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  1. How many people here have tried meditation or are regular meditators? Studies have come out showing how meditation is useful for taming social anxiety. Perhaps we are less embarrassed when we are more "in the now" so to speak. I haven't tried meditating for prolonged periods, but have started getting into the literature. This topic is hardly mentioned in these forums, so I thought I'd bring it up. Also, if you guys do believe meditation works why is it hardly talked about as a solution?
  2. Thanks for the replies: @Bob Bear: I still keep my dosage to a minimum. While I am unfortunate to have an anxiety disorder, I am fortunate that it is not general anxiety and only anxiety that occurs in social situations. This allows me to restrict my dosage. As I try to improve my ability to deal with social situations, my only options to deal with them in the short term are: 1. Take xanax and control my dosage 2. Avoid social situations altogether 3. Confront a social situation with the probability that I will blush, blank out, and feel awkward. I have gone through all 3 scenarios and while abusing Xanax can have bad long term effects, there are also bad long term effects for #2 and #3. It's quite damaging to your self-confidence to go through #3 and #2 can be very depressing. So #1 is my best option, I just have to keep the dosages under control, which hasn't been a problem for me. I'm proud to say that since I've written the original post, I still stick to the dosage that I stated (1-2mg per week). @Johnnyboy: a .25mg just had no effect on me, even when I first tried it. I naturally have a high tolerance for it. so I stick with .5mg to 1mg. However, since the weekends are all I really worry about, I generally will take 1mg. They can make you sleepy, but generally they just make me calm and collected. I can actually think and not worry that I'll say something stupid or that my face will go red. It was an incredible feeling the first time I felt it work. I will say this, there have been a few times in the past (before I tried Xanax) where I had that feeling of not being anxious at all in social situations. I think the key to get off the "quick-fix" that is benzos to a more permanent solution is to find out how or what I did to get to the state of mind I was in when I felt comfortable in social situations. Again, they were very few. @Valley: It may not be for you. I can only state my experiences with them and they've been positive so far. Despite their positive effects, though, I still hope to get to a point where I won't need them.
  3. Hello sickofthis, My issues with fb read much like yours. I started in early high school except for me it got worse as the years went on. First of all, you shouldn't think of "God" doing this to you. You need to help yourself and not expect some miracle to happen. There are people with much worse problems than us (see Haiti), why would we deserve a miracle. People like us are simply more sensitive to certain situations that either cause us to blush or have an irrational fear in a social context. That's simply the cards we were dealt and therefore we should try to see how we can help ourselves and not rely on divine intervention. Second of all, no one has a "normal" life. Everyone has problems, some a lot worse than us, but I acknowledge ours is bad because it can be visibly seen. If you've read the thread I just created, you'll see that I'm doing a lot better now. Generally, I am very hesitant to take any kind of drug. I was clean all throughout high school and never succumbed to peer pressure regarding drugs... even cigarettes. However, I have to admit that xanax (alprazolam) has helped me deal with my social anxiety and FB. Ultimately I believe our problem is mostly psychological and can be overcome, however there is no reason why we should have to endure years (and decades) of avoiding things out of fear of blushing. Every since I started taking xanax, I've no longer been avoiding social situations that used to make me feel very uncomfortable. This has helped my confidence and in return has made me rely less on the drug. Public speaking was definitely one of my biggest fears. I would get extremely anxious and more than once I completely blanked out. You can imagine how awful that made me feel. For years I tried my best to avoid any kind of public speaking. My mind was simply too busy being worried that I couldn't focus on what I was supposed to be speaking about. Only recently have I decided to try some medication. This is what I've tried: Kava Kava: It's a natural herb that's supposed to have a calming effect and therefore help anxiety. It didn't work or me Proponolol: I heard this drug was good for dealing with situations like public speaking, however it also didn't work for me Alprazolam (xanax): I have never blushed when taking this nor do I even worry about it. It completely removes the fear of blushing for me (which makes me not blush as a result). Ultimately, I think this problem may be something we'll have to deal with our whole lives, perhaps because our bodies are highly sensitive in social situations, but it doesn't mean it can't be tamed. If I were you I'd see a doctor and ask if you can try some medication to help you cope with the issue. If you're like me, then it's not just a blushing issue but also an anxiety issue and from my experiencing, eliminating the anxiety has eliminated blushing.
  4. I put cure in quotation marks because I don't think any drug truly cures anything. However, it has definitely helped me cope with FB and social anxiety. I haven't had any problems with FB since I started taking xanax. Like most people here, I would blush in most social situations, especially with new crowds where you're expected to speak. Ever since I started taking xanax, I've been able to speak comfortably in these social situations without the fear of blushing or the nerves I used to have. I don't take xanax daily. I try to minimize my usage as much as possible since I know it can be addictive it is taken often. I only take about 2mg per week and it's usually just for the weekends where I'd take 1mg for each night I go out. I happen to have a high tolerance for it (even though this was my first time using it), so 1mg worked best for me. I know some have said xanax makes them too tired, so for those a 0.25mg may work better. As mentioned in my first sentence, I don't think it's a true cure, but it has definitely helped a lot! I am no longer afraid to blush and as a result I don't blush. I am comfortable in social situations and that has helped boost my confidence tremendously. I hope to continue on this path and eventually, with my experience in social situations getting better and better, to get off xanax completely. There have even been days where I would forget to take a xanax pill before going out and still managed to do well. I don't think I'm quite there yet, where I can be completely off xanax, but hopefully I soon will be. TL;DR.. .Xanax may not be for everyone, but it has helped me. Try not to take it daily, only when absolutely needed (ie: a situation which you think there will be a high probability of you blushing and being self-conscious about it. Hopefully it helps you as it did for me.
  5. I think people didn't click on the link and therefore missed the joke of my post, hence why it's on the "off-topic" section :oops:
  6. Bump, looking for more people who have tried this. I happen to have Benedryl but have only used it as a sleeping aid. If I take it during the day it'll probably make me too drowsy to function properly. Anyone have any luck with Claritin?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I was surprised too.. I took it as an mass "no", lol. But I figured there would be some interest considering there are efforts to get in person meetings on here. Why not one online but still able to see each other's bright red face :oops:
  8. I usually get the same thing. Eat a lot of kiwi!
  9. I'm not sure how many would be interested in this, but there's a site called stickam.com that allows you to set up video/audio chats. Through this site, if we think it's beneficial in a group therapy kind of way, we can all meet online. The channel can also be password protected if we wish only people from this forum to join Anyone interested?
  10. I read this book and it was totally not what I expected: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1887895086/ref=pd_bbs_11?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1206170506&sr=8-11
  11. I just watched a speech @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSKnIKAZb9E The guy is a bit over the top at first, but overall a really good speech... I can sort of relate to his problem.
  12. insaniac

    Hi all!

    Cheers on moving to a new country! Let us know how change of scenery works for you.
  13. For me, it may hide it a bit...but overall it's not enough to make me comfortable.
  14. Although I live in a cold country, I tan pretty easily and I haven't noticed a difference when I'm tanned vs when I'm not
  15. I'm like mozart where I'll tend to blush when I'm caught off guard. However, the probability of me blushing increases when I know I'm attending a social event. The thing is, it's not just surprising questions that'll trigger it. There are are some questions where I know if they ask I'll blush.
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