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  1. Ive been using dermacolor for the past 5-6 years and it has worked great for me rob
  2. Took the supplement for 3 days but felt my skin looked worse and that was last week, not sure if it was bc of the supplement though...also...my pills only contain 1,000 mg of lysine and its suppose to be around 3,000mg i think. Sunday and monday as well as today my skin has looked better, so maybe i need to give it more time. Will try to start taking it again this afternoon and sticking with it. will report back
  3. Hey i found an L-Lysine supplement which i purchased 1,000 mg - vit C 10 mg - B6 25 mg- zinc 1,000 mg L-Lysine
  4. Yes, I was wondering where you got this product as well and what brand it is. Thanks! rob
  5. hey, does anyone know of any websites where you can buy legit propranolol and other drugs?
  6. I'm from Hartford, CT anyone nearby??? rob
  7. domo


    kerigrace...im in CT. whats your myspace address? rob
  8. Since many of the oldposts have been erased....does anyone know where in the United States you can purchase dermacolor. Thanks rob
  9. i too started taking paxil last week. 12.5 mg time release. This thursday will be the two week mark. Havent noticed any significant results but my doc said to give it at least 3-4 weeks. rob
  10. Bob, do u have any idea how you would go about finding a camoflouge expert?
  11. domo

    Fotofacial RF

    Dr. Nase, So what form of laser surgery do you consider to be best for rosacea at the present time? Thanks
  12. domo

    Fotofacial RF

    Has anyone here had the fotofacialRF done by dr. bitter or looked into it. Thanks rob
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