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  1. I do have a full grasp on Bob bear's posting trends. and I can vouch 100% that he is sincere and thoughtful of what he writes In the history I've known him, he's never posted something that he did not believe 100% he's very kind, yet knows when to "put the boot in" it's "tough love", and he wont sugar coat anything he feels is accurate. I'm proud to know him forum-wise. he's a scholar and a real gentleman 8)
  2. thanks *z*...just doing what God wants me to do. many of us have repeatedly posted our stories, and facts, case studies....etc. yet few listen if my case can help someone else...i'll post all i can. but to those who are close-minded, i refuse to help
  3. please watch and before anyone starts..yea.....I'm "fat , ugly and stupid" bla-bla-bla... (whatever anyone wishes to believe) we have fought long and hard to get our stories out...we shall not be silenced now. i will surrender my life to this cause....if it means saving others I will keep fighting and educating. period.
  4. Christ! forget about Nase, he's got too many problems. and forget about ETS. we wont go into the*honeymoon* period again, no one believes us anyhow.
  5. there could still be time for the body to heal itself. my first 2 years post-op were hell. body kept changing, thereby changing life and my outlook on it hang in there, hope all pans out ok
  6. Alvinsduckie

    OMG!! Im Back!! =)

    did u have ETS for palmar HH? i have followed part of your story and hoped u would be one of the lucky ones to be successful with the OP. I have kept quiet about successful patients because I really did hope some of ya'll would be different, and i didnt want to plant seeds of fear or worry in anyones mind. few understand just how powerful the mind can be could be nerves are growing-trying to reconnect, please keep us posted as to how you are doing ((((many hugs)))
  7. are you suggesting we get sh*t-faced? *no argument there!!*
  8. I regret ETS everyday as well, I try to block it from my mind but impossible when severe pain reminds me of the damage that was done to my nerves. as for *Jordan*....anyone interested can read more here... http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?t=13397 (still looking for those Aussie flights!) i ever get my fat ass out that way we are going to party til we puke :wink: stay well JB! (((many hugs)))
  9. iontophoresis did work for me--but i was lazy and had ETS. biggest mistake i ever made God bless you, I pray you find relief alex
  10. Alvinsduckie

    in the news

    thanks Pinker :-* ! I understand the hold-up is the news reporter trying to get a neuro to speak on cam about ETS from what the reporter told me--NO neuro has heard of ETS *cough-bull****!-cough* ;-) when it happens--i;ll let u know alex
  11. Alvinsduckie

    in the news

  12. news crew is coming to my house Friday....hopefully it will get more dr's eyes open to the lies and deceit we have endured. I hate to hear about your last experience..but many dr's think they are God because they can *control* (loosely termed ) the human body. I hope u find a dr that will listen to u . i have been really lucky so far, but I see a new neuro tomorrow. so I dont know if all will go well or not. good seeing u Kruger, :-*
  13. AndrewSco beat me to post good job Andrew :wink:
  14. thanks for replying Bob..hope u are doing well 8) alex ps, this was posted by dripping silver over at ezboard..i forgot to give her credit :wink:
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=484414&in_page_id=1770 A patient is suing a hospital for £200,000 claiming an operation to cure blushing has ruined his sex life. Fitness instructor James Woodward, 32, underwent two courses of laser treatment at The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, East Sussex, to stop his cheeks from going red. But he claims that after the treatment his cheeks were left as bad as ever - while the operation has caused him to sweat uncontrollably and ruined his lovemaking. He also says that he has suffered from depression because of his ordeal, and is now on Prozac. Mr Woodward, from Worthing, West Sussex, claims he was the victim of medical negligence and is suing Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust for £200,000 damages. He says that before he went ahead with the surgery in January 2004 he was warned of possible side effects, including dryness of the hands, and the risk of his eyelids drooping. But he went ahead with the operation anyway, and underwent endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy, which involved the cutting of some of his nerves. According to a writ that has been submitted to the High Court Mr Woodward said that after the surgery he developed difficulties with heavy exercise and sex. He says he now suffers dizziness, depression, chronic fatigue and sexual dysfunction, as well as an inability to cool down, and sore and aching muscles and sensitivity to light. He also developed excessive perspiration from his chest down as he says sweat pours uncontrollably from his chest, ending up in pools on the floor and his clothes becoming soaking wet. He said he was not told of the extent of the sweating he might suffer after the operation and the risk that his quality of life could be substantially reduced. He says he would never have had the op if he had known of the dangers. He paid more than £10,000 for a reversal operation in Italy in April 2004, which was only partially successful. Jo Carr, a spokesman for the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, said she was aware of the situation.
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