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  1. Hi everyone. I've suffered with facial blushing for the past 4-5 years now and it actually seems like it's getting worse!! I've tried everything (including laser treatment) but nothing works and /or they're not a permanent cure, which is why I've been doing my research on ETS. I feel like it's a bit drastic (at least that's what I'm afraid my partner and family will say!) but I'm desperate and really can't handle it anymore. I can't even wake up without flushing now! It's ridiculous. I'm 100% aware with the possible side affects and I am willing to trade CS and even a droopy eye for blushing! (Although I would prefer CS lol) but I live in Australia and don't have health insurance and I'm not entirely sure where I can go to get it done or how much it will cost me. There are some places in Melbourne I've found but I live in Queensland and can't really get to Melbourne just for surgery so if anyone has gotten ets in Australia could you recommend anyone in Queensland? And feel free to share your story with me thanks in advance!
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