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  1. I remember it quite well. I was 7 years old and was about to take my first math test. My hands just starting dripping...and it's been happening ever since. :x
  2. We all know that ETS has a lot of side effects and compensatory sweating is the bigges side effect. My thought is if the sympathetic nerve controls the sweating, can't a surgeon cut the sympathetic nerve down at the wrist or and the ankle to stop the sweating beyond that point, instead of at the trunk your body? In my most unexpert opinion this would allow sweating at the head and just stop it at the hand/feet? What are you thoughts?
  3. I sweat like this on occasion. It usually last no more than a few minutes but does happen like 2-3 times month. I wonder if chopping off my hands would cure it :roll:
  4. Hey teaandtoast: I know how you feel about the sweating thing. My HH is very bad, to the point where I was changing socks once a day and wearing super absorbent undershirts. It was depressing, but now I work at home and so it is not so bad. The sweating is still bad but at least at home I don't have to worry about destroying my coworkers papers. However, I still have to deal with not getting the keyboard wet or having a towl around to wipe of my armpits hands and feet. I suggest trying to find a job where you work from home or at least don't have to deal with the public much.
  5. Hello all, Ok, I am about to go crazy! I work from home now and all I do is sweat, which is very distracting. My question is does your HH affect the quality or quantity of work and how so? I don't mean embarassing moments with your co-workers which we all have had and sometimes it's just better to come out and tell them. What I am talking about is distraction, lower quality of work or lack of timeliness. For example, I am a part time mechanic and sometimes it is very hard to hold onto tools or give bolts there required torque setting. Now that I work from home I have to be careful while typing so I don't destroy the key board or laptop :shock: This slows down my ability to produce. Any of you had these problems at work and what did/do you do to overcome them? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for your input! At least I am not alone in this. Do any of you have any ideas why this happens?
  7. Hello all, I started to notice this about two years ago. When I sweat constantly for more than 2-3 hours on my hands and feet, they start to swell. Not like a balloon or anything like that, but to the point where I cannot take on and off a ring that I wear very easily. I noticed it because I had to wear dress shoes where I used to work. Now I work at home!!!!Yeah! For the last two days, I have had some pretty bad sweating on my hands feet and underarms and the swelling lasted long enough to where it actually became quite uncomfortable. My circlulation is good. I am an elite amaetur (soon to be pro) cyclist so I know that is not a problem. Mainly the swelling happens in my feet to the point that it is very hard to put on my snug fitting cycling shoes. Have any of you noticed things like swelling when your HH is really bad? I know I have posted about runny noses and yes that still happens to me...freaky I know. Thanks in advance!
  8. Except for the people who have just found this board, and I am glad that you have (this is the only place I know that the other people reading can feel my pain and frustration), are there any new promising treatments out there like laser therapy or gene therapy. The reason I am asking is because there really is no cure for HH. There is ETS but it has way too many side effects and the others like pills, ionto or botox don't cure HH they just alleviate the symptoms. Any body heard any news on the R&D front....I would like to remain optomistic that there will be a cure for this debilitating problem some time in my life time...
  9. Clearsky: I am in the same position you are in with your severe HH (I don't have SA). I am actually going to go see a career counciler today to talk about options (see my posts on career changes and HH). I am not sure where you live, but here in a Atlanta there are a lot of jobs that you can do from home such as customer service rep, inside sales, order processing. Heck, I even found a job that would pay about $500US a week for building CD cases in your own home for a local company (before taxes). If you are using a job posting company type in "inside sales" or CSR. Also, look in your local artsy fartsy paper or local town paper(s). There are always local entrprenuers that are looking for peopel to do work that does not require much such interaction. Hope this helps.
  10. Poison: My bad episodes happen usually when I am nervous/anxious but that is not always the case. I don't suffer from allergies either and have been an HH sufferer since I was 7. I just think that it it weird that it happens...maybe it has something to do with my overactive sympathetic nervous system :roll:
  11. When I start having a bad sweating episode (hands, feet, underarms and crotch start dripping) I notice that my nose runs real bad. Have any of you noticed that your nose runs when you sweat?...maybe it is just a coincendence. I know it sounds crazy but it happens like clockwork.
  12. Sweatsucks: Yes, that is the problem I am an athlete and if I cannot get my HR up then it would be game over for something I enjoying to so much. I have talked to the docs who do ETS and they all agreed that ETS lowers your max HR. One of them told me that he has worked on several triathletes and they are not as fast nor can goes as hard as they used to. Most of close friends know I have HH, but in a world of have to look perfect having hands, feet and every other part of your body sweat just does not cut it.
  13. Actually, I was laid off from my last job. Sorry for the confusion but I almost took a job in outside sales and didn't because I found out that the sales manager was completely wacko. I have a couple of friends who work in labs and they don't work by themselves. The work with other people they just don't have to shake their hands or wear suits I have tried everything except ETS (will not ever do ETS, it is a beta blocker which lowers your maximum HR during excercize) . Botox had absolutely no effect on my palmer HH. They just kept sweating. My skin is too sensative for strong antipersperents. Anti-colerenerginics have too much of a side-effect for me to try them again. Ionto is too time consuming.
  14. Hello all, I am in the middle of making a career change as I have realized that my excessive sweating (hands, feet, underarms, crotch, back of knees and occasionally the head) has made it very difficult emotoinally and phyiscally to do my job in sales (outside sales especially). Plus, I have realized money is not that much of driver for me as learning and exploring the world around me. I have decided that I am going to make a career change to something that has to do with the sciences and/or technology where I am not having to touch peoples' hands all the time in a business setting or wear suits that cause me to sweat like a cold glass of tea on a hot and humid Georgia afternoon. Has anyone here made career or job changes because of their HH? And, if so, what did you do before and what do you do now? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. PS. HH sucks royally :x
  15. Well, I have now decided to move away from sales and try to turn my career to something else. I know it sounds bad like I am giving up but with today's culture of always having to look impeccable I just cannot see myself having to explain to every client that I have this "problem" of excessive sweating. That would just get in the way. Heck, I think I am going to go back to school and major in science or engineering-less hand shaking and wearing sweat-inducing suits. I have a marketing degree which is pretty much useless (except for the fact that only 25% of working adults have one, oh and no offense to anyone who has one, I have just realized that business is not for me). Suzette: I have tried Ditropan with no positive effects only the negative ones. I have not tried to ionto because it is too expensive and time consuming... If Botox and prescription antipersperants didn't help I don't think ionto would either:( This is a question to everyone who is reading. Have you had to make a career or job change because of your excessive sweating?
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