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  1. Thank You for answer , one more thing - You are an Asian or white race ?? Thank You
  2. Thank You , but are You sure its good idea to drink alcohol and use clonidine at the same time?
  3. Can You tell me the name of those pills ?? Thank You
  4. Hello I had red spots on the body above the nipples line , on neck , arms , and of course on face and red ears. But it happens very rarely, and 99% is flush after drinking large amounts of alcohol - not blushing episode. Sometimes when I have an important business meeting ,on the neck appear red spots. Sorry for my english Best regards Luke
  5. Thank You very much for Your's answer but now I'm to drunk to translate it , I'm really think about ETS , I will back tommorow , sorry for my spelling when I write but I undersand almost everything what You wrote about Your story , thank You
  6. FedUp77 - BTW are You happy with ETS results? life without blushing is worth all these sides effects ? I will glad for Your opinion .
  7. BeastywildWhat is the condition of your liver after so many years of taking the drug ? Do you were doing yourself checkups ?
  8. Hello everyone. Sorry for my basic english but I hope You will understand me Please tell me about EFFEXOR . It's a betablocker ? It's work in the same way like serotax etc ? I will glad for any info. Have a nice day
  9. Thank You for so quick answer! One more question - mr onwudike make ETS by cutting nerve or clamping ? Thank You
  10. Hello It's my first post in this forum. I apollogize for my english - it's basic , but I hope that You will understand sense of my posts. I'm glad that I can read about people who are satisfied after ETS surgery. Now I'm 30 years old guy who live with facial blushing problem - everyone knows what it means... I try to live normal , I have beautiful wife and one year old daughter. Yes my daughter - I thinkt that I want to change my life for her , to be a best father on the world. Please tell me wheter anyone had heard about dr. Stefaniak from Poland , from Gdansk clinic? He make ETS with clamp of nerves. I think about make ETS to stop blushing - now I life on 50% or less of my capabilities. Befree - You had ETS surgery by Mr Onwudiki - can You tell me how expensive is surgery in England? Maybe You have his e-mail adress ? I wish You all only a good time without FB and sweating . Best Regards from Poland
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