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  1. Fingers crossed mate good luck. Me too being a nail bitter (filthy habit i know) am interested in the overall outcome. Keep us posted and keep the fingers out!
  2. Is that a tongue in your mouth or something you had bitten off?
  3. Friends???? They are all his other personalities! :roll:
  4. I know what a crap advert.... u think with all that money he could of had a clean shave for the add too!
  5. Nothing wrong with Asda! 'ching' 'ching'
  6. Touche BB i do think you are right old boy! Phhheeew
  7. Red Baron


    You guys should check out your facts before speaking. India and southeast Asia have some of the most skilled Doctors in the world as they have actually been trained here in the UK. Some hospitals in India are better than most of the hospitals here in the UK. People can fly over their for a couple of weeks have numerous operations privately, get equally as good treatment and a much better service of care and it would cost a fraction of what it does here in the UK. I watched a documentary on a guy who had 2 hip replacements and got all his teeth sorted out and it cost including flights 9K instead of the 26K here in the UK. He was seen within a couple of weeks of organising it yet they said he would have to wait 2 years here in the UK for NHS or pay the 26K private. What would you do?
  8. I was layin on the hospital bed outside of theatre with the needle in my arm and just before they gave me my injection the doc comes in and says i forgot can you sign these please....thats when i signed my papers....of course i did, i trusted him! Silly me!
  9. The weathers been very hot.... it was reading 35 c when i was driving yesterday (Monday) and that was too much! Thank god for A/C. Its been hot and muggie 23 c on Sunday night....yuck....couldnt sleep even with the portable a/c unit on all night! Thankfully its been a bit cooler today and will be tomorrow as we have had rain but humidity is still high. Must admit i'm clammy but not as sweaty as i was last year but then i am avoiding direct sunlight and staying in a/c controlled climates as much as possible...i guess i have learned my lesson the hard way. Its also been nice just going out and about in t-shirts....i don't mind that i am red as i just look like i have caught the sun which is the same as a lot of others.... so using that to my full advantage too 8) Drinking loads of chilled water as you say but staying well clear of the currys and loving the World Cup in glorious High Definition... which is a first for us here in the UK. So all round coping pretty well! Cheers
  10. 1. Where are you from? (State/Country) LONDON 2. Gender (Male/Female) M 3. Age (10-19 / 20-29 / 30-39 / etc.) 20-29 4. Do you regularly smoke or drink or take drugs? NO 5. Are you overweight? NO 6. Have you had any surgeries or health problems before having the surgery? (high blood pressure, etc.) NO 7. What did you MAINLY have ETS for? (ie: Palmar Hyperhidrosis/Axillary/Plantar/Facial Blushing) FB 8. How would you rate the severity of your condition? Explain (ie: Severe/Moderate/Low. Dripping hands, changing number of socks a day, etc.) Moderate to Severe 9. Which section(s) did the doctor cut or clamp? (T2, T3, T4) T2 10. Any complications, if any, during the surgery? (ie: problem with collapsing the lungs, or air getting in) NO 11. When did you have the surgery? (Month/Year) MARCH 2004 12. Who was your doctor? (Name/State) DR PAES Hillingdon 13. List the positive outcome, if any, from the surgery NONE 14. List the negative outcome, or side effects, if any, from the surgery (BE SPECIFIC! If you're unsure, please be careful from stating it as fact or an opinion; use "I think" if in doubt) More intense/longer Facial flushing/blushing Chronic Fatigue loss of sensitivity on finger tips Respitory difficulties Cannot exercise the way i use to Lower libido Split body syndrome (upper body very hot with no sweating / Lower body freezing cold and soaking wet) Compensatory sweating on back/groin and lower chest (below the nipple line) 15. Are you happy with the surgery? YEAH OF COURSE WHO WOULDNT WANT THESE CONDITIONS! NO 16. What is your nationality? IRISH 17. Does any other family member(s) suffer from the same condition? NO *18 (optional). Any other comments or suggestions Having ETS is the single worst decision i have made in my life...i was only warned of Horners syndrome and slight compensatory sweating. My surgeon then told me if i was unhappy that a reversal procedure is possible! Another lie! Says it all really.
  11. Quick update just been to see the respitory consultant and basically he thinks that my breathing difficulties are down to my brain signals to the autoimmune system not being synchronised anymore which causes spasim in the chest area. He believes this may be due to the Sympathetic Nerves being cut which is causing the problem. I have a few scans and go and see the respitory therapist regarding breathing exercises. Will keep you all updated as an when i get more news.
  12. Just to add to that if you want to get rid of your facial blushing/flushing then DONT have ETS. It makes sense ...if your head/face cannot sweat you cannot release heat from these area....basically your head is going to heat up and stay hot so you will have a red face all day long when your hot.......take it from someone who has to deal with this on a daily basis. Do yourself a favour forget you ever heard of ETS and wait for something which actually 1. Works 2. Doesnt mess up your body 3. Increases sweating and facial flushing/blushing I do wish you all the best but maybe look at CBT and cream treatments. Basically you have to come to terms that your face goes red...once you accept this as normal and get on with life everything becomes much easier. Its not easy but basically you have to try and reprogram your brain and it doesnt happen over night. Good luck and all the best Take care 8)
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