know if it is still a success in 2-3 years for new prospects to do surgery.
  12. i don't have any compensatory sweating issues anymore. I would say is close to normal again. But maybe i still do sweat more at night and on my feet. But it is nothing compared to when the clamps was in. Clamps was removed after 6 weeks. The sweating increased the first month. But then levelled off for 6-8 month to a non bothersome level. But i started to sweat when i eat instead, especially spicy or sour food. And that can be bothersome aswell. But that is also my only issue these days.
  13. Hey. Just wanted to answer your question. My heart rate is 38. And i think it was around 48 before op. And i got clamped at T2 in 2015. I did remove clamp again due to the compensatory sweat was to bothersome. But it didn't do anything for my heart rate. It is still 38 bmp when i rest. Male / 35 year
  14. Good post.. fingers crossed ?. Keep us updated ?
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