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  1. Thank you for your updates Fedup. They are very helpful and it's great to hear that your life is changing for the positive because of your surgery. I'm about to have mine done soon, although I don't have a date as yet it has been confirmed with my surgeon. Naturally I'm anxious and a bit apprehensive as well, but I know it's what I need to do. Stay well
  2. That's great, he's the one doing my surgery as well. After looking around a bit, I thought that he was the one that seemed to have the most experience. After having a chat with him, I found myself feeling quite confident in his expertise. I know what you mean by feeling all alone with this affliction. You never seem to meet anybody else that understands what you're going through. When you read peoples stories on these forums you do get to realize that you are not alone at all. Pity there aren't blushing groups where you can get together with others and have a laugh, and not worry about being ridiculed for going red. Now that would be therapeutic.
  3. Hi Minnock1, if it's ok to ask, where did you get your op done and by whom. I'm 53, and like Troubled here I've gotten to a stage where I really need to do something. As such I'm having ETS in the very near future. No date yet, but I've met with the surgeon and confirmed. Just interested where you had yours done, as I think there only a couple of options here in Melbourne, one who clamps and another that cauterizes. Great to hear that the blushing has gone away. At least that's one stressor that you don't have to worry about. Hopefully over time the Rosacea will lessen a bit as well, due to the veins not dilating all the time with the blushing. You never know. Good luck to you.
  4. Thanks for your continual updates on your surgery results Befree, much appreciated. I went and spoke to a surgeon the other day and am stepping closer to the ETS option I think. One major thing holding me back is my age though. I'm 53 and am a bit concerned about possible delays in recovery or complications. Although I know that it it's not probable, the age factor could create its own issues during and after surgery. I think about just putting up with the blushing, as I have done for so long now, and then I wonder how magical it might be to live a "normal" life for a change. I see the huge benefits that you are experiencing and that's encouraging. Big decision coming up in the near future I think.
  5. Hi Blushingman, I was on Effexor for a few years and agree that it does help with blushing and flushing. I think I was on 150mg a day, and came down to 75 for most of the time, and then dropped to 37.5mg. Of course as you know, you have to start off slowly and build up. If anyone is thinking of doing this your GP will fill you in on the why's for doing that. I think the side effects vary from person to person, I do remember a bit of "brain pressure" for want of a better term, but nothing to serious. After the initial nausea starting off, you don't notice to much difference while you're on it. I have always been a vivid dreamer, so I didn't notice to much difference in that area, and I don't think that I had much of a difference in heart rate. I don't recall a delay in ejaculation but I do agree with not having sex on the mind as much {kinda weird isn't it}. Personally I found that even though it definitely helped with blushing, in my case I still did a bit. Probably helped with flushing more in my case. I stopped taking it about a year ago and have been medication free since then. The reason I stopped was that I had tried a lot of medications before Effexor and was just tired of taking pills, as well as the cost involved. Being over fifty years old now I was tired of medicating for so long. Cheers
  6. Crimson flood


    Hi FedUp77. I'm in Melbourne Australia. Had heard about ETS a couple of years ago and only just now starting to seriously consider it. Was hoping to get a good overall scope on the pros and cons before I decide. That's how I found this forum. Been quite an eye opener so far. Good luck with your surgery. I look forward to hearing about your experience.
  7. Crimson flood


    Hi everyone. I'm 52 and have suffered from FB since teenage years. Had to put up with the stirring at high school which sets your confidence back light years going into adult hood. I've always considered myself reasonably intelligent, but always held myself back because I didn't want to go into the interviews. Used to drink a bit to just be able to socialize. Have left a couple of jobs that were good money earners because I couldn't handle the amount of times that I had to be the center of attention. Seriously considering ETS now because I'm just over it, and to be honest I'm tired of keeping to myself and want to enjoy life.
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