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  1. Hey hi all, Hope you are all well as can be and doing the best you can. This time of year (summer) is always difficult. Where I live (UK) I suffer from severe palmar and underarm hydroisis. Have been on this forum many years ago but cant remember my old log in details! I have tried the chinese sage herbal teas to no avail they in fact made my issue worse - seems the summer peroid make me sweat even more. I found that alcohol was my way to deal with my issue especially social situations which only works temporarily. I was so into solving my problem that I went ot my GP and was adamant on getting ETS, after considerable research I felt this wasnt the way to go for myself. This forum has helped me in making an informed decision and I thank all those who have been through it and their experiences which resulted me in having change of heart. I have not tried iontopheroisis (sp) but this maybe something i will attempt in the future. Ive recently purchased sweatshield undershirts which I found online, having trialed them for the last few days I can say they do help immensly with my constant underarm issue alllowing me to wear tees and work shirts of different colours without the embarrassing issue of patches. I really woulld really recommend them as they seem like they wil be life changing for me. Expensive yes but the product I can say are of good quailty and willl definitely test my HH to the max! I am meeting my partners parents in another country in a week or so and these will really help boost my confidence especially in such a hot climate and the new enviroment! My mother told me her relatives have suffered form the condition but then again I cannot comment too much as they lived in a hotter climate. Though not a cure I can hands down say after more than 20 years suffering from HH underarm im happy this particular product is available and living in the UK received them within jut over a week.There is some slight improvement in my HH underam but I feel that this product coupled with the sweatshirts may give me embarrasment relief. I also use persipex from my local chemist here in the UK and for the last few months ive had a mixed outcome. Firstly it does sting as instructions mention to apply the product when you are sweating the least - at night. This sometimes can caue disruption in sleep, but it could be me using the product a little bit too liberally. Drylor has been prescribed by my GP also as well as proponol (sp) which neither worked Any palmar sufferers got any tips in reducing the hand problem? Bening on the job market I have been to numerous interviews and social situations where the hand shake has resulted in the typial negative reactions. Would love to hear from any of you and your advice. Thanks
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