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  1. Had a few more blush situations last night as was my first shift on a busy and brightly lit bar (I usually am prone to blushing in brightly lit areas where I feel more exposed to people noticing) didn't get to check in the mirror but my friend said I didn't blush once! Hope he isn't just being kind, still find it hard to believe! forgot to mention one side effect that I've got as it dosnt bother me at all my my right boob is almost completely numb of feeling ? weird, but as I said it dosnt bother me. Have a good day everyone
  2. Sorry have been gone a while and missed all of this until now, I realise that flushing and blushing are different i think I was just freaking out as I sort of thought that I would be immune completely from going red, but I realise that they are different i am feeling almost a hundress percent normal now which is great, so far no cs whatsoever!!! As for blushing I'm still unsure, I've only had oneTime when I had an extremely embarrassing experience and was able to look in the mirror and was white!!!!!!!! So happy about this, but have that blush feeling maybe once a day (probably as I've started a new job as a waitress so this is actually a lot lower than before ets as this would usually be a difficult time for me) so far have no been able to check skin colour when this happens so hoping and praying that I am not really blushing, will keep you updated but feeling positive, thanks all for support x
  3. Day 1 after surgery and stupidly decided to have a really spicey burrito, my cheeks have lit up red and I'm so so scared that it hasn't worked, please someone tell mee that the blushing and heat flushing isn't caused by the same nerve and that this hasn't been a waste of 10000 dollars and all this stress pain side effects and anxiety for nothing, really feeling worried now!!! wish I was back home with family and not in Australia where I have no family to help me work this out
  4. sorrt for long reply Adam, was too scared of backing out to look on this site for a while but have just replied, he seems like a great surgeon for this but is early days, do you live in Melbourne?
  5. I have just had the surgery from Dr Roger bell in Melbourne currently staying overnight, woke up feeling strangly okay, hands and armpits are dry/ although usually are relatively anyway, hard to say if it's worked yet as not been in a situation to blush, fingers crossed, did just scrub makeup off though which usually makes me bright red on contact with face and only a slight pink occurred and thinking I look slightly paler, so fingers crossed it's all worked, i am hopefull at this stage that this is the start of a new life for me but also terrified if it dosnt work as not sure where to go from here if nor, i refuse to live with this problem, will keep you all updated but so far positive i think!!!, hard to know if I have cs, legs got sweaty earlier but did have compression bandages on with heat pads on legs for some reason and seems fine now that's off!! Fedup77 I'm sorry that you had to experience negativity I'm not surprised that this let to more anxiety!! it's bad enough hoping and praying that your on the right track without people adding comments to make you doubt the process, this has been the scariest thing I've even done so I underatand how terrible that must have been. Can i ask does your skin still redden with touch, like taking of makeup ect?? please noone put me down or put the idea onto my head that I've done the wrong thing as I couldn't think of anything worse right now, I'm young scared and a million miles away from my family and support, thankyou
  6. Hello tiago, thanks for a reply, nice to meet you! Yes Alright i will do as I want to go to the best possible and I've seen some people say there surgeon has done over 2000 of theese ops so maybe 800 is low I am not sure. I'm so scared of having a drooping eyelid and cs!! But the blushing has to stop!!
  7. Same as you didi considering it but so scared!!! Only 22 and don't know if I'm making a massive mistake!
  8. Hello, I am new to this and gave just found your story. I am also a dreaded facial blusher!!! I am considering ets surgery and am interested to see how your experience goes ( so far sounds very positive and am over the moon for you!!!) I have found vascular surgeon called rojer bell, in Melbourne aus, he has performed over 800 ets for facial blushing surgerys (does anyone know if this is alot) and am considering having ets here is Australia as I am here on a working visa and seems cheaper and possible more experienced ( I'm from England). But my question is I am only 22, would you consider waiting before having this op, i am having mixed emotions as I am putting off starting a career as I prefer to fade into the background, I cant do dates (unless in an almost pitch dark restaurant of my choosing or if I get drunk before hand which never goes well as you can imagine!!!) and it's effecting my overall enjoyment of life, I feel I may be wasting my young years but also don't want to rush into anything and have terrible side effects I too am a worrier and I'm in two minds about it ( probably more like 8 minds)!! Good luck fed-up I hope the results continue to be positive for you! X
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