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  1. Hello Lunasol. How you felt in the first month's when you performed the ETS? You regret it?
  2. Befree- Good words ?. I'm still reluctant about the surgery and the side effects, such cs. I need to find that push up to go forward with th surgery. one more time, thanks to all the posts ? FedUp77 - very happy to hear that you doing very well ? regards to all
  3. Achieve a calm state and no blushing is what we all want. Much much happy for you FedUp77 ?.
  4. FedUp77 that´s a little weird. That reminds me when I´m on water for too long.
  5. tiago

    Cipramil (SSRI)

    Hello. What medication you trying nowadays?
  6. Hello. After a long time how you feel about the Prozac? You still take 1 pill/day? Regards
  7. Hello FedUp23. It's very good to hear from you. Facial blushing: no more, yeah!!!! ?. You did well in to go to a psychologist to reinforce you mental state. Keep us posted. Be well ?
  8. Hello. Very wise words to anyone that's considering eta (like me). Thank you.
  9. Hello fedup23. Very Good words. Happy summer for you and family ?.
  10. fedup23 - how it was your post-surgery appointment?
  11. Hi. It sucks to hear that you are suffering bad side effects. Like Liss said, I'm too hearing this for the first time. Those symptoms could be a sign of low blood pressure? Just a thought. Don't leave your doctor appointment until he has a explanation or fix the the problem. From my side I only can give you positive wishes ?.
  12. Hello Jo23 ? Welcome to the forum. I understand perfectly what you being through. 800 seems to be a good number but wait for people with more knowledge about the subject.
  13. Hello FedUp77. Its great to here that you passed through the "triggers situation" without blushing. Very happy for you ?.
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