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  1. Befree

    My story

    Hello everyone 👋 Just a quick update to say I’m fine 🙂 We’ve got super hot weather here in the UK at the moment which is unusually hot for us. It reached 33 degrees yesterday and is strangely humid! I feel like I’m in Florida haha! Ive had building work going on in my garden and home since March, I’m able to confidently deal with the builders with no panicky feeling and no blushing! In fact I had problems with the first set of builders (very stressed as they wasn’t turning up but had been paid most of the money!) and I personally took it upon myself to sack them! There is no way on this earth I would have even interacted with them before ets!!! So ive not got a lot to update on that’s new news really, I’m doing brilliant and nothing has changed since my last update. I’m now in my 4th year after surgery. Hoping to book Florida again for next summer which is always a lovely reminder of my surgery given how busy, hot and interactive Disney world is! 😊 Hope everyone else is doing well x
  2. No problem, I had a red tint to my face yes. Looking back on old photos I can see it whereas at the time I didn’t realise I looked like that x
  3. Which country are you looking to have surgery in?
  4. It’s called gustatory sweating when you sweat with certain foods, you’ll probably find the more spicy/citrusy ones will set it off the most x
  5. Perhaps you have facial flushing rather than facial blushing x
  6. I’m from the UK too but had my surgery done in the north west so can’t say anything about the surgeon you’ve mentioned. Good luck if you choose to go ahead x
  7. Befree

    My story

    Update: Well heres me after going on holiday to Florida again this summer! I felt one time where I dripped sweat and we stood in Disney’s Hollywood studios watching toy story soldiers perform in the blazing hot mid day sun so that’s allowed right?! Other than that the whole holiday was ‘normal’ and to be honest I’d even go as far to say that it’s better than it ever has been before ets! But I’m trying to think back to before ets and this now seems the norm so perhaps I’m just used to it now! Going on holiday in an extremely hot and humid country again and feeling better than ever, coming home and having no facial blushing what so ever, feeling completely comfortable with myself...ets is a challenge and anyone that’s had it done will know that but once you get past that adjustment stage it feels like the norm! It really does! So I’m now just over 3 Years post surgery, can sweat under arm, head, neck, don’t blush, have gustatory sweating with lemon or spice but not noticeable and disappears in minutes, have a resting heart beat of 67bpm (right now) get CS in extreme heat or if I’m super stressed, hands clam up but I use moisturiser every day which is no different to before surgery, flushing seems limited now as oppose to more frequent soon after ets. For anyone whose just had the surgery the best advice I can give you is give your body and mind time to adjust, your body will take at least 4-6 months to adjust and your mind even longer. The first thing that sets in is panic! But (although it’s easy for me to say now) try and let it pass, its just the initial shock more than anything and you need time to adjust. Not a lot to update really as everything is pretty much the same but on a better scale! I’ll update again soon and let you know how the next summer affects me ?
  8. Befree

    My story

    Hi everyone ? Hope you’re all well ? Been on a 5k walk today and quite a mild day (baring in mind we had super cold -4 temperatures a week ago and today it reached 14 degrees) had my thick fleece lined winter coat on and no CS at all. I’m so used to it now that I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. Ill update more as the summer months approach and we’re back to Florida this summer so really looking forward to my second time (and comparison) there too ? No FB even when I blow my cheeks to make them red lol it’s amazing and I love it so so much ? Be back updating soon as we’re now into April and the hotter weather will soon be with us. Good luck to anyone having ETS and anyone that wants to ask me anything, please feel free ?
  9. Ive just walked nearly 5,000 steps outdoors on a mild day and no sweating ?
  10. Thanks Anon, Hopefylly one day the NHS will recognise this condition more seriously or you’d find the funds to afford it. I had to pay private and you don’t get much change out of 6k. It’s so annoying when you can get other surgeries on the NHS that’s less needed. Off to Florida again this summer so looking forward to the comparison from the first time I went (the following summer after my surgery).
  11. No problem, yes it’s not so much heat that causes CS but humidity so if it’s a humid day it will trigger more than just a hot sunny day. Having said that though, I was in 38 degree heat and it was super hot and humid and even at my ‘worst’ it wasn’t that bad. Other people around me looked to be suffering more lol With regards to working out, I have a treadmill that I use and I just sweat how I normally would. I do have the ability to sweat under my arms and my puppet body, head etc so I don’t feel affected in that way at all. Also you just kind of see it as the new norm and it’s hard to remember how I was before because this is so natural to me now that I don’t even think about it anymore until I have a trigger like being confronted which would normally cause my previous blushing to show itself or a very humid day. I think we are quite good at adapting too, the initial shock is more fear of the unknown but as time progresses you just adapt more and more. I much prefer my life now 100% to how it was before my surgery x
  12. Hi BlushingHurts, Hope you’re well. I am doing amazing thank you and I’ve managed to lose 39lb in weight from January last year to now and going from a UK size 14 to a UK size 10 in clothes so there’s definitely no struggle after ETS in regards to weight loss. Absolutely no blushing episodes to date, even to this day I am amazed when I pay for things at the checkout and there is just no trigger. It truly is amazing and I love it ? Resting heartbeat right now is 66bpm I’ll come back on to update my post once the Warmer weather is back with us but right now CS is virtually zero and the heating is on and I have my hot water bottle with me. Looking forward to my my third year ahead after having ETS and as of today I have no regrets other than not having the surgery sooner. I could have had many happy years like this but the future is promising x
  13. Blushing and flushing have never been the same thing
  14. It was 2 years ago now but off the top of my head it was around £5400 or £5200, something around those quotes. This was done private and I cannot fault the hospital one bit, even a few weeks later they rang to check on me. 100% quality and caring ❤️
  15. Hi, I had ETS in the UK (also from the UK) 2 years ago now and I cannot recommend my surgeon enough. He is located at The Beaumont Hospital in Bolton and is called Mr Onwidike. If you google him he comes up so you can research him. I have the ability to sweat everywhere after the surgery, no idea why as almost all patients can't sweat from the nipple line down. He's cured my blushing and I am 100% better off now compared to before x
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