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  1. michael1

    My story

    m.sephora.com/product/P394579?skuld=1676501 You probably need to buy 2 different shades and mess around with different creams but when u find the right combo no one notices u are red/got makeup on. You can buy a make up spray setter and it stays on in the shower/doing sports...
  2. michael1

    My story

    sweet, Did your doctor cut both sides in the same operation. I'm using this thing called custom cover drops, i mix 3 drops of this strong as hell makeup into my aftershave cream and it covers most of the red for the whole day. people never tell me i'm red, am i okay, am i sick blah blah blah feels so good doesn't it?. I will get ETS eventually though coz i do get that hot wave all over my body, just can't see the red much
  3. michael1

    My story

    nice!! Enjoy your holiday. Thanks for all the info you gave me. Lol before you logout can you just answer me again a question that i already asked. When it's so hot, or you're exercising, what kind of flush do you get? Is it just like normal pinkish, not like full on red?? Peace
  4. so you don't blush when you normally would have, and also when it's really hot you don't flush?? What about when you exercise do you ever flush? Is your face always not red, even in a hot shower?
  5. I can be lying on my bed with the air conditioning set at 16 degrees all relaxed with some cold drink without any red on my face, then I get a phonecall, nothing major then I hang up and my face is bright red and I got a slight headache and feeling a blood rush. Being relaxed and cool works 100% to stop blushing, but the second i'm taken out of that artificial situation and into the real world I blush, so meditation or whatever isn't any solution for my blushing ineed something that PHYSICALLY makes it impossible for my body to blush
  6. If I hadn't read your posts I was definitely gonna write off ETS surgery, because of all the negativity. The internet's got a really toxic atmosphere even just trying to learn about ETS.There's a bunch of people that read the ETS success stories we just don't bother commenting most of the time. is everything good for you post ETS, you don't get any headaches like how 'fedup' got?? you don't blush anymore?
  7. that's a pain they ask so much money Goodluck with effexor. Have you tried any other medications before effexor? I can't afford surgery and plus i worry about side effects. If money was no obstacle and you had the best surgeon, would u get the surgery without hesitation?
  8. liss have you had the surgery so.far?
  9. michael1

    Headaches after ETS

    if you're in a steaming hot shower or exerting yourself do you always flush a bit? Nice -- just remember when you do happen to get a cold or headache in the future it most likely aint the ETS anymore lol i guess it settled down
  10. michael1


    Hey, just go to the section about heartrate http://www.no-ets.com/sideeffects.html On a side note i feel like your rate is more healthy than mine Why specifically did you have he clamps removed? Did the surgery simply not help blushing at all and caused you extra problems on top of that? I gotta go back to the England v Slovakia match haha wish us luck
  11. michael1


    Do any people who've undergone the operation know the change in their heartrate- before/after. I've read 10 to up to 50% of patients report a drop in heartrate. Haven't read anyhing drastic but has it effected your exercise/activities/comfort/general health in any ways? Good or bad? I haven't had he operation but today i've been laying down and took 3 measurements of my BPM. I'm healhy and fit... The first was 79, then 83 twice. Kinda high. Anyway thanks for any responses
  12. michael1

    Headaches after ETS

    Nope i'm just researching ETS I read about some guy, can't remember where, who had ETS, then he started getting headaches, then after around 6 weeks they faded and he never got them again. Everyone's different When you still flush, do you go brigt red or it's less severe
  13. michael1

    Headaches after ETS

    fedup, it'll get better. If it was permanent you'd feel it from the day the nerve got cut -- not a week after -- I haven't really read your other posts... Do you blush still?? If you do something like bend over does your face flush red?
  14. not sure, I just pressed reply, anyway, when i have money i'm gonna get ets wih the best surgeon, I'm just also looking on ways to stop flushing too, and I don't want tons of medication
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