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  1. I'm just stuck at the moment as what to do! I wanted to speak to a surgeon and see what they had to say. But I've been looking for alternate medication I just can't seem to decide on what to do or take. I want to try medication but I still want to feel myself. I am going to my doctors and going to have a talk with them see what they decide.
  2. Mel212


    Yes I've heard about Effexor too I will have a think about what I want to try first. Xanax sounds like it will work quicker but more addictive and harder to come off. Clonazepam is meant to be really hard to come off aswell. Thanks for advice.
  3. Thought I would start a question that I would like answering myself. I have tried CBT for social anxiety I didn't find it any help I almost felt as if they didn't understand me or even understand social anxiety. I have also tried a few antidepressants which didn't work. What has others tried and what do you find works best. I know one drug may be good for one but not the other I just would like some advice and some recommendations thanks!!
  4. Mel212


    I've never tried it before Ive only been prescribed propranolol and a few different antidepressants which have not worked. So just on the look out for other medications. I came across alprazolam which is Xanax on the Internet and it had good reviews so I was going to ask my doctor for it.
  5. Hi just thought I'd do a post about what I've tried for hyperhidrosis. I have hyperhidrosis hands feet and underarms. However a roll on called drysol helps my underarms but not anywhere else. I'm obviously bothered about my feet certain things I can't do but its easy to hide so it's really my hands that bother me more. I've tried Botox on hands, creams and other roll ons, propranolol, Iontophoresis, robinul all which didn't help. I've now been put on oxybutynin hydrochloride tablets. Has anyone tried this I've been on these for over a week with no sign of any changes anyone had any good results. Any advice needed thanks.
  6. This is why I done this post to see if people had ETS for both hyperhidrosis and FB. I have yet to hear from someone that has and had positive outcomes. I believe people who have ETS for FB have much better results than people with hyperhidrosis. So I really wanted to rush into ETS at first, but with all the negative reviews and not to mention the side effects I am now searching for an alternative I have literally tried everything possible for hyperhidrosis but only tried and few medications for FB. If I find a medication that helps FB it will definitely help my hyperhidrosis too as it makes it 10x worse!! Thanks for all advice.
  7. Hey just wondering has anyone tried alprazolam for facial blushing. I get facial blushing due to social anxiety and it's suppost to have worked wonders for social anxiety. So just seeing if anyone on here has tried it. I'm going to my doctors on Monday and I'm going to ask if he can perscribe them for me.
  8. Hi just wondering if anyone knows of any good surgeons that perform ETS in Northwest England??
  9. Thanks you for all you're advice Fedup77 please do let me know how you get on with the surgery I wish you the best of luck and I hope it all works out for you. Befree how did you go about getting in contact with surgeons do you have to go through GP??
  10. I live in England near Liverpool but apparently there isn't any surgeons that do it around my area and I would love to talk to a surgeon would I have to ask my GP to be referred?
  11. As suspected the dermatologist didn't take fb seriously and prescribed me oxbutynin for hyperhidrosis. She was saying that ETS is too drastic of an approach for my condition in other words she does not know how it feels to live with this condition!! I told her how much I suffer but because I haven't tried this yet I need to try it first. She said she will speak with her collegues and see if there are any surgeons around my area that do the surgery and she will then let me know. But I was really looking forward to this app and I have waited long enough for the app alone that I feel like I'm just going to be waiting even longer now to hear anything from surgery. when you opted for surgery how long does it take for a date to come through.
  12. I always see different dermatologists everytime I go back. So hopefully this one is different fingers crossed anyways. If they don't listen who else would I see?
  13. Thank you for your reply! I see my dermatologist tomorrow so hopefully they can tell me more. However every time I've spoken about ETS to them they always try persuade me to try something different and I've literally tried everything for hyperhidrosis. The FB has affected me worse than my hyperhidrosis and that's saying something! So if it works for FB then I'm all for it. Thanks again. Xx
  14. Hi I'm 23 years old and suffered with hyperhidrosis since I was in primary school. I've tried lots of treatment that hasn't worked, however when I had my first baby I began suffering with facial blushing. I now have social phobia and I even blush while talking to people I've known for years! I've had different treatments such as propranolol and antidepressants, I've also had CBT which has all been unsuccessful. I've now had this fb for 5 years and I have to see my dermatologist soon for my hyperhidrosis and I was going to ask if they would put me in for ETS. Has anyone with hyperhidrosis and fb had the surgery for both? Could you give me any advice? I have done my research I know all the side effects. This seems like my last resort but all I'm coming across are negative stories. Thanks in advance :-)
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