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  1. So it's been 12 months since I got cut at level 2 for FB. It hasn't been a total success as I still blush from time to time. However, I am still very happy that I went ahead with the operation. I have no side affects at this moment but my hands were very dry for a few months after the op (they are fine now). CS is really non existent no matter the temperature. I had a holiday is Spain recently and I had zero CS. I always thought that my blushing was the reason I had social anxiety, but 1 thing I've learned this past 12 months is that anxiety is just part of my make up. I still get it quite a bit even though I'm not having a blushing episode. I guess it's just in my genes ?. The times I do blush nowadays is usually when I'm either stressed out, over tired, hungover or feeling little under the weather. Pre ETS my blushing was extremely bad In those situations. There was a period over Christmas were I thought my blushing was back for good. For a full week I blushed on numerous occasions, and it was a stark reminder see of how my old life was, but thankfully it eased off again. I put that down to being over stressed. In a normal week now I'd say my blushing has decreased by about 90% so for that alone I am happy that I went ahead with the operation.
  2. I got it done through the NHS pal, im from the north. Not too sure how the medical card works down south in regards to surgery. Im sure you could find out. Surgeon was Mr mc guigan, he is based in the royal vic.
  3. Sorry for the late reply matey but like many others, this place doesnt really come into your thoughts after youve had a successful "cure" from blushing. Our climate in Ireland is very interchangable, can get 4 seasons in 1 day ? ave temp in summer is prob 18 degrees, id guess something around 7 degrees in winter, so pretty mild weather which helps with the lack of cs. 1 thing ive noticed recently that its been very difficult for me to stay warm, even in the comforts of my own home. I have the heating on twice as much as I would have normally for this time of year ( comin into winter) and when im out working, I have the heater in my car ( taxi man) on a high settin most of the night. This is the total opposite of how I used to be i.e I hated going into a very hot home/car as it made me blush alot more but now I cant get enough of it. Apart from this, everything is as good as it good possibly be, still v happy that I went through with the op.
  4. My life pre ets was all centered around my blushing It determined what shops I could only go to, same for restaurants. If i knew some1 who worked in either I would totally avoid. I would only make appointments for doctors/ dentist for early morn as thats when my body/ blushing was at ease. I would not apply for jobs were it consisted of takin lunch breaks with co workers, life pretty much sucked. I tried few differ meds but they were never gonna work 4 me long term, my fb was too extreme. So, its been just over 4 mths now since i got cut at T2, and Im very happy that I went ahead with the op. Although I still blush from time to time I have extremely mild side effects. Only 2 things worth mentionin are my colder than usual nose and slightly wrinkled fingertips. Ive only noticed cs twice(maybe 3 times) and that was on very hot days. I guess I still blush at times due to the fact im naturally a shy person, but thankfully when it does happen( maybe once a week on ave) it comes n goes very quickly. Almost all anxiety relating to fb has also gone. No more panicking at que's or stress when eating out at restaurants. I think the climate plays a big part on the CS debate, so if you are considering ETS I feel its something you need to be aware of. Best of luck..il check in after xmas again if theres any change.
  5. Tried it few yrs ago..waste of time/money
  6. 6 weeks post op Still have slight scar tissue issues on left side of chest. I advise any1 goin for ets to take it very easy for couple of weeks and especially stay away from the golf course! ? CS is non existant although temps here rarely go above 20 degrees, the only side effect worth noting is my dry hands and wrinkly fingers ( the same look your fingers get after spending to much time in the bath). This is not bothersome tho and I dont need no creams. I can definately still blush, its prob happened about 6 times since the op. Once a week on average, I can live with that! Although it still happens from time to time its a very quick brief blush. It only seems to happen when im either very tired or hungover. These were the times pre ets that blushing was at its worst, I literally wouldnt face no 1 for days if I was hungover. Still very happy/grateful with how things turned out. Any Q's feel free to ask
  7. 3 weeks post op Still slight chest pain, went to the doc and she said I have inflamed scar tissue. Most likely brought on by not restin enough after the op. Was prescibed small dose of steroids and they r helpin. Still got dry hands and rarely sweat above the nipple line, although I have once or twice. Side effects are still very minimal (touch wood), a touch of cs bit very mild. Im still not sure whether or not im totally blush free. Few days ago I felt as if I was blushing but glanced in the mirror and I looked fine. Still very happy with things have turned out, hope your all keepin well?! P.s def try that driclor jamie works well apparently.
  8. Day 14 post op Developed quite an annoying pain on left side of my chest the past 2 days. Its very sensitive to touch and im not too sure whats causing it( maybe too much golf ha). If any1 has an explanation id be grateful. Had my 1st bout if cs few days ago. Played 18 holes in 28 degree heat( thats extremely hot and rare for ireland)and i barely sweated anything, prob because there was a nice breeze. However, when I sat down in the clubhouse afterwards my lower back was very wet. It bothered me a bit, but then I just said to myself, at least I can sit in the clubhouse stress/ blush free, something I rarely did pre ets. Again I must add that I havent been totally blush free since my op. Well unless im totally imagining it and im only phantom blushing. But im fairly sure ive blushed maybe 4 or 5 times in the past 2 weeks. Since the op though, I have been really testing myself, doing alot of things I would have avoided pre ets. If I was to put a percentage on it I would estimate that ets has helped my blushing by approx 95%. And, as I have witnessed very little side effects, that makes me a very happy chappy ? How you gettin on now buster? Started cbt?
  9. 10 days post op I had t2 cut mojow. Its hard for me know if im totally blush free since the op, once or twice ive felt as if 1 came upon me but it doesnt be long in going again. That said, for some1 who blushed on ave 15 times a day, il take the odd blush here or there. I guess i just blush like a normal shy (ish) person would blush which is totally fine with me. Very little sweatin goin on at the min. Pre ets I sweated quite a bit from armpits when i got a little flustered, all changed now tho, for the better ?. My surgury wounds are now well healed, and barely noticable on 1 side, looks like a very clean job from my surgeon and im also pain free. Played 18 holes of golf yest with no issues. Appetite is still not as big as it was pre ets. I find this a strange 1 as I havent came across any other ets patients with this side effect. Its not that ive stopped eating altogether lol jus dont feel the need to snack as much as i did before. So all in all still very happy with the way things are going.
  10. Hi mate, thats unfortunate about your job but I totally get it. Just to remember, ETS is such a major surgery, dont go rushing into it, I spent in the region of 200 hrs going over blogs, articles surveys you name it just to give myself the best solution. As for the NHS, it seems to differ between patients, I guess you wont know unless you ask. I believe its close to 5k for private. All the best
  11. Day 5 post op Chest pain totally gone by yesterday. Surgery incisions are now beginning to bother me though. Very awkward to sleep with staples hanging out of your armpits. My own fault tho as I took the bandaging off to soon. Only reason being that I thought I had stitches not staples. Getting them out in 4 days thankfully. No cs worth mentioning. Body feels little cooler than usual, especially my nose, very weird. Still have pins needles in arms when I wake up bit they disappear after 10 mins or so. I also feel as if ive lost my appetite a little which aint a bad thing as I was always TOO fond of my food ?. Absoltutely blush free which I cant explain in words how good this feels. Im like a new man with confidence soaring. I know its very early days so im not going to get carried away but alls very good for now. Any Q's feel free...
  12. Day 3 post op Alot of pins n needles in my two arms today, mostly just after I woke up. Very mild cs on my feet, although they feel little colder than usual. I had a spicy meal for dinner but still stayed sweat free. No blushing thankfully. Couple of "caught off guard" situations arose today and although I still had that nervy feeling im pretty sure I didnt go red faced.
  13. Hi buster, I rarely had facial sweating, only facial blushing. However, I sweat quite a bit from armpits, mostly when im in a nervous/ blush situation(pre ets). Not sure how that'l play out now after the surgery. Best of luck with your CBT ?
  14. Day 2 Chest pain slowly ebbing away, was able to drive home unaided today ( 2 hr drive) Noticed my complexion today is little paler, not sure what this about, but not too concerned. My heart rate is pretty much the same as pre ets, only mentionin this as ive read in cases b4 were it can drop quite significantly. Have not noticed any cs as of yet but it is bit chilly today (12 degrees). No blushing to report thankfully. Ive had 1 or 2 moments today were pre ets I most def would have. In its place there seems to be a small surge through the body but it disappears quite quickly. So very happy with proceedings( as of now) ?
  15. Surgery done! This forum has been massive help to me the past 2 yrs so i feel its only right I do a few updates over the comin mths/yrs. Il keep it to this 1 thread in the hope it can be a help to others. Its been a busy 6 hrs since I woke up, so its very early days. Ive alot calmer than usual and alot less blushier (is that even a word lol) but I feel I have blushed. Luckily just the once when I was surrounded by docs n nurses. My wife told me she didnt notice but im convinced I did. Apart from that moment ive been feelin great, just chest pain altho meds soon sort that out. I was cut at t2 level both sides and hopefully get out of hosp tomorro. Hands also ultra smooth and little flaky skin from scalp but very little. So, So far so good, im not too concerned about that little blush moment as it was so soon after surgery. Il see how things develop in comin days and blabber a bit on here.
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