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  1. Bradford, you must be my soulmate! Where have you been? lots of love Aimee
  2. Bradford, why do we even have a moderator then? never mind. As you say, we can all decide for ourselves what is suitable. If you think that a link to a female wetting her pants is SUITABLE for you and others then have at it. Good luck to you. It's not for me.
  3. that link that you deleted in my last post should never have been let through in the first place !! why not stop it at the source?? the only reason I posted it was to see how long it would stay on....... too bad you weren't as quick with the original post, isn't it? Don't get me wrong, I wanted you to delete it, but as the test went, well looks like you failed. No matter how many moderators there are in here, it is a job poorly done. This group has gone from a good one to one the deserves to be flushed. (you get where it is now) Only way I'll stay in this group is to be a moderator. Otherwise, it's become too class-less for me. Aimee
  4. I have not been to this Clinic. It is one I came across while searching for a clinic in Alberta or BC. http://www.arbutuslaser.com/ Aimee
  5. Aimee


    Hi do you guys have high blood pressure as well because that's what they're for. I was on inderal for hypertension and it didnt do anything for the blushing. So I tried Altace.... I think that made me flare even more. Now I'm trying clonidine. It's hard to try to juggle the right med that will keep the blood pressure down AND stop the flaring at least a little. If anyone has any ideas on this, I would love to hear them. thanks Aimee
  6. Aimee


    It's nice to be back again ! Looking forward to reading all the posts and information once again best wishes to all, Aimee
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