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  1. Hello I have been on effexor for 3 months the side effects have been attenuated after a few days I noticed the redness induced by the hot blush induced by embarrassment was reduced also it did last less than usual. I am not sure that it is a physical reaction due to the fact that snrs blocks some receptors or maybe it is only related to psychology. to be clear all the drugs act on psychology, I used ssri for years without results, I tried effexor because someone said he was acting physically. I wrote all this because the blushing/red spots/geographic redness seems to come back a few days ago, so I wonder if anyone has a positive review on effexor.
  2. I'm really...really exhausted on researching on ets..as you know i have may age--about 45...every time every time it goes in my mind to go under ets i find so many complains..i searche a time in a month or so every time a community or samething for sameone happy with results with a follow up af at least 15 or more years--i know about ets since 95 about..every time a new community sameone who complains..if i would know that ets won't work for me i would be better..at least I know something to be sure and I will able to arrange my life!
  3. Hello to all i have just a technical question My type of redness is just because of fear, it does not suddenly come up but it is first manifested with red spots before chest then cheeks and then with a geographic type of blush-induced redness only on cheeks, which obviously lasts about half an hour or more'. I read that for this kind of redness ets is not effective someone can confirm it?..or people who say blushing gone had same condition as me? “The fact that in the beginning we were not aware that we had no effect on the blotchy type on the neck and chest. It only has an effect on the rapid onset type of blushing...the blushing that emerges within seconds," Drott explains.
  4. Thanks liss Still on venlnxetine 75 mg...i'm waiting and i'm not sure to increase dosage right now i feel better but as you know that is not to me the main point,,whetever i'll let you know i need right now to share my post where probably i descibed a condition..called generally "facial blushing",,who doesn't find samething in common to me expecially and only in terms or physiopatology of chronical facial blushing it means he has a social disorder for sure related in a way on the fact he blush most than others but not realted to a real sympathetic dysfunction..let you know
  5. hi liss do you take 75 mg twice a day or 150 mg ones a day? are you on effexor xr extended release or on a different form of venlafaxine ? thanks for sharing...
  6. A reduction to me would be a great improvement then everyone has his own point of view i 'm happy if to you liss effexor is working in the way you want,just sorry if i was a bit ugly in my previous post have everybody a nice day
  7. If it stopped blushing it is nice whetever i see on homepage a good experience about effexor then as a coincidence liss begins his trial on her post that "I think im gonna give it a try to EFFEXOR before having ETS" it is clear it is a message to support the new templates forum because the answer is already written!..then sameone else say it stopped at all blushing same way..there are strange coincidendences to me it is almost clear sameone want to support the foum to meke it alive. Now i'm not sure 100% because i belive in persons and its is possible same truths are deep on the treaths but that sameone have found a physiìcal solution never found in years to chronical facial blushins same moment the new forum is displayed it is strange! I belive the good faith and it is possible effexor does samething in terms of facial blushing..not in psychological but in physical terms..the few people who undergo ets it is not to solve any social disturb but to act only physically! Generally their post after are in terms ony of intesity of redness.."flushing goes samewhere else"staff lik ethat about effexor i readed nothing clear in terms of redness.."to blush less" means nothing to be able to go to restaurants and socializing???is that problems in life of sameone?? it is possible liss you are a wife and families has their own rules but if to you the only argument is to be able to go to restaurant and socializing with sameone i don't find a reason to go under ets then i'm still on effexor ,,i have nothing to say about that at the moment,,i mean i tried so many things..for sure it is possible it is the best drug for blushing but it still a drug not proved to work sameway in terms of reducing redness induced!..at the end I have not been in one of those situations where you can not escape where you have to stay for hours then it will 'not' more 'a point of blushing less with the people you meet occasionally but a point to be secure everiwhere anywhere sameone ask to take part..also television or conventions!Blush less again means nothing everything passes from the physical consciousness of themselves have a good night!
  8. First of all l I want to apologize to those who have misunderstood me to me the chronic problem emotional blush face is due to a physical dysfunction. What I am sure there are many having secure social insecurity who blush for sure more than others but who not has a real dysfunction !! .. Because there's a difference between who may blushes for sure a lot for sure more than others but in an acceptable way and who has a serous nrvous difunction and blushes in a ..abnormal way !!! ... Hard to describe !!!..lasts 20 min or more i say this because i'm close to be sure most of people has same social discounfort for sure to theme it seams end of the world as every problem seams but it needs to me to make an objective difference! for sure-in both cases are afraid to blush! What perhaps called "fear of blushing" means again nothing there are situations and situational! However the moment are not interested on this topic Quick update Effexor I tolerated very well and I have a positive feelingi'm on 75 mg not sure to go soon to 150 All my fears were related to sexual side right now..whetever on that side nothing bad for sure right now i have a great impression on Effexor ! I've no idea if it works also phisically because for sure also the happiest person in the world would blush if has a dysfunction..i was time sof my life happy sadness began when i notised this sysfunficon..so arguments not needs to be mixed. Sorrry again for my english thanx liss for the suggestion and we'll see what will happen..right now i'm goin strainght on effexor the argument to me it is not to feel better so less blush, but to blush less in the same state of mind in the same situation where we would have blushed chronically i repeat because you can be the happiest person in the world that situation will be present itself 'sooner or later,please don't think of arguing that if there 'a change of mood you blush' less !! .. I'm saying something different tired to explaining..few people will undastand.Whetever thaks liss i'll update regards to all..
  9. Thanks liss to reply i'm still on effexor to me it is not a big deal considering i was on citalopran before for about 2 years..for sure before them i tried any topicals to less down intensity of blushinig..i upprecciate your answers and i'm close to you or anybody needs to swith off the problem..i repeat i'm close to 40 and it is no more as whene i was 20..but sametimes life backs to that ages..when I thought i was the only one in the world to be albe to blush so much before red spots on my checks then redness as rosacea or most.for sure it would last at least 20 minutes.in my ages i never have meet xsons who went red as me..it is really a fisical disfunctions so i suppose i'm still alone all peple write here seems speak another language for sure everithyng depens on fear of blushing none answered my simmple question..when fear of uncontrollable blushing occure and for sure uncontrollable flushing occurres as consequense...do you look different?. it means nothhing if a drug makes you feel calmer we are talking abouat a phisical matter Have everibody a nice night
  10. Hello to all i have few questions for Liss I hope Liss before reading my post read the post I recently i wrote on a different topic Do you think you are in the same situation or similar to mine? .. in other words do you think your redness was caused by only emotional or most by rational factors..in other terms "fear of uncontrollable! blushing"? If so did you ever been in a situation where you've tested in terms of "fear of blushing and chronic redness"? or simply you are a different case than mine and of course because you feel better you blush less as most of close to normal people would do ?
  11. On effexor 75 mg since 2 days..I'll let you know..
  12. Hello to all I'm Italian and sorry my english I hope you understand something I state that I attend forum on the subject for years and I think I know everything and more 'on pills,creams etc..I tried everything but nothing worked, it should also be specified that i'm about 40 y old and of course what was the big problem at 16 y o becomes more suffused after years because it forces to have a different life avoing dangerous situations but that doesn't mean you solved the problem because it back to the times,in a way is like stay ina awellchair you after ages noone complains. I believe there is great confusion about what means facial blushing itself it means nothing i shoul say fear of chronical facial blushing i describe my condition I believe is "the conditoin!" that describes this term "facial blushing" most of the time abused!..different personal conditions descibe different cases related most of the time on a social disconfort..at the end blush more than others is not to me an argument ..it means nothing..in most of conditions people blush more than others but in a way not compared to who accuse a real disfuncion! to me it is an offese!! to what i went trought too hard to me to join the two different cases! whatever first phase you become red in abnormal manner but ypu do not have consciousness others laugh sometimes surprised but you are not seeing your picture , ypu do not have consciousness of yourself! you become red in abnormal manner only in cases where we prove emotions and perhaps we are tested, in my case questions in class, for the rest normal life second phase when -you take consciousness because you see yourself in the mirror or same other ways and you understand the reson why classrooms had this reaction, we realize that the redness is totally abnormal! third phase total phobia of what we can become at any time and it snaps the inevitable losing any security and obviously staff few very few people know! obvious after years all that staff is less because you have learned haw to live with but the problem back in situoacions you are forced to take part. I say this only x explain a phenomenon that for sure here includes many cases different tha mine. This was a premise in reality 'I am writing in relation to effexor I do not care if it makes more 'calm down and then as result you blush less..it means nothing!..if you have the fear it is nmuch stronger than any calming medicine..the fear will not exist anymore only when you take consciousness that you can just turn red in a acceptable way.at that point no more blushing no more fear.That would a great thing! I do not have high hopes. Else blushingman says hr has reduced red if I should return to 20 yearsi would understand right away if effexor worked or not, and if it worked I would have written a thousand times..it works! I would never ever passed to another topic! .. Things are often complex Any updates about effexor will be welcomed Have everyone a nice day!
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