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  1. Hello, @qbee, and welcome to the forum! Thank you for those kind words. I have read a lot about these subjects over the years, so I am just glad to share and help if possible. I have heard of botox for flushing. However, I have not found many studies, nor people on forums, with a successful result from it. I did try it myself 1 time, without any change in flushing. Therefor, I can not recommend it. There is without a doubt differences between the flushing of KPRF and Rosacea. Rosacea is unfortunately often a lot worse, but there are specific medications for reducing it. Combined with lasers, a good diet/healthy lifestyle and SSRI/SNRI for flushing, the disease/condition can be greatly reduced. In the future I hope there is a real cure, so that Rosacea becomes a thing of the past, for all people who has it, and wanting not to have it any more. Wish you alle the best, and good luck!
  2. I am not saying that flushing and blushing not are related. There are some people that never get red in their face (not blushing), no matter how embarrassed they get. The same people probably never get flushed at all when exercising. Then there are those who get red very easily, maybe just by having some sort of strong emotion, who also get red almost always from some exercise. This is due to skin tone, capillaries of the face, etc. So they are without a doubt connected, but the ETS/ESB surgery is for chronic blushing, as it deals with the nerves. I would never personally suggest someone to have the surgery just for flushing. First and foremost it is not intended for that, and it does not deal with that problem specifically at all. If your flushing gets reduced that is just a lucky side effect. Good luck! :)
  3. Np There are no possible side effects down the line. This a very common surgery for chronic blushing and hand sweating. There have been done thousands of these surgeries over the years, and the procedure has been perfected. The satisfaction rate is 95 %. If you get side effects you do not like, you should see this the first month, and then be able to remove the clamps.
  4. @opare Hi again No, I don't think I have something additional to add. Like I have said. If you have not had extended T2 (Also called T2 + T3), then that might help. But again, from what you have written, it sounds more like Rosacea than chronic blushing, and the surgery will not cure Rosacea. This is the forum I know to be the best where the language is English. No, I have never heard of that. After a quick Google search, I don't see how this should help chronic blushing. Good luck, cheers
  5. Great! I have heard of some that get that positive effect of the surgery as well. The surgery however is not intended for that. Yes, that is flushing, not blushing.
  6. I have heard some stories of people claiming that. I even heard a surgeon saying that he had a patient who said the symptoms came back after cutting (many years later), so he had a re-do operation. But this is not certain, and if so, extremely rare. But, for me, it made clamping a bit more attractive. A part from this, the main reason for clamping is the possibility of reversal. Cheers
  7. The surgery is only intended for these two medical conditions. If you mean T-levels, then no. Back in the days, they also did everything from T1 to T5, which created horrible side effects, and also did not make the result any better. Yes, operating on T2 will also be able to cure hand sweating. However, T2 can sometimes create a little more side effects, so people who only struggle with chronic hand sweating usually only go for T3 (Since operating on that alone usually cures hand sweating).
  8. Yes. T3 is for chronic sweating, and T2 is for chronic blushing. However, the pathway of the overactive nervous system can also go through the so called Kuntz nerves, which is closer to T3. Therefor, today a lot of surgeons also go through with T3 (or close, called extended T2) for chronic blushing. But like I have said, this surgery is for curing chronic blushing, not flushing or Rosacea. I would look more into lasers, creams and medications for Rosacea, although know that there unfortunately yet are no cures, only ways of reducing it. Cheers
  9. @opare No problem Yeah, I fully get that. Great that you do not have any side effects from the surgery! The surgery is intended for chronic blushing and/or chronic hand sweating. Whether you get this because of inheritance or environment is not clear. My guess is that it is due to a combination of the two.
  10. @opare No problem I had the surgery done almost a year ago, and couldn't be happier with the result. You can read about it in the link I mentioned I have heard of some re-does, when the surgery did not work as expected (And not giving severe side effects). In your case, I Imagine trying T3 as well (Kuntz nerves). Whether you chose clamping or cutting, is up to you. Also remember, the survey is not intended for Rosacea, or any other skin disorders of permanent redness. Nor is it intended for flushing. It is aimed for those dealing with chronic blushing. For Rosacea there are no real cures, but people do find help with creams, medications and lasers. Good luck!
  11. @opare Now a days, it is my understanding that surgeons chose to go for what some call extended T2 (Or T2 + T3). This to make sure all pathways from the overactive nervous system gets dealt with (Including the so called Kuntz nerves). Whether you chose cutting or clamping, the results should be somewhat the same (Although, clamping provides a significant greater chance for reversal, should you get severe side effects). If you have no problems with side effects now, a re-operation where all necessary nerves are dealt with, should not create a lot more side effects. I have written a lot about side effects, and pros and cons of the surgery here in a topic I started, if you need more information: http://esfbchannel.invisionzone.com/topic/4079-kprf-red-cheeks-questions-and-my-facial-blushing-story/page/7/ Cheers, and good luck!
  12. Never heard of it. Sounds like not all necessary nerves were cut.
  13. Overall summation Best advice I can give is: 1) If chronic blushing is ruining your life to the point that you are, or almost are, suicidal, I would go for the surgery. I would chose the clamping version (with a greater chance of going back on the decision) and choose extended T2, also called T2 + T3 by some surgeons. Also, I would have it done sooner, rather than later. 2) Lasers work somewhat. So if some sort of heavy redness is the main problem, particularly with visible veins, this could work. I would only do this if you have the time and money, and do no more than 5-6 sessions. 3) Melanotan 2 work and with few side effects. If you think this is something that would benefit you, it is worth considering. 4) Live for more than yourself when you have found a solution – pay it forward! 5) And last, do not only take my word for it. I have tried to be as honest as possible, but you stil have to decide for yourself and read about what can happen. All medical solutions do come with some risks, however my experience is that the information you will find on forums are (undeservingly) more negative than what the reality really is.
  14. Disclaimer Should the results change over the years, I will come back writing about this. However, I have no reason to believe that it will, so if not, you know what the results were.
  15. Life advices and wisdom gained Like the Nike’s slogan say; just do it! If you have a problem that really is hindering you in your day to day life, do what you can to find a solution for it. Life is too short to wait, and be willing to accept some risk. Like J.K. Rowling says; if you live too cautiously, you mught as well not have lived at all. The world is not perfect, we get everything from cancer to blindness, which are horrible things, but something we strive to cure for good. But regardless of what it is that you are suffering with, basically every solution come with some sort of risk. I believe there are types of cancers where the available solutions only give you a 10 % success rate. But, you go through with it, because that is the situation you have been put it. So, a 95 % success rate of curing chronic blushing, in surgical terms, is actually extremely high. If I could give advice to my younger self, or any other young people reading this, I would do everything I could to build up myself. That is not selfish, quite the opposite. That makes it so that you can be more of yourself, and have more to offer to the world and all the people you meet. This for me first and foremost includes building up knowledge and skills + money and work experience, and put that everything to use. I realize that the younger you are, the harder it is to do the second part (But not impossible!). But, you may have to suffer through some of the high school years. But, I would not rush into college after high school. If I were to do it again, I would take on 3 jobs, work day and night, and take care of every possible thing about myself that I could. Going for everything from the ESB surgery to eye surgery so that you don’t need glasses, and then sort of really start living when starting college. But again, you may very well be able to find solutions before this. You can start online businesses, part time jobs also at junior high, etc. And of course the library and internet provides tons of opportunities for knowledge and skills, free of charge, so there is no need to wait for that part. And know, IT WILL BE OK. You are not alone of having this, so don’t give up, put in the work, and know that you will have this fixed before you know it! Once this is solved, you will want to go on and live your life to the fullest. This is of course great, and you should, but please do not become one of those douchbags only living for themselves. Remember what suffering is like, even though your own now is over, so that you can help some other in a different situation. There are still a lot of people who suffers greatly, with everything from cancer to blindness, that needs attention and solutions. For those people life still is a daily struggle, and they do not yet have cures. I am not saying this to put you down. Go out and enjoy your new freedom and live out you, but you have also gained wisdom of what suffering is like, and should pay it forward for someone else as well. Again, I gain nothing from coming back explaining this in details as I have done over the years, I spend a lot of time on this because I want to help as much as possible. I have gained a lot of experience over the years because of this. Explored human behaviour and trying to figure out what makes life work on this planet, and read everything from medicine and psychology, to technology and business + doing well in school. However, my best advice is to seek out solutions as early as possible (Of course, if you are a teenager you might just be insecure, not having chronic blushing), but don’t wait until you are an old person before going for a solution. In that sense, the sooner you go for a real solution, the better!
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