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  1. Hi everyone , had my surgery back on 29th April (cut at t2) with dr greenstein in London 3 months ago now, even though I haven't had a massive blushing attack (haven't been in a real bad situation yet) I still feel like ets hasn't helped with my blushing as I always feel myself go red, but as before ets I try and avoid the situation. If I'm not going red In an embarrassing situation I always have this awkward look on my face where it's like paralysed and people can see I'm embarrassed - I thought if the blushing would go then this would go but that's still there too. Really gutted as I genuinely thought ets would change my life. Another thing i used to never sweat like ever! I now sweat soo bad on my back and bum .. I work outside garden landscaping and the temperature is around 20 degrees (not even hot) and my t shirt becomes soaked!! The whole back of the t shirt is covered in sweat . The same when playing tennis in an air conditioned room yesterday my whole back and bum was soaked you could ring it out and all my friends were laughing (they were dry)! This has obviously got me so down as I thought I could get on with my life after ets but it's made it worse as I now have this awful sweating on my back. Just to note my face and hands are always bone dry. any suggestions you guys can give me? Does driclor work for the back? Any suggestions on my blushing ? Really don't know where to go now thanks Jamie
  2. Hi guys, had my ets on 26th April so 24 days ago... Still really don't know if it's worked.. I've got minor side effects like dry hands , sweaty feet and get slight sweating on legs and back in hot conditions but nothing to really really bother me (i was aware of these side effects) In regards to blushing (which is only reason I had it done) I'm not sure as I still get very nervous in social situations and I still get that heat rushing to my face when nervous and still get that feeling that anything can set it off..But don't know if I've been in a situation yet which caused me to actually blush really red but that will come soon so I'll know for certain. Really worried as I feel like it hasn't worked as I still get like a paralysed face and mouth in an embarrassing social situation which I've always got along with blushing.. Don't know if anyone else gets the frozen face? Makes you look really awkward (wish it could go!) jamie
  3. Hi guys just a quick update on my surgery 5 days ago (Wednesday 26th April) had T2 level cut my Dr Greenstein in London. Blushing - I really don't know if it has worked and I'm really worried about this.. There has been a couple of blushing scenarios in social situations where I would of gone bright red before ets and now I still get that whoosh of heat to my face but maybe not as intense as before but still think I blushed. I've always had this also - my face like almost freezes when I go red aswell like I can't even laugh it off as my mouth/face feels paralysed when I go red (it's a weird feeling I don't know if anyone else gets this?) and make me looks sooo awkward! So yea I'm very worried it hasn't worked or do I need to give it more time? Side effects - I notice I get mild clammy sweaty feet now but not enough to bother me (about 2/10 on the nuisance scale) My hands are also very dry and warm so have to make sure I moisturise them now (3/10 on nuisance scale) It still hurts for me to breathe, cough and sneeze- thought it was improving after day 2 but day 3,4,5 have all been the same pain level. In the last 2 days I've suddenly had a very painful back like a trapped nerve all over the middle and upper back. This suddenly came on when i woke up yesterday and very painful to sit down and move about (not sure if this is to do with ets or if it's something else?) im taking the next day or two off work as I do physical work and know it won't be possible for me to return tomorrow. So yea any advice or tips you guys can give me who have had ETS done.. Is this normal? Am I just paranoid it hasn't worked? Did you suffer any of this 5 days post op? Will be very much appreciated if as many of you can reply Jamie
  4. Thanks for the reply ! Where were you cut? I was cut at just T2! At the beginning after your surgery if in a situation where you would of blushed , do you still get that heat feeling in the face ? Or has that all completely gone aswell? Just when I think of an embarrassing situation now my face feels like it's still heating up a tad ! Annoying jamie
  5. Hi guys had my ETS operation today for facial blushing! In regards to the operation that all went well, just bruised ribs and very slight difficulty breathing but nothing that I didn't know! Will keep you posted in the next couple of days to see how I get on when put in a situation where I would of blushed before and side effects etc Jamie
  6. Hi guys! Im a 25 year old male and suffered facial blushing for years now! I've been on this forum for 2/3 years now. I posted a couple of months ago saying I had my consultation with Dr Greenstein in London. Well the ETS operation is next Wednesday 26th April which I'm going ahead for! It's for facial blushing (I get it reallyyy bad in social situations - I don't think I need to explain how much it's ruining my life as you all probably know). I asked this question a couple of months ago to you guys when I had my consultation but I need to ask again as I'm really 50/50 about this... Which level do I get cut at? Just T2 or both T2&T3? My surgeon has said he normally cuts T2 & T3 as he said that there's more chance of getting rid of facial blushing cutting both (90% I believe compared to 75% if just T2 is cut) with minimum extra side effects) Now I know your told to trust your surgeon but I've read a lot on this forum about people having just T2 done! Please please please can as many people of you who have had the operation or have done ridiculous amounts of research on the operation please tell me there opinion and why I should get T2 or T2&T3 level cut. In return I promise to give you many detailed updates on how my operation went and the results from it. This is a life changing decision!! Plus £5000 lol thanks guys! jamie
  7. Hi consideringets! Appreciate you giving feedback it's people like you that give us all hope. I have my operation booked for the end of April. Can I ask which level you were cut at? T2/T3 or both? would appreciate your reply thanks! Jay
  8. Thanks for the reply guys! I thought T2 also. But he was pretty confident about doing both T2 and T3 to get rid of facial blushing saying that by doing the T3 aswell that there would be a greater chance of the blushing disappearing with minimal extra side effects. He said it was the T4 that would cause much more side effects (T4 was never in my mind anyway). Just really stuck what to do now jay
  9. Hi everyone, just had my consultation with dr greenstein In London today with the ets surgery booked for the end of April. He advised that both T2 and T3 are best to cut for the best chance of getting rid of facial blushing, however I've read people's experiences on this forum and most people say only T2 needs to be cut which I told him and he said I'd need T3 cut aswell for best results? Can someone confirm this with me please as I'm not sure what to do. Im a 25yr old male and suffered with facial blushing for years. I just hope that it brings this awful condition to an end for me and I can live my life being the confident out going person I know I am. if anyone has any questions regarding my consultation feel free to ask questions. At the same time if anyone has ever had ets or knows someone that has had it done with Dr greenstein id really like to hear there stories. Thanks Jay
  10. I always read your stories be free! It gives me hope. Please keep giving us updates even if it's once every 1/2 months. You're helping a lot of people!
  11. Good luck asmith! Please keep us updated as much as you can. I'm looking to book my consultation in the next couple of weeks with dr greenstein in London. good luck Jay
  12. Hi everyone! I've been on this forum a few years and just have a problem with facial blushing! I had a consultation with a doctor a year ago and called him last week to finally go ahead however the lady on the phone told me he had retired (dr Alan Cameron based in Ipswich) so now am looking to have a consultation with this greenstein chap in London (unless someone can reccomend a better doctor). I'll be looking to book this in the next couple of weeks. A question I have is.. What nerves are best for being cut for just facial blushing as some people have said T2 and T3 and others have said just having T2 cut is the best option, I'm really confused about this? Also would be great to hear from you Oliver - If we never hear from you again I hope it's due to the fact youre happy with the results and living your life blushing free! jay
  13. Thanks for that! How many ets surgeries has your doctor performed? And when did you have your surgery? This doctor could deffo be an option for me!x
  14. Thanks befree! I think I've read you post about him before! Did you get a good feel about the doctor before the surgery? How is his after care? Do you blush anymore/ how much has it improved your blushing and day to day life Jamie
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