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  1. Hi I had ETS surgery 2 weeks ago for facial blushing and so far it seems it is working well. I woke up after surgery with bone dry hands and face (which were never an issue anyway in terms of sweat). I also felt dry everywhere else and spent the night in hospital to recover. The following day I went home to continue recovery and things seemed fairly well. 6 days after my op I had a really bad CS episode all over my chest, back and legs. I was devastated to say the least. I had a return to work in a fairly physical environment last week and found that by the end of the day the back of my shirt was soaked through, it had been running like a tap most of the day. GUTTED AGAIN! So looks like I'm one of the many who will be left to deal with the horrible CS side effect, so I guess what I need to do next is look to ways of hiding it from coming through my work shirts etc as I don't have a problem with CS at home when I'm doing nothing. I'm wondering if there is any recommended clothing lines I can order and wear as an undershirt that people can confirm are effective for my issue, (mainly back CS). Horrifying when people can clearly see my shirt is soaked right through. I've not yet had my follow up with my surgeon, though he mentioned Anti-perspirants or topical creams etc would be my likely treatment if needed. Help!
  2. Anyone else from U.K. Had it done on NHS? please reply or message me with surgeons name + hospital so I can pass it on to my dermatologist. Thanks
  3. Got a follow up with my derm in just over a week, any info on which hospital/surgeons offering this on NHS will be great thanks
  4. Hi all glad to see the site is back up and running....I need the help of the guys from the uk on here. my dermatologist has asked me to see if I can find the names of the hospitals/surgeons that did the ets surgery on the NHS! As they don't do it at his hospital but he is trying to see if he can help with having to go down the route of ccg meetings from my GP as it'll most likely be refused. Thanks in advance and hope you're all well
  5. Well 1st big embarrassing situation since using mirvaso and its failed spectacularly. Look fu***** ridiculous face has gone blotchy all over and my neck has too. Hugely disappointed! Was hoping this would help a bit but doesn't look like it
  6. Befree I've felt less anxious I think because I've been wanting the cream to work, it does though apparently give off a green tint cos 2 people said "you feeling ok? You look abit green" which isn't what you want really
  7. It helped a little beastywild, though I've not really been put on the spot yet whilst I have it on so can't yet say wether it's gunna work for that. It's mainly took away all my colour from my skin that people are used to so its made me look as if I'm ill ? Even if it worked it's still not the answer long term. Can't expect people to pay £8.20 for a tiny little tube of cream that will last hardly any time at all
  8. £45 Liam??? Got it prescribed by dermatologist for £8.20. It did come back through blotchy yday but I didn't use as much as 1st day, and that was around 7hlurs after applying it. It's not a long term solution in my opinion but hopefully I can get surgery n use this until then
  9. Well 1st day I probably put too much on and got a lot of comments on how ill and green I looked, but it lasted all day, 2nd day I put less on, still got comments but not as many but it didn't last all day so gotta try n find happy medium. Not a solution for ever though if it's gunna leave me looking I'll forever lol. I've kinda passed it off as feeling a bit like I'm coming down with a cold for now so people didn't jump to conclusions for why I'm suddenly such a different colour
  10. Problem is the gel wares off before I finish work so colour starts to come back, sure I wanna hide the red but people are asking what's up with me, a couple people actually said I looked green
  11. Used the mirvaso for a couple days now, I only really blush when I'm at work so apply it an hour before I go, it's worked very well.....too well in fact. Because I'm normally somewhat red at work people are now asking me if I'm ill because I'm so pale, I've had maybe 10 people ask me that in the last couple days. I'd usually be a little red all the time at work then go beetroot if talking to the group, then even redder once someone said "hey why you going red" ? So I can't win with this stuff cos people have already noticed how white I am, it's as if it takes away my natural colour along with the blushed cheeks
  12. Well just back from my 2nd appointment with the dermatologist and I'm far from happy, basically been given 3 options at the moment, mirvaso gel which is usually prescribed for rosacea, clonodine, or cosmetic camouflage. He's recommended the mirvaso gel to try 1st due to good results he's seen by people using it. But from reviews I've seen its not a good option. Despite me saying I don't want to be on medication for rest of my life for it they still suggested clonodine. As for the cosmetic camouflage I can't even consider it as a man, I won't see the dermatologist now for 3months. So frustrated!!!! He said he'd spoke to the surgery department and due to possible complications they would only treat it medically, so if I want to go down surgery route is have to go back to gp about it. My GP, someone who knew very little or nothing about the condition so referred me to a dermatologist in the 1st place!!! Ffs feeling so down right now. Not getting any further forward.
  13. Great to hear from you all, Liam in terms of your referral to hospital is it to see a dermatologist??? a dermatologist may want to try some different medication with you, or see what other treatments you have tried. I've tried SSRi's, beta blockers, had CBT therapy and nothing even slightly helped so this ets surgery is being looked at for me, think you need an understanding dermatologist though otherwise they'll probably not refer to Surrey department. Best of luck though and keep us posted
  14. Hello all, hope you are all doing well and getting help with the condition we all have. just an update from myself, I have a follow up appointment with my dermatologist on Monday, which I'm looking forward to as he was very understanding when I met him at the start of December. Between then and now he said he was going to be discussing my case with a member of surgery department and see about the ets. He did say when I come back he may have another medication to try to which I said I didn't want to carry on with medications as they've done nothing for me in the slightest. He didn't seem to have an issue with my response as he knows I have tried all sorts! so I'll report back after my appointment. how are all you getting on???
  15. Well just had my app with dermatologist who was very understanding, made me an app for next month with him and surgeon for consultation. Understands me when I told him I've had no joy with meds and that I think my only option left is surgery. He said he's going to have conversation with surgeon and I'll see him in January. Very happy
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