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  1. Dear all, I create this thread to share with you my approach and my progress in terms of natural approach to treat facial blushing. First of all, I want to underline, once again, how powerful are plants. Please, don't confuse them with homeopathy. I DEEPLY encourage you to care about them, I ensure you will be rewarded : nature is so generous. I have been taking natural complement for now more than 2 years, with ever-growing success : no side effects, no addiction, results constantly in progress, These 2 previous threads to follow interesting discussions with other members of this forum : Here is my ultimate combination of plants. I take it once in the morning. - Griffonia Simplicifolia : 1400 mg a day (5 pills) - Rhodiola rosea : 750 mg a day (5 pills) - L-theanine : about 600 mg a day (400 mg mixed in water, 200 mg sublingually) - Hawthorn : 1000 mg a day (4 pills) It could seem a huge amount of pills : it's not. Griffonia will bring you 5-htp, precursor of serotonin. Rhodiola plays a major and complex role in regulation of serotonin, dopamine, in a way to be elucidated. L-theanine, which is extracted from tea leaf (camellia sinensis), mainly acts on GABA (please, read the previous thread for more information about L-theanine). And finally, Hawthorn acts almost like a Beta blocker (IT IS NOT) : as far as I'm concerned, it reduces my heart rate from 75 to 60 bpm (I do not practise endurance sport > not proud of that). I made the test : stopping hawthorn for few days and my heart rate go back to 75 bpm. Effets : I pratically no blush anymore (once a month at worst ?). If so, on one hand, I do not become really red, perhap inperceptibly, on the other hand, it gives me so much detachment that I don't care at all. I don't consider me as cured, because I know that if I stop the cure, facial blushing will restart. That why I am one of those who think facial blushing is half-physiological, half-psychological : even if I don't blush, I know I would ... This combination works FOR ME. Please, do not conclude this will fit exactly for you : body chemistry is very complex and individual. My advice if you want to try : do not take all these plants directly, you would not feel the effects of each on your body. Take your time. First, try hawthorn and feel you heart rate be calmer. Find the posology that fits to you. Then (a month later ?), you could try Griffonia, and feel you becoming more peaceful. Find your posology. Then (a month later ?), try L-theanine, and feel how you become more confident and sociable. Find your posology. Finally, try Rhodiola and perhaps you'll feel unstoppable. Be patient, listen to your body. As fas as I'm concerned, I will keep on exploring psychological aspect (finally, the most excitting ?) : first, don't blame yourself, don't let anyone make you guilty : this is UNACCEPTABLE. Don't say sorry anymore but : thank you > it will change your life. If you are late, don't say : "sorry for I am late" but "thank you for having waited for me". Then become an objective observer of your own life, and don't judge it, just : observe with caring. THANKS for having read this. Please, share your opinion and your experience. Kind regards
  2. What was your posology ? In my case, I take about 1500mg of griffonia extract (no idea about the 5htp content). Are you sure about the brand you purchase ? Normally, this is a very well rated product (for good ones).
  3. Hello everyone, FIrst of all, thanks to all of you who share interesting experiences and experimentations. That's great and as far as I'm concerned, I have the feeling that we have made great improvements in understanding the origins of facial blushing (still much work to do) and how developping effective solutions. Just an update about my situation : I have been taking Griffonia for now 2 years, with a lot of improvements (for more, read this short thread : I deeply believe griffonia/5htp, as a precursor of serotonine, is one of the keys for a natural and long-term solution for FB. I have also tried to find natural beta-blocker, and tested hawthorn with interesting results : hawthorn seems to reduced my hearth rate from 75 to 60. However, I am not sure that It helps facial blushing. To keep in mind perhaps. I actually try L-Theanine, for its proved efficiency to help with anxiety. I've read that some of you have tried theanine, perhap with not satisfactory effects. Nevertheless, I think L-Theanine could be a firts choice candidate to be a major key for FB, probably along with Griffoni/5htp : - helps produce feelings of relaxation and calm by modulating alpha brain waves - helps increase activity at GABA receptors - precursor to GABA - increase concentration of serotonine, dopamine, and GABA in the brain - reduce heart rate (as a consequence) - decrease blood pressure in case of stress (a priori not due to vasodilatation : ouf ! > GABA turns off the effects of adrenaline ?) - No side effects - High tolerance, included with high dosage L-Theanine also improves concentration when combined with (counter-intuitively) caffeine. Not sure that It is a good thing for FB, but must be taken into consideration. Too soon for me to give you my opinion about L-theanine. But I would be great for those who have tried it to detail your experience : effects, posology (dosage), method of administration (orally, sublingually), brand, and so on. I have read that all these aspects can substantially affect the effectiveness of theanine. (note : I have also purchased Rhodiola, but postponed the use for more rigorous interpretation). Thank you very much for your contribution.
  4. Hi TerryKof, For your information, i keep on using Griffonia with the great results i have still described : for me, it has the same effect that taking paroxetine or same family of antidepressants. I deeply encourage you to try, for this is a cheap treatment, and for there are no side effects or addiction. Just keep in mind that this is not a miracle solution (in particular, not sufficient for very stressful situation), and that you have to perservere at least 2/3 weeks, and try to find your best dosage. But I can almost ensure you that you will feel definitively more peaceful. For my part, I intend to take a complement plant, that works for reducing and regulating the heart pace : hawthorn. I could also try for very specific essentials oils that are known to act as a natural and non addictive anxyolitic : to be used specifically for stressful situations. I will keep you informed. Please, tell us if you try griffonia, whether it works or not ! Best regards
  5. Hi Blushman, So impressed by this great summary. I hope that it will be completed bit by bit ! It will be very helpful to all of us who want to explore the physiological way of curing to restore the body balance. Your work, as the work of other members previously, should be saved in a kind of encyclopedia, to be easily accessible. Concerning the content, and as far as i'm concerned, i didn't know the L-theanine, precursor of GABA. A quit research on the web seems to show It is cheap (In France <0,10 euros a day for 400mg). I thing i will try this to see how it works with serotonine/5 HT (griffonia, 80mg a day). I am also very curious with slow release version of beta blocker : it seems to be a very promising approach. I will keep on searching a natural source of that. I must assumed that i consider more and more the psychological approach, not as a cure, but as a essential part of a whole. At least, meditation should be studied by every one, regardless of blushing : it opens new perspectives, as a world to explore ! best regards
  6. Hi Blushingman So happy to read you feel better. Also very pleased that you keep on searching for the cause ! I think you are from those that deeply help understanding FB ! Thanks for that ! I hope you won't have to have ETS and that we will find altogether a rational solution ! I hope you remember that I have been experimenting Griffonia (5-ht) for now about a year, with success : same results as SRI in decreasing FB (very helpful, but not sufficient for very stressful situations. And no side effects at all (On the contrary, some benefices on the health, awareness)... As you know how SRI/SNRI works, from now on, I am more and more convinced that it is a non-sense to take SRI/SNRI instead of 5-ht (or other neurotransmitter with an inhibitive action like GABA). Very interesting. It as also my current preoccupation, and i am wondering if finding something elso to prevent adrenaline from being activated could be a way. FOr sur, BETA-bockers are the most efficient temporary cure : it is impossible to have a blushing with the good dose of beta-blocker, but for a short time ! I am looking for natural alternative for beta blockers, but it seems not to be so easy :/ Do you have more information about ? Adrenaline is for sure one of the keys. I am preparing a project that i would like to share with all of us : building the schematic representation of the psychological and physiological stages and ripple effects of a facial blushing, from the external factor to the blush itself. I am convinced that we can explain why so many treatments have a more or less efficient effect, and also why some people think FB is psychological and other physiological. I haven't the answers hein ! Perhaps also could we find what make us different from non facial blushers. I think i could be SO instructive to build a global poll for trying to find common elements : about skin nature, heart rate, physical condition, food habit, and so many elements we could check altogether. Just want to share an anecdote. Very interesting because it shows the power of plants, but also that we can understand a lot of things thanks to experimentation, observation and interpretation. I have tried olive leaves pills, that are supposed to decrease the blood pressure. I thought it was linked with a calmer heart rate and a higher control of emotions. But only two days later, i observe that i blushed abnormally (as before i take 5-ht). So i searched about the mechanism of olive leaves and see that it leads to a lower blood pressure by ... vasodilatation of blood vessels !!! Is was physics, fluid mechanics of course i don't take it anymore, but i am more than ever convinced that we could have interesting discoveries by experimenting, plants or anything else, in correlation with there alleged mechanisms in the body. > in particular, i think about trying plants that decrease the blood rate (not the blood pressure ^^ !!). Also very interested in the neurotransmitter GABA (GABA is for PROZAC the same 5-HT/Serotonine is for SRI) ....... Best regards !
  7. Hi Adam, it was not about curing FB, it is about bad mood : instead of using Prozac, that has an indirect effect to help your body to keep a higher level of serotonine (with a lot of side effects), I explained that it could be better to directly take serotonine (from natural origins, griffonia). It is what I have been taking for now 8 months with great results (I have taken antidepressants for years before, with same results, but with important side effects). I hope it could interest you Thanks a lot for the video, I will look at this as soon as possible! best regards
  8. Hi Adam, Thanks for all those information. I haven't time to reply for the moment, but I think you could be very interested by this information i have tried to share with the others : http://esfbchannel.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/4033-a-natural-efficient-and-cheap-solution/ Best regards
  9. Very interesting discussion ! You are totally right. Phobia is psychological. But we have to consider the fact that we blush for a lot of reasons (not only stress), with a doubtless physiological aspect. A lot of people here are aware about the main problem about understanding FB : causes, cause of causes, and factors are easely confused ... For instance, Stress IS NOT the cause of FB, BUT a factor > many people have stress without blushing. Adam's solution is good for curing stress, whatever if you have FB or not. But you can also have FB without beeing particularly stressed (a lot of people are blusher without paying attention of that or caring about). Have you cured all the factors of FB (practicing sport, laughing, sneezing, and so on) ? We also have to consider that we oftenly have stress because of FB, more than we have FB because of stress : it is a self perpetuating phenomenon and it's hard to distinguish the cause and the effect. That's why there are so many (not that much finally :/) treatments : you can work on a factor (cure the stress (psychological approach, antidepressant, ...)), or on a cause (vessels ditalation, overactive sympathetic system, heart rate, ...). But I think we must admit that nobody for the moment has find the CAUSE OF THE CAUSES. Perhaps it's a one main cause, but it can also be the addition of main causes that put together, lead to FB (for instance, a combination of genetical origins : fair skin + lack of synthesis of methionine (involving a hundred of body reactions, including production of serotonine, and excess of histamine (that provokes vasodilatation)) + the negative effects of the factors). Nevertheless, Adam, I find your testimony particularly interesting. For me, it has been the click to remember me that we can work on the factor Stress with probably a lot of good results, for improving FB, but in the life in general. I would be very interested in having more information about you approach of exercising meditation, you way of considering awareness (trying to explain the phenomenon with words. A definition ? How practising ? Is it something that appears gradually or suddenly when you get the stuff ? ...). Thank you again for sharing you experience with us. Best regards
  10. Hi Adam, Many thanks for sharing that with us. I have just watched your video that i find very clever. For my part, I have always been looking for a physiological origin and a chemical/material solution. But for sure, I must admit that there is probably also a psychological aspect of our problem. I definitely don't believe that we are more weak psychologically than people who don't suffer from FB, it would be a non sense. BUT, perhaps we can overcome FB with having a superior awareness of ourself. We know that a lot of peolple suffering from FB has tried a psychological approach, with meditation above all, with or without results. We must keep in mind that working on psychological is less rational than following a medical treatment : you have to get the point, to have a brain wave, suddenly ! I want to share with you a very interesting anecdote. I have a super power : I can stop hiccups when I want (i can't start it ). When you have hiccups, you can try to force your body not doing this, but it does not work ! One day I had hiccups, I told me, "okay body, you want to play, so do a hiccup now ! Now i say ! NOW !! But the hiccups had just disappeared. It was the first step and it worked each time. The next step was to be able to stop the hiccups whenever I wanted (so immediately ^^). It is just an anecdote to show that the body is not only a succession of causes and effects or chemical chain reactions. It is more complex. Adam, could you please try to give us more details about how you have applied the concept of awareness to the problem of FB ? Perhaps by being as concrete as possible, with examples ? Best regards
  11. Another interesting link, that describes symptoms and indicators of histadelia http://www.digitalnaturopath.com/cond/C446553.html I have noticed a very interesting point in the first sentence : "This condition is characterized by low levels of serotonin" This is exactly what I explained in a previous thread : http://esfbchannel.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/4033-a-natural-efficient-and-cheap-solution/ This is also what I am curently using to have minimal FB symptoms : Griffonia which contains a lot of 5-HT (Seronotin) Do you recognize in these descriptions of histadelia ?
  12. another thread : http://esfbchannel.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/3105-questions-about-antihistamines/ I have just found this thread particularly interesting : http://www.socialphobiaworld.com/i-can-help-you-cure-your-blushing-19973/ I recognize me totally in the points : "have long, slender, fingers and toes", "hear your pulse / heartbeat in your head", "fairly good tolerance of cold", "struggle to put on weight and have a slender frame" and so on. What about you ? I really like the rational approach of the problem : a high level of histamine (histadelia) I will keep on reading the thread (there 12 pages O_O). I hope this will interest some of you
  13. Hi ! I juste find this thread from 2008. I encourage you to read this. Antihistaminic are interesting in the way that histaminic causes a dilatation of blood vessels. Has any of you experienced antihistaminic ? More globally, do you have problem of allergy or difficulty with breathing ? It is another subjet, but how is you heart rate ? For my part, I have a natural high heart rate. I make a lot of sport to try keeping as low rate as possible. And above all, I particularly have problems with allergy, and by consequence some difficulty with breathing. What about you ? Best regards
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