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  1. High school was hard but college was a nightmare. I had a teacher and one student in particular that bullied me every day because of my blushing. I ended up quitting and finished my degree from home. I had constant anxiety at the time and suicidal thoughts. I just couldn't take it anymore. However, I would have done two things differently: 1- I would have gotten psychological help from someone specialized in anxiety/blushing disorders. 2- I would have studied in a field that I was truely passionate about. I went to business school because my father wanted me to work for him but I didn't like it. If you really love what you are studying then it will take your mind off the blushing.
  2. I've just started taking Vitamin D because I live in Canada and we don't get enough D seven months out of the year. There's a lot of info on the positive psychological effects of this vitamin on the Vitamin D Council website. Just google that name. Some people have cured their insomnia, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder with Vitamin D so I'm sure it can help with anxiety.
  3. You can go at sephora.com and ask them for a makeup suggestion for a guy with your problem. They've always replied to my emails with detailed suggestions of products. Or you can buy any sheer cream-based foundation and layer it on as you wish. The Almost Makeup is too light to cover blushing but when I put more than one layer, it works well and still looks quite natural. I guess you can do that with any sheer makeup.
  4. Mozart


    Thanks for your replies. Is Xanax the right medication for us blushers or should I go for a beta blocker? I intend to wear some makeup to cover the blushing which helps a bit but I still have bad social anxiety even with the makeup on. I don't take meds so I'm not sure which one I should ask for.
  5. It comes in four different shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. I use the Light one: http://www.clinique.ca/templates/products/sp_shaded.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY4900&PRODUCT_ID=PROD547 They also came out with the powder one which I haven't tried yet but comes in more shades than the cream one: http://www.clinique.ca/templates/products/sp_shaded.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY4906&PRODUCT_ID=PROD7029
  6. I use Almost Makeup by Clinique. It works well to cover up moderate blushing and looks quite natural. It can also be layered on and doesn't look cakey.
  7. Mozart


    I'm going to need something to calm me down for an upcoming funeral. Can I take xanax only for one day? For those who have tried it, does it kill the social anxiety and if so, for how long? Are there side effects? I just want to be calm, confident and blush-free, I don't want to be sedated and looked drugged. I also don't want to keep taking it after that one day. Thanks.
  8. Thanks sunshiney and red-e-nuf for your kind words. Red-e-nuf, I'm so sorry about your dad. I use Almost Makeup in certain situations and I find it works well to cover mild to moderate blushing but the social anxiety is still there because I can feel myself turn red. I'm also not sure how the makeup will hold up to crying, rubbing eyes, sweating etc. I can only use so much without looking odd. I just find this condition so devastating. When my father was in the hospital, he wanted me to go see him but I refused because lots of people were going to be there in his room. Hot, stuffy, crowded hospital room: a nightmare for blushers. I made up an excuse that my car wouldn't start and I would see him when he got out of the hospital. How pathetic is that! I know deep down it's not my fault but I don't know if the people around me understand.
  9. My father is dying of congestive heart failure. I don't know how long he has to live but he's definately been going downhill during the past couple of months. I try to help him as much as I can, I love him dearly and the thought of losing him and seeing him suffer is unbearable but what has been bothering me for the past couple of weeks is that I keep thinking about the funeral and how there's going to be a lot of people there. I've avoided funerals, weddings and christmas parties for a long time now because of my blushing and social anxiety but I can't miss my own father's funeral. That would be insane. I feel so selfish to be thinking about this and it just goes to show you how my fear of blushing and panic attacks have completely taken over my life. :cry:
  10. What a horrible, unprofessional journalist. I feel so bad for this guy who works at The Telegraph and has to endure this constant bullying every day. Absolutely disgusting. I've quit jobs, ended relationships, lost friends and contemplated suicide because of this problem. Yeah, it's real funny Celia.
  11. Happens to me a lot. I even blush if I bump into my own mother who I see all the time For me, it's the fact that the situation is unexpected. Makes me blush instantly. What I try to do when it happens is take a deep breath the moment I feel myself blushing. Or, if the person doesn't know I blush, I might say something like "can you wait a second, I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a couple of minutes". If it's someone who knows me well and knows I'm a blusher, I can't use that technique because they'll know I'm escaping the situation because of my anxiety/blushing.
  12. That's great! Meat doesn't make me flush or blush, it's foods that are high on the glycemic index that cause problems for me. Maybe we all have different triggers.
  13. I don't think men blush more than women. It may be because a lot of women wear makeup so the blushing isn't as noticeable.
  14. When I get angry, I tend to turn red so anger is not a good thing for me lol :oops: I did have a lot of anger before but now it's more like sadness of not being able to live up to my potential and not having a healthy social life. I believe it was Nelson Mandela who said "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies". I don't think having a lot of anger towards others is good for you. It will destroy you eventually. It increases your blood pressure, it makes you miserable and will probably increase your tendency to blush even more. Let the haters hate and try to be happy as much as you can.
  15. Mozart

    Had enough

    Well I'm 31, been fighting this for about 15 years. No job, no money, no social life, no love life. ah Take it one day at a time medo and try to enjoy it as much as you can. There's nothing else you can do right now.
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