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  1. Molly


    My name is Molly and I've been struggling with blushing for as long as I can remember. I can't control when it happens or how to stop it from worsening and I've become so afraid of blushing that I can't leave my house without makeup on to cover my cheeks. I read your story and was hoping you could help me learn about the surgery like what hospital/doctors to visit, how much it cost, and how to get insurance to accept the surgery. Thank you so much for any advice you could offer and for sharing your story!

    1. liss


      As far as insurance, i dont know because i paid $12,000 cash. It is been a life changing for the positive. I dont regret spending that money because it was really worth it. I had my surgery in new york with dr. Lyall Gorenstein. It is a really minor surgery of one hour long. They put you to sleep and when i woke up i was cured. My surgery incisions are healed and they are not even noticiable. After oct 4 i can say that im a new person getting use to be the outgoing person i used to be before facial blushing. I completly understand what you are going through. I was once like you thinking even about committing suicide because i couldnt find a cure to fb. I advise you to keep researching until you are sure of what you want to do. Please keep me updated!!!!

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