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  1. Didi

    SGB injection

    I haven’t yet. It cost 1500$... will do update for sure if i’ll go. Thinking about ets but scared...
  2. I use estee lauder maximum cover but you can def tell i got it on and i am a girl...
  3. Do you set it with something?
  4. I got appointment with dr Lipov for SGB injection. Will discuss if it might help blushing. I will keep you posted.
  5. I made appointment w dr Lipov about getting injection done. Will see if it is something ghat could help. I will keep you all posted. does anyone looked into it??
  6. Thank God all went well, keep us posted
  7. Hello, j am on effexor 150/day. Helps w anxiety wont cure blushing at all for me. No side effects for me. When miss a dose can feel very bad. Never try getting off so not sure how that would go. Taking them for over a year maybe. I was schedule for ets last year. Went to airport and back up last minute. I do regret it. Will prob go w ets soon. Tired of trying meds. Not working for me. Clonazepam does work bit make me sleepy. Alcohol works but not a cure ?
  8. Dr Nielson San Antonio Texas
  9. Didi

    My story

    What kind of drops you use??
  10. I am scheduled for Micro Ets w Dr Nielson. Will keep you posted. Pray for me please ?
  11. I am having consultation over the phone with Dr Nielson tomorrow. Will post how it goes. Thinking about ets soon...
  12. Where are you located? I am in Chicago and called dr Nielson in texas. If paid cash it is around 7000 i think
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